Located in a 14-story prewar building on the Northwest corner of Court Street and Joralemon Street, Hair Club Brooklyn first opened its doors in November 2014. This hair restoration center provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions including  Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Public transportation is available via bus, train and subway.

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  1. While Brooklyn is not my home center, if ever I needed to make a switch “Evan & company” would definitely be THE choice. Evan & the admin, Diana, are just the best faces you could have as the welcome wagon to the center. They are just so friendly, so kind and so helpful; you just could not be made to feel more welcomed and cared about. They are exceptionally responsive to your needs and while I’m a HC veteran already, I know that that they are knowledgeable about the products and services and are readily able to respond to any additional questions I might have as well as be proactive with unsolicited suggestions.
    Ironically, my stylist has trained most of Brooklyn’s and the only one that wasn’t, Letia, is just as awesome as all the rest. They are just so personable and so professional, you just cannot NOT be at ease in working with them. I just know I’m in good hands with whomever I’m with. Brooklyn is an awesome home away from home.

  2. As a brand new member (and an old woman in her 70’s), I am amazed at the possibilities that were opened for even someone like me! I am therefore, starting out on this journey with a great deal more optimism then I had prior thereto … on account of the way everyone involved handled all my concerns and questions.

    • I am a new member. I have not made my first appointment yet. I only had the free consultation. I want to read reviews from other Brooklyn clients but I don’t know how.

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