Hair Club Houston opened in February 1993 and has been servicing its clients for over 20 years. This location is located in the Westchase district and received both President’s Champion and Employee of the Year awards in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Spanish speaking consultants are available at this location. Parking is free and public transportation is available.

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  1. i have had alopecia since I was 10yrs old.. I have to wear headbands or hats to feel comfortable in my own hair. Otherwise I would use hair weaves. My husband had been telling me for years to check our hair club I would say ok one day I will. I finally went online to schedule a consultation and we aren’t going to say how many YEARS it took. The day before the consultation I was at the beauty supply store because I needed hair products . I found this stuff that said it helped hair grow in “Bald” spots. I decided oh I don’t need to go, it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg to have anything done anyway. I told my husband and he stated I should still go just to see what they had to say or offer. The day of the appointment I decided I wasn’t going to go and my dogs had an appointment anyway. My husband said you didn’t want to go anyway (to the appointment) and I had excuses . I then said whatever I’m going and I get to the building and pass by a few times then finally parked and went in. When I arrived to the office the greeting was very pleasant. Speaking with my consultant (Amazing Wonderful Lady)and providing why I needed this treatment i got very emotional. I saw pictures of customers results which were amazing to see. But of course in the back of my mind I’m like there is nothing they would be able to do for me cause it’s been this way for years. The process and experience Was amazing. They provided most of my answers without asking. I am so grateful that I went in the office the cost was not what I expected and then the timing of the results. I now have a non surgical procedure scheduled to make my dream come true.. When I go in I will leave with a head full of hair that will grow as my own. I am SUPER ECSTATIC!! And can not wait to share my ending experience.. I will no longer be embarrassed or uncomfortable etc. Counting down !!!!!!!

  2. I was nervous and had never done this before but Erica changed all that by being super informative addressing all my concerns. The visit was great and I learned a lot plus they were very flexible with me during the consultation in which has left me very confident.

  3. It took me 2 months to come here…I walked in they are very nice and polite and they take care of you. Erica Hitt is my Consultant and she is very nice, she asked me alot of questions and answered mine! I got a payment plan and I cant wait for my next step…I recomend Hair Club 100% good people and good prices!! Im so exited!! This is going to boost my confidence alot!!

  4. I’m so glad I chose to go to Hair Club. They was so nice and polite and wonderful to me. they chose to help me out they made it possible for me to afford to hair and I’m so thankful to the good people that work there. Thanks everyone that work at Hair Club and a special thanks to Erica Hitt. It was such a wonderful experience.

  5. Staff is great and always helpful. Very pleasant atmosphere to walk into.

  6. Erica was a very sweet lady..And very understanding .

  7. it was good very comfortable

  8. everything was fine

  9. Erika helped me tremendously, she really made me feel at home and at ease about everything! After meeting her and talking I was so pleased that I decided that day to move forward with procedure, I have been thinking and wanting this for 8 years now!

  10. My original consultant, was someone that I went to high school with.

  11. I have been a member for a long while. I am satisfied.

  12. everyone is very friendly

  13. Everything the good and the lady was good.

  14. Ms. Erica is very nice person and concerned about your hair and appearance.

  15. I have been with hair club for a year now and my experience has had it’s ups and downs but my “team” has always made everything come out great . I love Yoli , Antonio , Janet , Selena , Ali and of coarse Denise . I’m in my 30’s and have never had a lot of hair and have always been very scared about what my future hair would look like or if I would have any . Finding out about hair club has been life changing for me . I never knew how much hair meant to me until I had some . My “team” always makes me feel so special and treat me like I’m the most important client they have . The only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t find the Hair Club sooner .

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  17. There is no end to the good things I can say about Erica Hitt. She is so very helpful, attentive to detail, and respectful of my time and feelings. She is perfect and very personable. I was expecting to be treated like a case number, but she has definitely calmed me and put me at ease by explaining, in detail, all things involved from end to end.

  18. Celina Hardin has been my stylish for well over a year. I could not be more pleased with the service I get from Celina. She knows exactly how I like my hair styled and does it with ease and expertise. My appointments are always enjoyable because of the friendly atmosphere that Celina brings to the
    session. She is very professional and competent in her profession.

  19. I have been a Hair Club member for several years. The staff is very friendly and professional. My consultant Denisse Castro has always been professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and very customer service oriented. In this day and time when you receive excellent customer service you want everyone to know. I appreciate Denisse and her excellent service and care.

  20. The ambiance was good. The people working there were also good.

  21. The lady by the name of Erica made me feel very comfortable, and with her knowledge of being at that location for ten years or so I felt very comfortable with her and with the decision.

  22. I’m only 29yo I had been with hair club for 5 years. I love this place and started to loss my hair when I was only 24, and by having my hair back is a life changing and a great thing for me. I had been I. This center for 3 years and I do like all the people here they are so nice and friendly and always there to help me in anything I need. Won’t change for anything ….. Thank you hair club 🙂


  24. All i can say about Hair Club is that its brought so many pretty ladies to my life. Im loving it! Its been the best decision ever! I would recommend everyone who is losing their hair to definetly give it a shot. You will NOT REGRET IT!!

  25. Lawren was great and fixed the re-do – THANKS

  26. I am a wife and mother who had tried wigs, weaves, lace fronts & extensions before going to Hair Club. Their Bio-Matrix process was the best money I’ve ever spent. They only people who could complain are those who haven’t done any other hair replacement to compare it to. Wigs are hot & itchy with terrible hairlines & parts. No matter how much I spent, it was painstakingly obvious I was wearing a wig. Lace fronts were no better…they looked like a wig except for the front 2 inches, & for over $2000, it should’ve held up when I went swimming like the overpriced shop that sold it to me promised it would. Weave & extensions never looked natural, & the tracks would & forget my husband ever trying to run his fingers through my hair–not to mention they pulled my hair out, damaging the follicle to where it would never be possible to grow hair there again. If that was my reality, I had to find a way to make the best of it where my family, friends, self confidence & quality of life would not suffer. Even imagining being stuck wearing a wig for the rest of my life, used to bring tears to my eyes every time I thought about it. The Bio-Matrix process at Hair Club gave me my life back. After trying every type of hair replacement out there, I was hopeful but jaded. My consultation was very emotional. Erica was my consultant, & she made me feel so at ease. I left my consultation that day with both a solution and a newfound hope. The day my biologically matched hair was applied, my life changes forever. I could wake up, wash my hair, blow-dry it, hot roll it, pull it in a ponytail, swim & I even rode jet skis without a worry & my hair blowing in the wind. Linda S.

  27. I am a successful businessman with a beautiful wife and family, who has always been extremely confident. As my hair loss progressed over time, I increasingly felt both older and less attractive. If there was something I could do to fix it, I couldn’t think of any logical reason not to. I had 2500 graft hair transplant with Dr. Robert McClellan at Hair Club Houston 9 months ago. I look 10 years younger. This is the only permanent thing I can recall ever investing in that I will get to enjoy until the day I die. Worth twice the price for improvements in age & appearance. You only live once–look good

  28. They do have a doctor there I haven’t used him because my hair is too far gone. Insiderpages iwould only give me a doctor template to do this rating. I use a stylist and have been going here 10 years. They have done consistently good work and when I choose to share that I wear a hairpiece people are usually suprised and complementary.
    I wish their location was a little closer to downtown. – Tom L.

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