Hair Club Amarillo has been servicing its clients for over 15 years. Several employees have been with the company for over 11 years, including the 2010 Employee of the Year. The Amarillo location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Translation Available: Spanish

“We are warm and friendly. Our intention is to make you feel like family and at home.”
– Managing Director

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  1. I have been going for about 12 years now. Montica is the only one I will allow to cut my hair in and trim.

    I understand you need to allow new employees to gain experience but there comes a time when the new employee has still not learned. I’m tired of my hair being applied crooked, tape not all the way to the edges. Hair not being cleaned before being re-applied. It seems the price keeps going up but the product and the service has not. Very disappointing.

  2. Due to Alopecia, my hair had been thinning for a number of years. After having surgery in 2004, it really became thin to the point of embarrassment. My nail technician had a client who had gone to Hair Club, and suggested that I schedule a consultation with them. Going to Hair Club in 2007 was the best decision I’ve ever made. Montica, Aamber, and Donna are professional… and yet I still get to enjoy the friendly, down to earth atmosphere. Having my hair gave me back my self pride and confidence. Any client would be proud to have the team in Amarillo work with them.

  3. I have been a client for 13 years.
    I go to Amarillo Hairclub every week.
    The staff are always friendly. Montica does an Awesome job on my hair & is the only one I let cut my new hair in.

  4. Overall service at this location is great. i’ve been there twice (not my home center) and the stylists were courteous and helpful.

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