Hair Club Farmington is located outside of the ”The Exchange Shopping Mall” and has been servicing its clients for over 10 years. This location is one of two centers in the state of Connecticut. This location provides consultations on Hair Club hair loss solutions for men and women. Translation Available: Spanish.

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  1. I have been a client for just under 2 years.
    Initial consultation was quite overwhelming. I then had to wait almost 3 months for my first appt. This alone could have been a deal breaker.
    My first stylist was Becky who is an amazing, talented stylist but also a wonderful person. I was quite disappointed when I was told that I could no longer work with her because she would only be working with new clients.
    Since, my new stylist is Daniella and I am very pleased with her work. We are still getting to know each other when it comes to my hair color and styles but we are happily getting there.
    I truly hope I won’t have to move onto another stylist any time soon.

  2. I’ve been coming to Hair Club for 20 years and it’s been a good experience working with Mary. She does a great job.

  3. I’ve been with HCM for 12 years now and it was the best decision I ever made. I now have my confidence back.
    The hair system is so natural and looks so incredible that no one would ever guess that my “do” is not all my own. Everything blends perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.
    As for my stylist Janice………..what can I say. She is the best! This woman goes the extra mile each and every day with every client to make sure they look their best. Thanks Janice and every once else at HCM, you are an incredible staff and are now family to me.

  4. Bridgett is amazing always look great and feel very comfortable , I have been a client over 20 years feel and look great

  5. I have been a client for a long time. My amazing stylist is Mary.
    I have gotten to know her and she is the best.

  6. I have been with Hair Club for a year and a half now. My hair makes me feel wonderful! Bridget always helps me to look beautiful! Thank you!

  7. I have been going to the hairclub in Farmington, CT for over 15 years.
    It has totally changed my life bringing me more self esteem and confidence. I used to worry when the wind blew how badly my bald spot would show. Working out at the gym was a concern because my fine thin hair would be separated by the sweat and show my bald spot. Janice and Corey are two of the best hair stylists in the hairclub. They listen to my needs and I always look better leaving the hairclub.

  8. I have been a Haircut member for 15 years. The experience has left me with more confidence than I expected. My stylist, Janice is always helpful and one person who I consider a straight shooter. She’s honest in her opinions which when it comes to my appearance I truly appreciate.

  9. I feel younger and more energetic, matching how I look! Thank you to Bridget for outstanding care and styling at every visit!

  10. Have been going to Farmington Hair Club about four years. Cannot say enough good regarding the entire staff. Starting with the front desk, Ciera and Erica who always accommodate scheduling.

    Had hair replacement previously with another company in central CT, but HCM is dramatically better, especially in the quality and appearance of the cuts.

    Started with Becky, who was excellent to get the initial style trials down. Then, been with Janice ever since. Janice is an amazing stylist and is in high demand. Would not even consider going anywhere else at this point. Couldn’t be happier, and truly never had anything but positive experiences.

  11. Wow! Where do i start? As a new member to the Farmington location i was a little skeptical to give them a shot,but i can honestly say that when i walked out the door, i had so much more self confidence and self esteem knowing that i chose HCM! The staff here is phenomenal! They treat you great and make you feel at home. Ann Marie is Heaven sent! She took a very consultative approach on helping me choose the right program specifically tailored for me. She has excellent customer service and listening skills and offered stellar feedback that was extremely helpful at a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere! I am so glad i chose HCM and i feel and know that the program that i just started will show the results that i want. Ann Marie, thank you so much for helping me choose the best alternative that there is in terms of helping me get to where i want to be with my hair! You’re truly one in a million!!!

  12. Having worn wigs for many years to cover my baldness, I came for an analysis to see what my options were for a better hairstyle. I selected the recommendation of the biomatrix procedure. I was extremely pleased with the selection of hair the hairstyle. The entire staff is friendly and courteous. Ann Marie has been exceptional in ensuring that I am happy with all aspects of the process and Troy is an extraordinarily gifted stylist and has been superb in treating my hair and scalp. He is patient and shows me how to take care of my hair at home.

  13. After two years of intense stress and radiation my hair loss
    was considerable. I watched a documentary on TV and consulted the Hair Club for advice. I began treatments monthly and within three months noticed improvement in scalp and hair growth. The staff has been pleasant and helpful. Now after eight treatments and daily attention my neighbors all notice the improvement in my hair and disposition.

  14. I’m female client I have been going there for 30 years Lydia and Janice are great although I wish the hair came thicker should have kept the ventilator people

  15. I have been a client for 19 years. Over the years I have primarily worked with four different stylists. Currently, I am working with Bridget and she is great. I like going back to the same person because she knows how I like my hair cut and we can spend our time talking about our families and what is happening in each others lives. My experience with this center has been stellar.

    Thanks Hair Club!!!!

  16. I recently had my consultation and today I received my first salon treatment with Troy. I found the staff to be very attentive and kind. They made me feel comfortable and answered my questions. Ann Marie and Troy have compassion and good people skills. I think I’m in good hands and I plan to follow the program to a T.

  17. Been a member for a couple of years now.
    First met with Terri. She was very helpful in understanding my needs and finding the right program for me. She is always easy and enjoyable to deal with.

    My first stylist was Becky. She is so sweet! She is the right person to help you get started in this kind of situation. I would have stayed with her longer if I could.

    My current stylist is Brigitte. She is AWESOME! She always listens to what I say as far as how I want my hair cut and styled. Never tries to talk me into some trendy or too short hair style. Plus she always has something funny to say and makes the time in the chair go by very quickly. It truly is a pleasure working with Brigitte.

    Then there is Ciara and Bebe at the front desk. They are always smiling when you walk in. Very helpful when making and/or changing appointments. They always make sure my needs are taken care of.

    I am very happy at Hair Club in Farmington!

  18. If you are just beginning to explore the option of Hair Club, please be reassured that you are making a good decision. I met with Terri on three different occasions as I worked my way through the decision-making process. Terri was professional and never told me how to feel. She was compassionate and understanding. I came to my first hair appointment many butterflies and nerves. It was only a matter of minutes before I realized my life would be changed in a way I could have only hoped. Becky’s amazing skill and wonderful ability to “mind-read” gave me confidence. I left feeling 15 yrs younger – and if I do say so myself – looking great!

  19. I have gone to Farmington Ct for a total of two times. I have never done business with two more professional people. That would be my hair stylist Claire, who is to wonderful for words. And Ann Marie my consultant, who is willing to help with the slightest question. These two women are a pleasure to work with. If everyone of the employees at these facilities are at least half of this caliber. I see a bright future for all prospective customers. Thank You very much Claire and Ann Marie you are wonderful. Bice

  20. My name is Robert C. I have been a client for Hair Club for 20 years, as long as your manager Lydia Cassareno has been there. I find her to be very careing person who is interested in her clients. I spend my winters in Florida and she keeps track of me while I am there to be sure they are giving me the right care. your company is fortunate to have a great manager like Lydia. Sincerely, Robert

  21. This is a great service center. Thanks Janice and Lydia and all the staff.

  22. Excellent service
    Excellent hair stylist
    Friendly atmosphere.

  23. I’ve had a very good experience at HCM for over 5 years now, allowing me to look the way I feel and preserve my youthful appearance. Stylist Kori is great at keeping up with the latest styles and makes sure I look good every time!

  24. Been a client many years. Excellent location, products, service and staff! Stylist Janus is fantastic!

  25. I have been a hairclub member for more than 10 years. Most recently, Bridget has been my stylist. Not only does she do a great job at styling, but she and I share stories of family and home in a friendly and supportive environment. In fact, all the staff have been friendly and welcoming. It’s a long drive to farmington for me, but it’s almost like coming home each time.

  26. It all started in 2005…A simple conversation with Terri turned into one of the greatest experiences of my life. She was so helpful, thorough, made me feel 100% comfortable and has been so accomodating. She instantly became like a family member to me and I will always be grateful. From the helpfulness of the front desk in Cierra and Bebe to the greatest hairstylist I have ever had in Becky…I am truly grateful in all that the staff in Farmington CT has given to me and I will be around for a long time because of this family like atmosphere:)

  27. Great staff from the front desk to the stylists.

  28. I have been a Hair Club member for over 10 years, and have found the staff members at the Farmington branch to be very professional, courteous and satisfied all my hair care needs.

    As a consumer business owner, I am sensitive to ‘customer service’, and this branch has surpassed my expectations. My compliments!

    I want to give my gratitude to Lydia, the General Manager, for making feel comfortable with hair replacement systems and answering all my concerns. I would also like to thank my stylist, Becky, for being understanding of my sensitivity of hair loss, and explaining the process every step of the way, and creating a style that is comparable to my lifestyle.

    Congratulations HCM in Farmington, CT for great customer service! Thank you for making me look & feel my very best.

  29. I have been a client for several years now. Donna and Bridget are super stylists.
    Front desk folk are very accommodating and do a great job meeting my scheduling needs.
    Farmington location is great.
    Thanks for all you do.

  30. Great care taken to give me back the feeling of being complete and looking my best. My stylist, Bridget, at the Farmington, CT location is incredible. I always leave feeling treated like royalty and looking my best.

  31. It all started in 2005…I was to meet with Terri for a one on one… I can recall being nervous before the meeting… Terri made me feel comfortable from the start and today I consider her to be a member of my family. She is an amazing person. From the faces at the front desk with Bebe and Cierra to the best Hair stylist in Becky…this place is a class act through and through. Thanks to you all:)

  32. I have been a client of Hair Club in Farmington for 23 years. I can’t say enough about how great the staff is in Farmington. Lydia, the manager, is always accommodating and attentive. My stylist Mary does a fantastic job making me look good. She is always professional and extremely helpful.

    People can’t believe it when they find out my actual age — most people think I am ten years younger than I am, and this whole process has given me the confidence to know I can look my best with a minimal degree of effort.

    I am grateful for the guidance and advice I get from Mary and I would recommend Hair Club to anyone who is thinking about making a change in their life. Take it from a long-time satisfied customer — do it! You won’t regret it.

  33. Having hair changed my whole life into being confident and driven to succeed. In these two years with the hair on my bald spot, I have become an Author, Inventor, and Business Owner.
    For people who have the same symptoms as I had, the Hairclub for Men can be a solution to overcome obstacles in your life. This club is highly recommended by me, a client for two years in the Farmington, Connecticut location.

  34. My experiences at Hair Club have been uplifting & pleasant. The confidence I’ve regained has really changed my outlook on life.

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