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Hair Club Fort Myers has been servicing clients for over 5 years and is one of eight located throughout the state of Florida. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.

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  1. After Aunnie departed, I was again left without a stylist. I asked Darien for some insight and suggestions to whom I would begin with.
    Starting with a new stylist is both a nervous transition for both client and stylist. There is a period of getting to know what the client wants and getting used to the stylist’s techniques.

    Robin Ann and I began this next phase, and I couldn’t be happier.
    Her styling skills, expertise and follow through put me at ease from the first appointment on. She takes the time to listen to the client, and quickly understands what he or she wants and needs.
    She has my color done perfectly every time, and her New Styles are spot on every time. Lucky for us both, the recent systems have been great. Keep quality control in check Hair Club.

    As I said, I couldn’t be happier. And that is the truth.

    I look forward to many years of being a client of Robin Ann’s, along with Whitney, Darien and Tony, there is……. Peace on Earth.

    Merry Christmas, my dear friends.

  2. As you all know hair loss is embarrassing and a complete bummer. So, when it was time to get help I choose the Hair Club in Fort Myers.
    Whitney was the first person I met. She was extremely professional. I felt completely at ease as we figured out the best option.
    And that’s when I met my first stylist Darian W. His artistic eye, years of styling experience, Hair Club product knowledge, kindness and patients helped me over a bumpy road in the beginning.
    Now my stylist is Nancy who is also exceptional. Her smiling face and great personality make my appointments a joy. These professionals are so much more than the degrees and certifications they have earned. If the rating had 100 stars that would still not be high enough to accurately measure their abilities or the high level of service and care they give on a daily basis.
    Special thanks to Colleen for being so gracious as she mans the front desk.
    Likewise, special thanks to Tony who is always there to help.
    The team work at Hair Club of Fort Myers is admirable.Thumbs up and Thank you,Diane

  3. Can I get a round of applause for Colleen who literally runs the front office – she is the queen of scheduling, answering the phones that seem to never quiet down, and of course, taking care of the guests of this center. Thank you Colleen !

    Let’s not overlook Aunnie, Darien, Tony and Whitney who complement each other with great service – with these four you’re a friend as well as a guest. They constantly strive to make the guest feel important and appreciated always. Thank you all !

    Marcos A.

    • Marcos, It means so much to the whole team that you took the time to post your feedback. Thank you for being our client!

  4. I have been with hair club a long time, it took a little time to adjusted to my needs, Darian was my first stylist he worked very hard to get me adjusted to the system . Every one at the front desk and the manager are very nice and helpful. Nancy my hair stylist is wonderful I just love her, she cares about customer’s satisfaction. I look forward to my weekly appointments because of her. She is the best.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sue! We appreciate you so much!

  5. I have been a member for several years and very thankful that there are hair systems that improve ones life style. I have been with stylist Robyn for over two years. Robyn is the epitome of professionalism. She is a caring concerned person who along with her great personality makes each appointment a pleasure. Thanks Robyn!

    • Dave, thank you for your kind words about Robyn. We appreciate you for being our client and are happy to hear your expectations are consistently being met!

  6. Aunnie is back after several months recovering, and I couldn’t be happier. She knows what style and length you want, and invites customer interaction as to whether this is too long or should we shorten here…… she is simply the best. Her sense of humor is equal to mine and we enjoy the appointments together.

    Stay away from her – she’s mine !

  7. first and foremost from the moment I walk into the Fort Myers center at the beginning of winter when I return home from my northern abode , I feel like I have never been away and that I am first and foremost a part of their family . My stylist Darien is who I long to see he makes me feel so beautiful inside and out !!!!! I can’t express how Darien and Hair Club changed my life forever 12 years ago . I can’t imagine my life without them

  8. I am 3 years new to the club. Darien has been amazing and really is the BEST asset that they have. I have already referred a few friends to the Club.

    Thanks DARIEN!!

  9. I spend half the year in Ft Myers and the other half “back East”. I was real fortunate to have had Christine Zak as my stylist while here in Ft Myers. She has helped me to look the best I can. She listened to me and offered me a style that I am very happy with. Christine has moved to the Boston area and I will sure miss her here in Ft Myers. Maybe I will see her at the club in Boston! She would be a great addition to that location.

  10. The staff at the Fort Myers office are simply the best! They made me feel like a friend rather than a client from the first day I entered the office while maintaining a very professional atmosphere. I am recovering from a life threatening disabling event, going to hair club has lifted my spirits helping me down this long road of recovery and that is priceless. Whitney, Jonathan, Nancy, Darien and the rest of the staff not only am I a client I am a friend. Thank you for making me look and feel great!!

  11. Exelente centro de hairclub,su personal es muy profecional y de muy exelente trato,mucha limpieza,y agradable lugar,mi tratamiento a sido estupendo,y estoy viendo mi pelo salir denuevo y crecer,con mas rapides,estoy muy satisfecha de todo en general,Christine me atendio muy bien,trato excelente,como de todas los demas,no me arrepiento de haber hido,todo ha salido perfecto.

  12. I have been a member Fort Myers HCM for over 15+ years. The stylist that I have experienced have always been professional, knowledgeable, and friendly with a positive attitude. The front office desk, Ashley and Jonathan, are welcoming, friendly, courteous and professional.
    If I ever had an issue it was resolved quickly and respectfully. Lastly, I would like to thank my current stylist Terri. She is friendly, knowledgeable, talented and down to earth. She creates a stress free atmosphere and does a first class job!

  13. I have been a member since February of 2014. Jonathon always greets you with a smile and is very helpful in accommodating you with your appointment’s. Ashley goes out of her way to assist you with any needs or concerns you might have. She is a huge asset to the Fort Myers office.
    Stylist Darien is the BEST. He truly cares about his clients, very knowledgeable about anything to do with the hair club process. I have Aunnie in Darien’s absence. Aunnie is also a great stylist and truly cares about her clients. My wife accompanies me and enjoys the friendliness of the staff! We feel more like friends than clients!

    • Awwwwww Dave you and Deb are always a bright spot in all of our days !!!!!!! your why we love we do and do what we love !!!! thank you again

  14. I have been coming to Ft. Myers Hair Club for over 10 years. I have been with Terri since the beginning and feel very comfortable with her. Her styles and cuts are the best. She is definitely an advocate for the client and always has a cheery smile and great tip on what restaurants to try. Darien is the stylist I go to when Terri is not available and is also just as awesome. Darien knows all the solutions for any trouble spot that might happen when the hair system decides not to cooperate! I trust them both without question. My only suggestion is that there needs to be a better sense of professionalism and welcome when you arrive. It is hit or miss if you are acknowledged when you arrive and that is not a good feeling. Whitney is the manager and should have more interaction with the clients. A simple hello or acknowledgement of your arrival or existence would go a long way. She is usually looking at the computer, back turned and seems as if she could not care less about the clients that support the facility. Once in the time she has worked there she acknowledged me upon arrival. I thought things were changing, but it was a “one-and-done” deal apparently. If that could be improved you would be a 5 star location. Clients deserve to at least be acknowledged and a simple thank you from the manager goes a long way.

    • Greg, even when feedback is tough to hear, we appreciate it. I regret that I’ve failed to show you how much I care about all our clients. Your comments will certainly help me to be more mindful in the future.

  15. Robin is great. She is very professional and friendly. Love the way she cuts and styles my hatr. Love the hair club products.

    • Thank you so much Maria we love all of our clients here and love to hear positive comments about the center and staff!!!!!!!!

  16. Another great appointment with Robin with awesome results. Thanks so much Robin !

    Thanks to Jonathan for making us feel appreciated. A bottle of water and a Payday works !

    • thank you so much Marcos we really appreciate the positive feedback staff members thrive on excellence

  17. I’ve been a client of HCM for more years than I care to remember. And been a member at three different locations. From first hand experiences I can give testimony that the Fort Meyers Club is exceptional in many ways. I have been a member here for 12 years and seen a number of stylist come and go with only one or two that did not display the quality service that I receive each week. Every one of the stylist now employeed are professional, knowledgeable, friendly with a cheerful and positive attitude. I can say this with conviction as I have been serviced by all the stylist at this location. Special kudos to the gang of Darien, Terri, Robin, Chris, Robin Ann, and Honi. The front office of Whitney, Ashley and Jonathan display the same professionalism and courtesies. T would recommend this location to any current or prospective client.

    • thanks so much Richard you keep us in stitches everytime we see you and thanks for always just being you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The first impression counts.

    Jonathan is at the front desk and makes sure you’re greeted and that you feel appreciated. A very good first impression.

    Any appointment problems ?
    He’ll do his best to solve the problem.

    Thanks Jonathan and the entire staff at Ft Myers.

  19. The Ft Myers club has some of the most awesome stylists anywhere in the country. I’ve been a member for the past 8 years here, and can say from experience they are the most professional and experienced folks anywhere. I’ve experienced the clubs in Raleigh, Miami and Albuquerque and this club is by far the best of the bunch. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Rod the positive feedback means alot only makes us wanna work harder for you thank you for your loyalty !!!!!!

  20. I have been bringing my husband to the Ft. Myers Hair Club for over 5 years, and I can’t tell you how pleased that I am with the results! In fact, I’ll tell you a funny story. When my husband and I starting dating, we didn’t know one another very well, and he didn’t tell me that he had hair replacement. I mean, I had my hands all up in his hair on a regular basis (Yes, I am a real “hair” man!), and I still didn’t know. Eventually, when we started living together, I saw an old picture of him in his house, which was taken before he was a HCM client, and he had hardly any hair on top, instead of the thick, full head of hair that he had when I got to know him. It took me a few days to put two and two together, so I finally asked him what was going on with the picture, and he told me. Boy was I surprised! Even since then, I have been bringing him to the Ft. Myers HC regularly, and he always looks great. And by the way, I can’t say enough about the wonderful, friendly staff there, who all know me as “The Colonel’s” husband. He has had several different stylists since he has been going there, but it is usually Aunie or Darien, and they are both great. The other ones I don’t know as well, but they are all very friendly. It’s like visiting old friends, when we go there, and I don’t know what we’d do if we did not have a HC so close and convenient!

    • Thanks so much for sharing that story! We love keeping your man looking good!

    • Thanks Steve your not suppose to know you “hair man you” lol thats why we are the best in the industry !!!!!!!!!! and all of you make that possible

  21. I can’t say enough about the hair club group in Ft. Myers Florida. I have been a hair club client for four years. I started in Ohio where I live, then my girlfriend moved to Naples, Florida. From the first Florida visit I knew I liked this group. But from the first ‘cut-in’ it was such a huge difference. I had so many compliments and most important I was over the top pleased.
    This year, even though I still live in Ohio, I have changed my home base to Ft. Myers, Florida. Their attention to detail and the overall professionalism and kindness of the whole staff prompted me to write this review. I can’t thank them enough.

  22. Love this place. Been a member for over 5 years. From the front desk to all the stylist. Awesome people. Great look.

  23. I’m a long term customer of this center, and very pleased. Both Robin and Darien have always done their very best, and have raised the notch over the years. Thanks to the entire staff at Fort Myers!

  24. These people are professionals. They are my stylists and my friends. Everyone makes me feel well appreciated. I truly love the entire group. So sorry I lost my hair…but because of it…I got the opportunity to meet these wonderful people. Thank you all for caring. God bless!

  25. I have been a customer for several years and this location is excellent. Kathy was the best hairdresser with a caring responsive attitude. I now see Terri and sometimes Darian. Both are very good and know the product well. I go weekly and all the staff work to make it a pleasant experience — especially Ashley on the Front desk. Mistakes have inevitably been made but my experience is that they work hard to correct a problem. Recent quality consistency has been a problem and they are working to fix this with the factory.

  26. I am very happy with the service I received.

  27. The stylist in my club Fort Myers are very nice very knowledgebal, and always go the extra mile to assist you. The management staff Whitney is the best, always time to address your concerns with ahold solution.

  28. I finally got the courage to go to Hair Club after many years of thinning hair. My wife and I were greeted by Whitney who made us very comfortable. Whitney explained all the options and what she thought was best for my hair loss. Whitney introduced us to Darien Workman. Darien has been GREAT, from explaining my procedure to questions and answers. Darien is an outstanding professional stylist and an artist at his designing what is best for me. All of the employees at the Fort Myers office are great and make you feel very comfortable. My wife LOVES my new look and my only regret is that I waited so long to go to the Hair Club.
    Thanks Dave

  29. I have been a client of the Fort Myers Hair Club since November 2009. The people working there are really the best! If I have a problem they are right there for me and do whatever it takes to fix it. I truly appreciate that. The nice thing about the staff is that they work together so well and they love what they do. They make us look sooo much better. Thank you Fort Myers Hair club! Lee

  30. Staff are very friendly and make me feel like a King. My stylist is very professional and gifted as she makes me look better.
    – Kim W.

  31. The Hair Club of Fort Myers office is an examople of how all business should be run. The management and stylist groups are very concerned about their clients. The appointments are on time and the waiting and stylist rooms are clean and comfortable. I can not say enough about this office and it’s people. It is a joy to come here. THANK YOU FORT MYERS Roy

  32. My stylist is very professional and customer driven. I look forward to my appointments

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