Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto


Hair Club Toronto is located in the heart of the financial district. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.

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  1. i visited this location from out of town and had a great experience. They brought me in to the stylist and even brought a tea into the room for me. Delia was phenomenal – she went out of her way to make sure that my system fit perfectly and that I was 100% happy with the placement and cut. I will definitely be back when I visit in Toronto and will ask for Delia. Thank you for being so attentive.

    • Worst HC center I’ve been to. Stylists turnover every couple of years. Receptionists turnover every 6 months. Poor management? Quality of service getting worse and worse…

  2. Great location, very professional and always on time. Great Job!!

  3. I have been a HCM member for almost 10 years and it’s the best decision I ever made.
    The staff at the downtown Toronto location are the best. Their expertise, artistry and customer care have set the standard in the industry.

  4. I have been a client for about 4 years now. This is a great center, with incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and amazing staff. I always look great, and feel that everyone is trying to do the best job possible. I cannot recommend any higher.

  5. I have diffuse thinning – I don’t have a typical hair loss pattern. I have been with HCM for 18 months and have noticed that my hair doesn’t shed as often when I use the products regularly. I haven’t experienced much new hair growth, but the hair that I have is stronger and significantly thicker. I have not had a transplant and don’t plan to in the immediate future.

    Recently, HCM has introduced intricate software to track and monitor one’s hair loss/growth. These tools are very exciting and will help me to monitor my progress.

  6. I am a couple of days away from my one month anniversary of having my new hair.

    I had a lot of questions in the beginning and concerns but the centre’s Managing Director (Aliya Charania) was really wonderful and explaining options-timeline and pricing. Consultation session was not an hour of sell sell sell!! It was a one on one information/teaching session answering my concerns and informing me about my options.

    The past month has been such an image booster – new hair = new confidence!! No one that knows me can figure out what is going on but the comments such as: “you look younger, you going to the gym, you lose weight or you just come back from vacation you look good” – keep on coming in!!! The hair/style/look all blend so naturally and appropriate that nothing looks ‘weird or inappropriate’.

    Great decision – no regrets. Everything about the operation of that office is full on professional: fun and polite staff, punctuality of keeping appointments, hours of availability and privacy for their clientele/nice reception lounge.

    AND last but not least a special THANK YOU always to my stylist Ms. Janine who is so kind and patient and always has me looking top notch when I leave there.

    Hair loss is a fact of life for many people and Hair Club gave me back something that I had never really considered seriously before. Look 12 years younger (and feel it too).

    Great decision. Thank you so much.

  7. I want to thank hair club to make such a positive impact to my life. The conference that I have always had before I started loosing my hair I gained back once I came to the hair club. I want to give a special thank you to Vicky from Toronto downtown location and the rest of the team for being so wonderful every week and during the initials visits. They all make you feel like family and I look forward every week to see them all. I couldn’t image what life would be like without the hair club and especially the people that work at this office. I want to thank you for all that was done and for all the up coming years together this journey has been so rewarding in so many ways and I own it to the hair club and all the wonderful staff. Thank you thank you!!!
    Love you all!!!

  8. 10 out of 10 Carla is fantastic, Glenda very accommodating and all the girls very nice. Changed my life!

  9. Good location, friendly staff, very punctual, accommodating, and they care about making you look good. The best Hair Club location!

  10. Being a long time client I have seen many changes over the years. And recently I moved downtown and switched to the Toronto downtown location. The staff and management of the new location were (as I was accustomed to at NorthYork) very friendly and accommodating. My worry has always been finding the right stylist who not only has the abilities to do a great job but also cares about the client’s needs and wishes.
    I was guided to work with Carla who has reinvigorated my feelings towards Hair Club. I was looking for someone who wasn’t just a technician but also an artist. Someone who is flexible in understanding your ideas even when you’re not clear about them yourself.
    Carla and staff atToronto downtown . . . Thank you!
    I’m very happy to find a new location and stylist I can truly call home.

  11. I originally joined the NorthYork location. The people were very helpful and friendly. Once a downtown location opened I was very thankful. This location was much Closer for me

    Every visit here is a pleasant one. The gals are very professional and take time to explain things and give good advice re my hair

    My customer experience is very good and I feel very comfortable here

  12. citysearch

    I’m very pleased with my appearance and wish i had tried it earlier!

  13. citysearch


  14. My beautiful hair! This is the first time in years that I can comb and manage my hair each day in very little time. I look in the mirror, smile and say, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the prettiest hair of all? Lily, Lily, that’s who”. Seven months ago I decided to research all the hair methods on the market that would be suitable and convenient for me. For the longest time I tried lotions and potions, creams and dreams, but absolutely no avail. I was diagnosed with alopecia. That’s when I decided to call Hair Club. I made an appointment and had an analysis done. What appealed to me the most was that i could swim with my hair, which was very important to me, plus the length and the colour, and best of all, I was told the time of completion is eight weeks. i was so excited with anticipation that I had troble sleeping! The manager Aliya was very kind and warm and make me feel comfortable. She assured me to give the girls the chance to work with me. I did, and today I’m happy as ever and satisfied by choosing Hair Club. Thank you Aliya, Glenda, Janine, Vicky, Carla and Matilda.

  15. I’ve seen amazing changes in the first month

  16. I want to thank the down town Toronto hair club team for changing my life. I was 25 when I came here and was in a terrible place dealing with hair loss on the top of my head. It was affecting my family, friends,work and my life as a whole. I was afraid to go out in public and had this fear of myself. Down town Toronto guided me into the right direction and provided me with a non surgical procedure that gave me a full beautiful head of hair that I was proud of. Not only did they stop there. After 2 years I was ready for surgical procedure and they not only helped but set everything up for me. I would recommend anyone to look into this who is dealing with hair loss. Hair club changed my life and provided me with the confidence that I so long missed. To this day I still go in and see my new friends and family. There team is so kind and nice that they have become a part of my life. Thank you down town toronto for all your work, friendship, guidance and love. Your treat me like I am your family and friend and owe so much to you. They have changed my life and made it full again (get it full- as in my hair)


  17. They are very nice and patient.
    You get exactly what you need and more.

  18. Over the Years , I have been having terrible hair Problems. I Was Watching the Television one day and When The Hair Club came on, I Watched closely as This looked like the end to my problem. I picked up The phone, made an appointment and came in for a consultation. To my amazement, I got hooked. The Transformation is Unbelievable. I take a look at myself and My response is Wow! The Staff here at the DownTown Toronto Office are The Most wonderful, Loving, caring , dedicated, hardworking, understanding and committed people I have ever met. I don’t Feel Like a client anymore…..They are My family. Good job guys keep up the good Work. Love You All

  19. citysearch

    My hair was never that big of a problem for me, but I saw the commercial and decided to come in. I was skeptical, but the lady I that brought me in and talked to me was actually very nice, and really made me believe that this would work. Everyone in the office was really great to me–now all I need is to see results, and everything will be perfect! I already have some relatives that are interested in Hair Club, and if we see results on me, they’ll all be going in.

  20. citysearch

    Aleia was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. Also the person that did the fitting was very helpful. They both were very proffessional

  21. Aliyah and the team at the King St. location are THE BEST! Excellent Customer Service!

  22. From the Better Business Bureau

    i’ve been a client for 4 years and i’m happy. i don’t understand the fuss about “money” or “they keep calling you”. when i signed up, you could choose from several different packages – SOME were expensive but mine was not, no one forces you to choose the expense packages. as for calling, yes – the did the same thing to me. i asked them to please stop, and they did. i later made an appt online. people go online to complain, not praise, and it seems like those that do have a certain lack of accountability on their own part – that’s my .02 cents. -Bill S.

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