Hair Club Queens

80-02 Kew Gardens Rd. Suite 1010
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Center Number 219

Hair Club Queens, located in Kew Gardens, is one of eight canters in the state of New York. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, Hair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. 

Hair Club Queens


This Hair Club center has an average rating of 4.6923 based on 13 reviews.

Hairclub is the best company I've ever joined. I started with them back in July of 2017 because I was losing my hair since I was in my teens and 20s. I had a double wammy because I was receding and thinning at the same time from the top front of my head to the back. 
I first researched the company and checked out its website, and liked what I read so I made an appointment.
When I first got to the Queens center, I was skeptical and I had my doubts but now I'm a believer!
I know a lot of people say this but I'm gonna repeat it because it's true. This was the best thing I ever did for myself and I should have done this a long time ago!
The company has a lot to offer its clients along with great hair. 
They pay for your parking while you're there.
They have a private secure waiting area that always has free snacks and beverages available for you.
They help children under the age of 18 restore their hair free of charge.
The staff like Jenni, Ada and Joel and stylists like Ana, Diana, Tara, Madison, and Latia, etc. are very polite and understanding and give you great tips and advice on how to maintain your new hair. They also have a good work ethic making sure that you have your appointments scheduled and products as needed, and by making you look your very best every time you go for a visit.
The company is very accomodating and flexible when it comes to your financial situation as well. They allow you to pay in installments and any payments you make are credited toward other hair restoration solutions if you're not satisfied and/or want to try a different solution.
They have hair restoration solutions for men AND women of all ages and races with almost every type of hair loss from just thinning to complete baldness.
No company or employee is perfect but what's important is that Hairclub has come a long way in more than 40 years. They have improved their hair restoration solutions customizing them to each client's need and will keep improving them in the future.
And just like with everything, there are pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons because since I've joined, I look younger and more handsome than I ever did! And the compliments at work, at home and in my personal life have been abundant! 
I feel so much better about myself and I'm the happiest I've been in a very long time! And you can be too! I actually enjoy going out in public and taking pictures and videos now whereas before I would avoid them. I don't have to wear a hat anymore either to cover my bald spot.
So to all those people out there that have suffered with hair loss throughout their lives as I have and that have been criticized, judged or even felt inferior to others with full heads of hair, and that have had self confidence or self esteem issues, join the Hairclub today! The consultation is free! What have you got to lose besides more hair! 
You don't have to be sad or depressed about your appearance anymore. 
Call the Queens Hairclub center now and ask for Jenny M. (a sweetheart). You won't regret it. I love my new hair and you will too. Improve yourself because you deserve it and you are worth it! I'll see you all out there at the Hairclub. Take care my brothers and sisters. Best of luck.
A satisfied client.

Where are the ADDITIONAL 5 stars I want to give these folks? I LOVE these people. They're like family. . .well in my case BETTER!!! :) I've been with HC for nearly 20 year and here for over 3; and I just feel so fortunate to have find these people. While I could go on and on about how professional and helpful and accommodating the Front desk is and how talented the stylists are- which is ALL true- while it's true this is a business, you NEVER feel like a CUSTOMER or that you're merely being SERVICED. They get to know you and you them and they're generous with their time and goodheartedness. Special shout out to Ana Z- NO ONE BETTER.
i was positively surprised with their customer service. Meet my expectations and delivered what the consultant Ana Maria Dumitru promised. I definitely recommend them to all the people that wants to get their self confidence and look back.
Wonderful experience every time I go and great staff! Everyone there is so friendly and caring and are really there to help you get the results you want and feel good about it. I highly recommend them!
I became most recently member of hair club of kew garden and when I visited I was not so interesting but my consultan Ana Maria dumitru when explained I got the interesting and it was fabulous service , I was so excited then I became member and I also referred a friend too. They are informatics and delivered the service what was commited .
Been a client for 8 years now, With Fernand running the show here in Kew Gardens, I have been very pleased with the solutions he has made to problems that occasionally surface. He gives new meaning to the term Customer Service. My stylist Diana is also great, the best stylist I've ever had at Hair club. And Nancy who fills in for Diana when she is not there has been great too. All in all I've been very pleased with the services provided at the Kew Gardens branch. Would certainly recommend to family & friends.
Everyone was nice.
Madison has been excellent for me. She takes the time and care to make sure I am very satisfied. She is indeed an asset to the company
I'm very happy with the consultant Iris Gomez, she was very helpful and friendly. answer all my questions to my satisfaction.
I'm only doing the non-surgical option because I'm too young to be doing the surgical. I actually already went to Bosley too, and they said I was too young too. I know you're the same, but I was hoping. And now I'm hoping that this works--my hair is thinning like crazy, and I know Rogaine and all that stuff doesn't work, but there's a vure for everything, and I want this to be it.