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Hair Club Des Moines is located north of Jordan Creek Town Center Mall at the corner of Jordan Creek Parkway and Ashworth Road. This location has been servicing its clients for over 20 years and is a recipient of the following awards: Employee of the Year 2012, President’s Champion Award 2010, Employee of the Year 2011, and President’s Champion Award 2011.  This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.

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  1. I haven’t always been kept informed,I wasn’t told of a change of my hair stylist until I arrived @ my appointment today & my hair cut was less than desireable. Good Mgr.,good stylists & receptionist. Need to keep clients informed.

  2. All staff very helpful and accommdating

  3. At this present time the whole staff is helpful and keeps me informed of new products and procedures.

  4. This is really a big step for me so I am looking for very positive results. I don’t want it to look like a wig, and I was assured by consultant and the girl doing the measuring that all would be wonderful and take care of my problem of thinning hair.

  5. Would have liked more photos, stories to look at.

  6. I have been with Hair Club for over 15 years all over the country, and Des Moines has been so great!! The staff always cares, I mean really cares !!

  7. Location: Super convenient-gret atmosphere. Service: Superior ( I have been at other locations and this site rocks). Staff: Professional, Responsive, Caring and Fun) Requests: UP STAFF this location and watch BUSINESS FOLLOW!

  8. Good people, really friendly!

  9. I am very happy because I have some of my hair back. The works here are very nice and great people.

  10. Everyone is very accomodating and tries to please.

  11. Everyone is fantastic! Great Group! Couldn’t have done it better if I had chosen them myself!

  12. Hair Club of Des Moines has always been acccomodating, which has been beneficial for me when I was living 3 hours away. The service has been good and the stylists have been great!

  13. Overall I am very satisfied with the service and also expecially for very professional and friendly interaction with Katherine. – Ilora

  14. I am excited about my hair and I am happy about how I am treated. – Mark

  15. My Experience at Hair Club has been very favorable – The service and attention to details is a positive attrabute to the West Des Moines location. I am always greeted with a energetic and uplifting- positive attitude. Everything is explained and at times visually shown to me, which is greatly appreciated. I am very satisfied with my hair look and have had numerous compliments. -Thomas S.

  16. The Staff has been very friendly and helpful. My hair growth has definitly improved and I can see the results. Love the strand builder. – Stephanie


  18. Great experience, great people, great results!

  19. H.C.F.K. has been a life saver for me. The staff is very professional and treats me with the upmost respect. My hair looks great!

  20. Excellent Service! I have been very happy with the technology and professionalism! They treat me like gold; especially Catherine, Amber and Michelle.

  21. Everyone is very caring and helpful. I just felt so relieved to know that there is a solution to my hair loss. They all made me feel so much better about my situation. Always helpful at explaining all things that will be happening as my hair goes through this process. I love the calm and friendly atmosphere. I would definitely want others to experience this.

  22. I was hesitant at first about wearing a matrix. The products I had seen before deinfitly looked like “fake” wigs. From the moment I had the evaluation, through my first matrix application the HCDM made me feel comfortable and confident in the matrix. Now, the club has become an important part of my appearance. They always have my best interest at heart. All of the stylists I have worked with are excellent! From Michelle who applied my first matrix through Teresa who opened my eyes to new styles to Bret-Wayne who is absolutely wonderful. All make me feel and look better. The office staff at HCDM are very nice and make you feel good when you come in. Kathryn is so very knowledgable and friendly. She is priceless to the HCDM. Amber is also very friendly and ready, willing and able to offer products to suit my needs. I love the Twitter and Facebook posts. I would recommend HCDM to anyone. Try it, you will like it. Beats thinning hair or being blad. LOL

  23. I became a member in 2002 in Orange, CA. Then after I moved to Iowa in 2004, I was in the MN Center. I started coming to the Des Moines center shortly after it opened in 2008 and have been a member ever since. The service here is outstanding everybody here is very friendly and it is always a good experience coming here. I would give the Des Moines center four stars!

  24. My experience has been really good. I feel comfortable with my stylist Michelle, if I have any questions or concerns Kathy will answer all my questions. Kathy is very friendly.

  25. I’ve been a HClub member for 3 years now and they always do a good job for me. Will enjoy working for them in the future.

  26. I have been a client for over a year now and have the best experience. Very professional and welcoming. All the questions I have are always answered. I was a little hesitant for my hair transplant, but it was a great experience and I was well taken care of. Excited for the results. Keep up the good work you all are great.

  27. They all do great work on me. Everyone keep up a great job. Perfect!

  28. Staff have all been excellent and professional. Very pleased with services. They should all get a raise in salary.

  29. We are so thankful for Hair Club of DSM! Our daughter has alopecia and wearing a biomatrix has given her more confidence. She loves coming to hair appointments. The staff and stylists are amazing. The facility is beautiful and we can’t express our gratitude toward the company enough. Molly says, “I love Hair Club and the people are Nice”.

  30. When I started losing my hair (in my early 30s), I was devastated. I felt uncomfortable being in the public eye at work and I stayed away from dating. Every day was a bad hair day as I tried to cover the thinning area spreading through the top of my scalp. It sucked! I didn’t feel pretty or confident. I wanted the old me back. On a whim, I went into Hair Club in West Des Moines. I was prepared to hear the same old story as every other thing I had tried, but the staff took time to meet with me and listen to what I wanted. They had three solutions – two of which were options for me. I am glad I took the chance to try the biomatrix option. My hair looks great and my experience with the staff has been wonderful. If your hair loss is bothering you, please take a deep breath and go see Amber, Catherine, Michelle and Bret. They will make you a great cup of coffee and will help you get the look you want.

  31. I have been satisfied so far with the service I’ve received at Hair Club. It is pretty pricey but I feel the product received so far is good. It feels great to have some hair.
    -Mary S.

  32. Hair Club Cares
    I am very please with what Hair Club has done for me. I now have the freedom to do what I want with my hair. All the insecurities I had with my hair are gone. I don’t have to hide my thinning area on the top of my head. I finally wake up happy with a full head of hair and can do all the activities I have been avoiding due to the thinning of my hair. I have my freedom back!!!! I would recommend Hair Club to anyone who is having issues with their hair. I am a very happy client.

  33. I give Hair Club my highest recommendation, without reservation. I researched hair loss and hair loss replacement over the Internet, in magazines and by speaking with doctors. I felt I was aware of the different type of solutions and what could be done. The day i decided to do something was when my friend told me that his father was a member of Hairclub. I had been around this man numerous times in my life. Our families would go fishing or swimming off of their boat and i never realized that he was a member. So i went to the local hairclub for a consultation and I had it done. It was a big confidence booster for me and well worth it.

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