Hair Club Allentown has been servicing its clients for over 20 years and is one of four locations servicing the state of Pennsylvania. A 2011 Employee of the Year was from this location. The Allentown location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Translation Available: Spanish, French.

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  1. Back at the Allentown center for service April 8, what can I say, Kerry did another great job and everything was perfect just like it always is. Everybody at the Allentown center does a great job!

  2. I was back at the Allentown center on Nov. 19th and as usual everything was perfect! Kerry does such a great job! I had to ask her about a possible schedule conflict because of a job change, just like everything else it is “no problem”. I wish everybody I deal with was like Kerry, I wish every business I deal with worked as well as the Allentown center.

  3. I was at the Allentown center on Oct.1 for service and as usual,everything was great. No waiting ,no issues. Kerry is the greatest, always that great attitude and a perfect hair style when I leave. Nothing but praise for the Allentown center and especially Kerry.

  4. I seen this commercial on tv. i called and went to the shop in Allentown Pa. best thing i could have done. I was to be with Suzi she was/is the best, her and her boss did an excellent job. they were so informative step by step instructions all along the way. Suzi knows her stuff. Even when I got lost getting there the rec. stayed on the phone with me till I got there. i have nothing but praise for this company. I would tell anybody with hair problems to go there. I am truly a satisfied customer!!!!

  5. On May 9th I was back at the Allentown center for service, as usual everything was 100%. Kerry does such a great job, she’s always so pleasant, my hair looks great and I always leave happy. The Allentown center is amazing.

  6. I was back at the Allentown center on Saturday the 19h for service and as expected, everything was perfect. Kerry does a super job and I always leave happy. Everyone at the Allentown center is so nice and Kerry is great!

  7. Before I had weight loss surgery in 2011 my hair was thick and long and post surgery I started losing handfuls of hair, my hair thinned out significantly. I was told because of a deficiency in nutrients I would lose some hair but that it would grow back…that was nearly 5 years ago!! I was horrified one day I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that I had lost all my crown hair!! I had developed Female Pattern Baldness!! I sought out a Dermatologist who informed me that it was permanent hair loss which to me felt like I had just been hit in the gut with a terminal diagnosis!!

    Because I work in Healthcare I felt self-conscious because the first thing a patient looks at is your face and the top of your head if you are drawing blood or taking a blood pressure!! I have been covering up with hats, a bandana, or pulling my hair back with fake ponytail pieces because my hair was no longer thick enough to put into a ponytail and the bald area I would cover it up with a headband!!

    I went out on a date with a guy who was very insensitive about my hair and I pretty much stopped going out because I felt so ugly…I isolated myself!! :'(

    I had been sitting watching the infomercial for Hair Club for 4 years and finally I decided to call and set up an appointment and it’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life!! Fatima Rezqui was great she pushed all resources to get me approved for financing because she saw how important it was for me to get my confidence and life back!! I asked Susie the stylist to work her magic and make me look fabulous and that she did!! On the first try!! She got the length, and color spot on!! She took her time in demonstrating how to care for my hair properly…I absolutely love my hair and I have gotten many compliments and no one except the people closest to me meaning family know what is different about my appearance 😉 Many have told me I look younger and prettier and in reality thanks to the awesome people at the Allentown Hair Club I now can’t stop looking in the mirror and believing those comments I do “look younger and prettier” 😉 I am so grateful for everyone at the Allentown Hair Club and I would highly recommend them to all those who are in need of a hair makeover!! So, thank you to my new family at the Allentown Hair Club…love you guys!!! 😉 Alicia, Birdsboro, PA

  8. Visited the Allentown center on Jan. 30 foe service, another perfect day. Smiling Kerry was 100% as usual, everything just great. If everything worked as smoothly as the Allentown center the world would be a happy place!

  9. I was at the Allentown center for service on Dec.12 and as usual everything was perfect. This time the center was in quite a festive mood and nicely decorated too! Kerry got me looking good for Christmas! Always a smile and laugh, always a professional! Kerry is great! Marty I.

  10. I have been a client at more than one center for over 20 years. This center is a better fit for me personally, and I really appreciate the courteous staff and their technical knowledge and expertise. My regular stylist is Kerry, who is awesome. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, and she is truly a great representative for HCM. They are lucky to have her.

  11. The staff is extremely kind and courteous! Thank you Hair Club for giving me my confidence, and making me feel Great! I could not be Happier!

  12. I have been a member for the past 3 years and I could not be happier! The staff is extremely kind and courteous, especially my stylist, Lourdes, who treats me like a sister than a client. Thank You Hair Club for giving me my confidence, and for making me feel Beautiful once again! I Will Be A Client for LIFE!!!

  13. Extremely Fantastic Staff especially my stylist Lourdes. Thank You Hair Club for giving me my confidence back and making me feel Beautiful again! I will be a client for life!

  14. I have been a client since 1993 I bounced around many different centers over the years being a long-haul Trucker I used to be a client many years at Allentown and had Kerry as my stylist she always did a fabulous job. As situations may have it I left Allentown and used a center closer to my home as the years progressed the center I was at cant keep stylist and managers the hair cuts got worse and worse I was fed-up paying a lot of money to have someone to ask me if I was wearing a toupee THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!! I was on the verge of leaving hair club altogether. Then I thought the best times where at the Allentown center. So I got back in touch with them as Luck would have it my Stylist Kerry Ozdinec is still there so we reconnected and put the faith back in me about Hair club. Kerry is so Good at what she does and so professional she is a very caring person. We as clients have a vision of ourselves in our mind how we want our hair Kerry creates that image and she cares how we feel about ourselves Kerry could put a mop on my head and cut it in like nobody’s business. All the girls at the Center are Good at what they do.Nichole and Amber are the best always work with me. But it all boils down to Kerry she makes me feel like family when im at the center. Thank you Kerry for who you are and what you do for me at Hair club !!!

  15. The staff at the Allentown center is amazing, the whole atmosphere is so relaxed and friendly and yet so efficient and professional. They all work together and the bottom line is you leave looking great and feeling good. My usual stylist is Kerry and I can’t say enough good things about her.Absolute professional, she makes her job look easy,even when the center is hectic there’s always that smile,you never feel rushed, everything is perfect when you leave. If everybody did their job like Kerry does hers the world would run a whole lot smoother.

  16. My Favourite Hair Stylist Miss Lourdes is an excellent
    Loving Stylist with personal touch for my Hair Service.
    Very Caring and I Recommend her for highest Reward.
    Nicole at Front desk is also very caring

  17. the Allentown center has a great staff that is friendly with a great friendly vibe….Lourdes is a cool stylist that makes you feel like a friend of hers that makes sure that look out for your best interest..great place to be

  18. I been a client for about 5 years, maybe client is the wrong word, everyone makes you feel like family.Lauren is my stylist and she is the best. I am very fortunate to have her but when she is not there any one of the other stylist can fill in and I walk out looking and feeling great. I have been in contact with a tremendous amount of people and no one ever said anything negative about my hair, I joke about going to see my stylist and they think I am going to just get a regular haircut. Hair Club is the best!

  19. I have been coming to the Allentown Center for 24 years. I make the 80 mile commute every two weeks

    Over the years I have had my hair done by many of the stylists at the center and everybody does a great job. They all know you here, even if they only see you once a year!

    For over a year I have had a standing appointment with Amanda and she is doing a great job with my hair. The length and style is consistent. And the application is lasting really well between appointments. She is really concerned about how it looks coming back in so she can make adjustments for the new one.

    The color of my hair matches my real hair. People who didn’t know me before have no idea it’s not my real hair. When I have told people about it, they think I am kidding them about my hair not being my own.

    I have come here for so long I forget I’m bald.

    Before coming here I tried hair transplants. They didn’t work. Hairclub is the only way to get natural looking hair replacement. I highly recommend Hairclub!!

  20. I really enjoy going to the Allentown office. Allentown has a very friendly atmosphere and all the people in this location are great. I thank my lucky stars that I was placed with Lourdes my stylist. Over the past few years we have become very close and I consider Lourdes family. Lourdes knows exactly how I what my hair to look and sometimes when I go off the rails with some crazy ideas Lourdes knows exactly how to put me right back on track. I consider myself extremely blessed to have found her at this time of my life. BTW if I ever hit lotto Lourdes will never have to work again. She will have to travel the world with me whenever she can. Thank you Lourdes for putting up with me and taking really good care of me. HC is very lucky to have you. Comment

  21. Have been using this center for over 20 years. Have always had great experience with receptionists and staff. My present stylist, Alyssa, always does a fantastic job. I know this because I frequently get positive comments by members of my office staff as to the way my hair is cut and styled. My staff is aware that I “wear hair”….but that is only because I have told them.

  22. Have been a member for six years. Transferred from another center to Allentown 2 years ago. I cannot believe how friendly and professional everyone is to make you feel good. It starts up front with Nicole and the manager Amber they go out of their way to accommodate your needs. My stylist name is Amanda I can’t say enough about her except to say she is the nicest and professional stylist I have been to. She is caring and always goes out of her way to make you felel good. It’s always a pleasure to be around her for my visit. First class center. When Amanda is off I normally visit with holly she is also very professional

  23. I have been a client of HC for many years and have always gone to the Allentown Office. The staff is friendly and helpful. My current stylist is Holly and she does a great job on my hair. It is always nice to know my hair will look beautiful and I don’t have to worry about it. Best decision I ever made!

  24. Great service !!! Very friendly atmosphere!!!! Aways willing to accommodate when you have an emergency or need to change an appointment… Susan Turner is one of the best stylist couldn’t be more happier with the way she makes me feel and look when I leave my appointment !! 5 star all the way !!!

  25. The Allentown office has a private friendly atmosphere. Appointments are almost always on time or even start early. Alyssa has been my stylist for a few years now. She is very professional, an excellent hair stylist, has superior job knowledge, and has a pleasant manor about her. Her calm confidence reassures you that a new system application will transition nicely every time. My experience with the Allentown office is very positive.

  26. The center is great. I have been a member since 1995. The stylist are friendly and try there best to work with you. Nicole does a great job at the front counter. The stylist work with each other and let each other know about their clients if for some reason you can not always get the same one. Great center

  27. Have been a client for about eighteen years and am very comfortable with the look. Had some problems with the systems, but Amanda helped me and got me through it. She has been very supportive. She is a Great girl!

  28. The staff at the Allentown location are great. They are always cheerful, personable, and go out of the way to make you welcome and comfortable. Holly has been my stylist for well over a year now. She is highly professional and talented. Getting to know her has been a great experience and I am grateful be able to visit each month.

  29. I’ve been going to HCM in Allentown for several years. It’s been a great experience and my stylist Lourdes is one in a million. Not only is she a talented stylist but she’s also compassionate, ambitious, confident, hard-working and reliable. I can’t imagine her not in my life.

  30. I’ve been a customer of HCM for over 22 years and visited several HCM locations and had my share of hair stylists. The staff at Allentown is by far the most friendly and attentive and Lourdes the best hair stylist. She has a passion for her work and does an excellent job at making the hair look as natural as it can be. THANK YOU!

  31. I’ve been going to HCM for the past 14 years. During those 14 years I had 4 different stylists. Once I find a stylist that is confident in what they do I stick with that stylist. Holly is that person. She is personable, caring and knows her customers and their needs. She has been very helpful in getting me set up with a stylist in Florida, during the winter months. She is the best!

  32. I have been a member for over 10 years. I find the change in management to be so positive. My concerns & issues are addressed with understanding and empathy. I am so pleased with my stylist, Lourdis, who is an absolute delight. She is not only competent with cut and color, but performs her services with patience and kindness. She is an extraordinary professional who is current and whose abilities always deliver! Every appointment is a relaxed and comfortable occasion with Lourdis as my hair stylist.

  33. Kerry is an outstanding employee, technician, and customer service representative. I would highly recommend her to a potential new client. She takes pride in her work and truly loves being a professional representative for HCM.

  34. The Allentown HC experience is very professional
    and so customer oriented.

    Outstanding Service
    Quality Look – Quality Products.

  35. I have been a Hair Club client for 15 years. I currently have Kerri as my stylist. She is absolutely the best!! She always makes my hair look great and cuts it to perfection. She is always so friendly and welcoming when I come in to the room. We can talk and laugh about anything which certainly makes the time go faster. I am very fortunate to be able to request her for every appointment. I always look forward to my next appointment!!

  36. Lordes is a great stylist, the management team treats you well and goes out of their way each and every visit to make sure that you are happy with your stylist and visit. Thank you Allentown for the great service

    • I also have Lordes as my stylist. She is the best. She knows exactly what I like and cuts my hair perfectly. The entire staff is very professional and they always make you feel comfortable. They even know what kind of Tea I like.
      I have been a client for ten years. I could have gone to the City Avenue address but chose Allentown because Lordes is there.

  37. HCM in Allentown is in my opinion is the best I have been to thus far. I can’t say enough good things about my stylist Suzy! The front desk is top notch as well as management. I have moved around a lot for career and tried different locations. Allentown should be a model for all the locations.

  38. I am currently an employee of Hair Club for 2 1/2 years and can say that it is one of the most rewarding jobs. At Hair Club I have been given the opportunity to change peoples’ lives. Every day my clients leave happy and confident with their new look!

  39. Comment

  40. Greatest staff of anywhere I go!! They are truly are the practicing meaning of excellence!!☺☺☺☺

  41. everything working well for me very happy

  42. great

  43. Amanda is a great stylist. She will always make suggestions on how to keep my hair looking natural. I have been a member for over 15 years and would highly recomend her. All the people at the Allentown staff are wonderful

  44. I go to the Columbia,Maryland salon and the office staff at the front desk is great. Carlos is always very cordial when you come in. He as well as Victoria try very hard to make sure you can get the appointment time you want when you call if at all possible. Tony is also very nice and all the staff make you feel very welcome. Todd is a very good Manager that makes sure you are getting the service you are supposed to. Our present stylist is Lolita and she is very nice. I have an unusual system shape and she works hard to make sure it looks great. I have been coming to this salon for a year now and we are very happy. I have been a Hair Club client for over 20 years now and have been to many different salons in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and now Maryland and this is the nicest salon as far as appearance and staff.

  45. I just love the girl who does my hair. She explains everything to me and helps with my personal issues.

  46. I am pretty new at going to this place however I am SO PROUD of all they have done for me, everyone that sees me says my hair looks awesome and I tell them where I get it done. Suzi is my hair girl and she is totally awesome – she does such a good job on my hair I could never ask for better person to do it for me. If you need hair to be thicker, you should definitely go to them because THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

  47. Have been a client of HC for many, many years. I originally went to the Marlton, NJ office but then switched to the Allentown, PA office. The Allentown office is laid back and friendly. Amamnda is my stylist and does a great job. I have been thinking about going back to a shaved head look but having hair is more of my thing. My daughter is curious why all the guys in our family are bald, except her dad? She said, ‘Dad is the lucky guy in the family’. Actually I am the one that goes the HC. Many thanks to HC.

  48. member for several years now allways treated very well by the staff loking still young for my age because of the help from H C M i get my hair done by alyssa most visits but have had hair done by all of the stylist at the allentown center i definetly like the look of my hair thanks H C M

  49. I came to HairClub about 14 years ago. I lost my hair when I was a teenager. When I found out about hairClub I had to give it a try, I was tired of wearing wiggs and my head was getting sore from them. When i came to hairClub I didn’t know what to expect,Well let me tell you that Hairclub has given me my life back and i feel confident about anything. I don’t need to hide myself anymore. I can go swiming, wear anything in my hair, let someone run their hands threw my hair and not worry about my hair coming off. This is the best thing I have done for myself and I have my life back. And the coolest thing is that it looks so nautural and I can shamppo my hair everyday and it doesn’t come off. I have two daughters and I am so glad I can everything that they do and have a great life and I don’t have to worry about my hair any more. Hairclub makes dreams come true and I am very happy!!! the staff is so professional and they care about you. Hairclub is their for you to change your life like they did for me.

  50. Great Service and friendly staff. Hair club has given me my life back…as a woman with hair loss I would always be thinking about how to hide the baldness,never wanted to go out staying in,hiding,it was not fun. Thanks to Hair Club I am going out with friends but the most important is my son can finally go to the pool and amusement parks and have fun with me not worry about a wig blowing off or spray on hair running in my face.Thanks to all the wonderful staff..everyone is friendly and helpfull.

  51. Wonderful !. My daugher who is 15 goes to Hair Club as part of the Hair Club for Kid’s program. She has been going since the age of 11. My daugher has “trich” and has lost most of her hair. Diane the manager of the office is so sweet and kind. The stylists, especially April and Brittany who have spend the most time with her make her feel beautiful. This office is WONDERFUL! I don’t know what we would do without them. Thank you for all that you do!

  52. hair makes a differnce. I received my new hair in December,2010. I can’t explain the difference in how I feel about myself and life itself. The staff at Hair Club are professional and care about each individual. Diane, Shauna, Brittany and April as well as all other staff treat you with respect and dignity. The service is top notch every time I have been there. I can’t thank them enough. – Callie H.

  53. Unrivaled Service!. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin here! Hair Club in Allentown has literally changed my life and transformed me into the confident and outgoing man that I am today. They offer something that no one else does – and that’s a chance to be who you want to be! The service is top-notch, everyone there is so friendly, and they will work with you on every possible level to figure out what’s best for you personally. I have been a member for over 3 years now, and I will never look back. I can not thank Hair Club enough!…

  54. HCM is great. I have been a member for 11 years. The people here are great and I highly recommend the salon for any male that wants to get his hair back and look natural. You will be afraid at first, but the exceptional customer service puts you at ease. The results are wonderful. Dianne is the salon director and is a beautiful lady inside and out. My stylist who does a great job is Kerry and we she does terrific work and I often get compliments on my “haircut” from people who don’t realize that it’s not my own hair, it just looks that good.

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