Hair Club Glendale center has been servicing clients for over 15 years and is located on the corner of Milford Street and North Brand Boulevard. Public transportation is available within the area. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Hair Transplants, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.

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  1. Val and Carlo are fantastic stylists and extremely professional. I have been a client for a long time and feel like Val is part of my family. As far as the other staff members, just as you get to know and appreciate them they are gone. There seems to be an inordinate amount of turnovers within the rest of the support staff, like front office and managers. Although there are some managerial issues, I do not know what I would do without my hair and appreciate that there is a place like Hair Club that offers their services.

  2. The service has been xlnt. My stylest knows my likes and always plesent.shes been like a friend to me.

  3. The service here at HC is exceptional. The staff is very frienfly and helpful at all times. My stylist is what you call a professional. She is always on time, and really cares about the customer service. For this I thank Iris HC Glendale CA.

  4. Mona and Paul (front desk staff) are great! Raquel (manager)is responsive and helpful when I have concerns. Carlo and Anahid are great stylists!

  5. The staff at the front desk are very friendly and make you feel welcome. The stylists couldn’t be nicer, they are all caring and hard working.

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  7. Joel, the consultant was pleasant and kind. Iris, Paul, and Mona are polite and helpful Thank you.

  8. All staff members and stylists are friendly, courteous and efficient. I have had several stylists of the course of my 14+ years with HC, and all are very good.

  9. Staff very friendly and understanding to my needs and circumstances.
    – Jarel M.

  10. My experiences at Hair Club have been very uplifting & pleasant, my stylist was very helpful and a great at what she does. Joining Hair Club has in all honesty changed my life for the better. -Bertha H.

  11. I give Hair Club my highest recommendation, without reservation. I researched hair loss and hair loss replacement over the Internet, in magazines and by speaking with doctors. I felt I was aware of the different type of solutions and what could be done. The day i decided to do something was when my friend told me that his father was a member of Hairclub. I had been around his dad numerous times in my life. Our families would go fishing or swimming off of their boat and i never realized that he was a member. Eventually i went to the local hairclub for a consultation and I had it done. It was a amazing and turned out to be a big confidence booster in my life. I wouldn’t change a thing. -Paul S.

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