Hair Club Manhattan has been servicing clients for over 35 years. This center provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions:  Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Public transportation is available. Spanish speaking consultant available at this location. Translation Available: Spanish.

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  1. I have been a member for over 2 years. Vanessa P. is my stylist. She is highly skilled, professional, and a delight to interact with. She is responsive to all my concerns. She is polite, respectful, and an absolute asset to Hairclub. Hair club, through Vanessa, has had a tremendous impact on my confidence, and I am grateful.

  2. If I could give the Hair Club a 10 I would. Every day I awaken and am thrilled when I look in the mirror. For most of my adult life I had very thin and unattractive hair. Now I have a full head of hair that is so beautiful and I receive compliments on a daily basis. The staff is so attentive to all of my needs and each time I leave my session I am happier than the last. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff at the Hair Club.

  3. My stylist, ANN D., is the best — helpful, informative, highly skilled, works fast and is always entertaining. I salute her !

  4. Juana She’s one of the best working for Hair Club Protct she know how to treat a customer

    • very friendly atmosphere and the hair stylists are professional

  5. I am 22 years old and started losing my hair about 8 months ago. I heard about hair club and thought I should give it a chance because I was desperate, self conscious, and very upset about the state my hair was in. Chunks and chunks of my hair would fall out daily. So I stopped into hair club and automatically from the beginning, everyone was so welcoming and sensitive to my emotions. I was set up with a hair stylist named Joanna, and I have yet to meet someone with so much heart and charisma. I look forward to going into my appointment every month. Joanna told me from the start that my hair will grow back, she promised me. And she was correct. I’m on month 4 of 9 and my hair is growing in like crazy! It’s thick and healthy and my confidence is back! Joanna is not only a gentle and kind soul but she works so hard to make my hair look the way I want. She dyes it for me, cuts it, and always gives me what I ask for! I can’t think of one down side to this company. She saved my hair! I am forever grateful I walked into hair club because now I have hair again and gained a friend! Strongly recommend Joanna at the hair club on Madison Ave in Manhattan! She always makes me feel so great every time I see her! 11 out of a 10!!!

  6. Joanna is the best stylist I’ve had EVER, and I’ve tried 5 total so far. Her personality is both genuinely kind and on top of that, interesting! It helps to have a stylist with these traits as it helps you relax as a client, knowing that hair issues exist. She of course knows how to handle my hair expertly from mixing creams to heat lamps to recommending products. One of a kind lady!

    • Joanna is devoted person to hairclub clients. She has been treated my hair for more than 2 years and I very happy with her concerning my hair treatments. She always provided me with hair needs and supplies and gave me good advice towards hair growth. As a result of that my hair turns great. It is a pleasure to be be as hair treater of my hair. Thank you Joanna!

  7. Vanessa P is the best! The salon is nice the staff are very helpful.

  8. Vanessa is a real pleasure every time I come for my appointment. She never fails to do everything I love!

  9. I had a great experience at this location. I was really nervous to start this process. I am very happy with the end result. I chose the non-surgical solution. I am very happy with it. My stylist Simone is fantastic!!!! She did an amazing job with the style and cut! I look and feel so much better! 🙂

  10. I have the best experience with Joanna. She always makes me look great and is always attentive. She is very friendly and kind. I get so many compliments on my hair and the amount of hair that has grown. I am very happy with my results.

  11. I’ve been with the HC for many years and have worked with several of the stylists there. They are all good but Vanessa Padilla has a real knack for making me look good. She goes the extra mile for me and has even come in early on occasion to help me keep myself on schedule. For me, a place is only as good as it’s people and as long as Vanessa is there I’m happy.

  12. Joanna is the best! She is the most professional stylist and has such a great approach to her services. Really glad that I got her as my stylist and would never change! She is an asset to her company and deserves a reward or promotion or both!

  13. My stylist Simone is the best she knows me and how I like to look. I’m never nervous with her and trust her completely to make me look my best. I wouldn’t let anyone else style me but Simone.

  14. I really like my stylist, Vanessa P. She is very attentive to my concerns and answers all my questions which makes me feel very comfortable. I’m glad I made this decision to join Hair Club. She also explains step-by-step what I need to do at home to make life a little easier. Thanks Vanessa!

  15. I have been a client of Hair Club for many years. I find the company extremely professional with top customer service and top quality product. Vanessa P. has been my service consultant for some time. She is extremely talented, professional, and a joy to be around. She is the best employee Hair Club has.

  16. My hair dresser Vanessa P. is the best that I’ve had in many years. I have cancer and I was going to many different hair dressers. They did not take the time that Vanessa takes or have her kindness. Thank you.

  17. I have been a client of Hair Club for many years. I find the company extremely professional with top customer service and top quality product. Vanessa P. has been my service consultant for some time. She is extremely talented, professional and a joy to be around. She is the best employee Hair Club has.

  18. Since my first time getting my new hair at Hair Club, Vanessa P. has been doing my hair styling with great care, tact and professionalism, not compromising the psychological aspect and always being available for any adjustment. She’s attentive to the details.

    She’s a valuable human with a high sense of responsibility and professionalism.

  19. The facility I visited is quite nice and the atmosphere warm and inviting. The people I interacted with made you feel welcome. While I ultimately decided not to have hair restoration done here, I had a session with Vanessa Padilla. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional, patient and accommodating Ms. Padilla is. She is quite skilled at her job and enjoys it. She is definitely one of the Center’s assets.

  20. My hair dresser is Vanessa Padilla . She is great. I feel very comfortable with her. She answer all my questions. She has lots of patience. She is hard working , charming , always smiling and very good stylish . I am having great time. Thanks Vanessa .

  21. i am very happy at hair club…. The experience I have there with Joanna is very professional and always with a great smile….I love going and will keep going….!!!

  22. Vanessa Padilla was amazing, she helped me get through my fears and answered all my questions. She made me feel at ease and did a great job, I look and feel like a million bucks. Everyone working in this office was very professional and friendly.

  23. My experience with my stylist Simone has been very good. I am a first timer to HC and she is patient, attentive and knows what she is doing. Because of her I have a new hair confidence.

  24. Hair loss is a deeply personal event. When there is no family history or medical reason, the pain is extreme. Just choosing to go to HC was difficult. I was skeptical, embarrassed, and sad. When I met my stylist Vanessa, I felt comfortable but still unsure.
    I returned 10 days later for my 1st visit and all I can say is WOW. Vanessa worked an absolute miracle. Not only did she make me feel completely at ease, she made my hair look better it did 5 years ago. I am 100% comfortable with her work.
    I have seen her 4 times since then and each visit was better than the last!!!

  25. I’m pleased with the service, especially with Joanna. The staff treats me very nicely it’s always a nice experience.





  27. I have been a client at HCW for several years and glad I
    took the first step. The staff are very helpful from the
    moment one walks in the center. Farzana Imam is an
    excellent stylist and professional, attending to my
    concerns. Hopefully, Farzana will be my stylist for a long

  28. I have been going to this location for last 14 years. The staff is eager to help and very accomodating. Special Kudos to John (front desk)for being helpful in booking appointments and Farzana (stylist)for being diligent in doing her job. The location is convenient (midtown) close to E and M trains, and asthetically very pleasing. I don’t regret my decision for a second to join HC! Good choice and glad I did it!

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  30. I’m satisfied with the Helpfulness of the Staff . Office Location / Convenience . Quality of Facility

  31. It was great consultant was great and it was pleasant, she helped me make my decision.

  32. I’ve been going to this HC for about 6 years, and I can honestly say the experience has really been much improved. The support staff, the location, the ease of booking, and most importantly the stylist (Farzana) are really great. Farzana makes the experience very pleasurably, with her ability to put people at easy, great technique for modern haircuts, and her relentlessness pursuit for superior service. John’s also a great asset to the experience and coordinates well with the stylist and clients to ensure the best service. Keep up the great work!

  33. Staff is very eager to help and they are also very freindly

  34. Hopeful that I will soon see results. Hate my wig!

  35. I thought the staff was great! Nothing but good things to say about them.

  36. They’re very polite.

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  38. The customer service is great. Even when there Is a problem they always fix it. Susan Greenspan is a huge asset to your organization and a great leader. The New York office is outstanding

  39. Jessie was very accomidating

  40. They’re all alright, very professional. They take care of you. And my hairdresser is excellent.

  41. The staff is great. The office is great, it’s brand new. And the girl I work with, the technician, is really excellent.

  42. The staff was good

  43. I had my consultation with Kimberly Trucelli and it was great. She made me feel comfortable and listened to what I had to say. Afterwards she was very informative and showed me exactly what would help my situation.

    The most amazing part is that she worked tirelessly to get me an appointment to have the procedure done as soon as possible. She called centers all over the state (even in neighboring) states to try and get me the procedure ASAP.

    It is a true pleasure going to the HairClub and I am very grateful to Kim for her great work.

  44. The Manhattan Center really does make you feel cared for, but only because of great stylists like Farzana. She really listens and works with you to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your experience there. She knows exactly what she is doing and she does it extremely well and efficiently. She is exactly what a Hair Club stylist should be!

  45. I have been a member of HCM for sometime my stylist is Yolette who by the way is a great stylist who knows how to make a girl look good. She is also friendly informative when comes to what produts and styles work for you. Oh and the manhattan center is a lovely place along with the other staff members.

  46. I admit it, I’m a diehard fan of my stylist! Yolette Lacroix is the consummate hair professional. She functions with a level of caring and integrity rarely seen…every step of the process is executed with finesse, expertise, and a generosity of self, resulting in perfection. Yolette’s work ethic and warm personality add so much value to my experience at HC…and It would be a disservice if I didn’t mention how crazy I am about John Calamia who is the human version of a gift with purchase! I try to arrive a little bit early just to see him:)
    Honestly, the entire staff is friendly and helpful making the overall HC experience something special.

  47. I have been a member of Hair Club for almost two years now and my experience so far has been excellent. The service at the manhattan center is very good. I recommend to go see Farzana Imam when you schedule a service. She is very responsible, careful and styles very good.

  48. have been a client for more than 20 years – always happy with my service and experiences at this most professional establishment, wherein the client is always made to feel special! customer service is number 1!!!

  49. I am a customer since 2003 and have been coming here ever since. I love the customer service, every visit I have made has always been pleasant. All the stylists here are a pleasure.
    Especially, Farzana Imam she is an incredible stylist and always has done an amazing job. She is a delight and is always attentive. I have always walked out with a style that I love.
    My experience at this location and with the stylist, Farzana has always been and continues to be a please!

  50. I can not say enough kind words about the staff. Loosing your hair is not easy, but the staff here has made my experience extremely pleasant. I would like to especially recognize Evan, Angel, Ariel, Amanda, Rada, and Crystal. All of them have truly been excellent. Further, I am very satisfied with my results so far. I started with hair club about a year and a half ago at the age of 28 and am happy to report they have done an excellent job of maintaining my hair line as well as showing growth in several areas. I will surely be a member for years to come.

  51. The Manhattan office is Awesome! Management (Susan and the Management team always have the client’s needs as their top priority); the Staff (Evan, John, Lateea are great); and the Hairdressers (especially Matilda, and many others) are professional, friendly and accomodating. Everyone seems to make sure that the service provided is of the highest caliber. Customer satisfaction is essential and personally, Hair Club has given me the tools that have improved my appearance and increased my confidence. In 7 years, Susan and her entire staff have become like a second family, supporting me through some life changing challenges, constantly ensuring that I am treated as a truly valued customer.

  52. I want to applaud the work of Farzana Imam. Although she’s been at the Hair Club less than one year her work as a stylist is extraordinary and outstanding in every way. I, as a woman need my hair line to be precise, the lace on the system to be completely removed, the system to be secured in the front and back, the hair to be conditioned and the style and cut of the hair to be noteworthy, an authentic look. Farzana accomplished all of this on 3/1/14 which resulted in compliments from people I interfaced with. She meets my high standards. My self-esteem remains intact and is enhanced because of my experience with Farzana. I give her Five Stars.

  53. I have loved my experience with Hair Club! I have always felt welcome, respected, and that my desires were being met.

  54. The rating I am giving to Rada is 5. System did not take it correctly. Please be sure that I am giving highest star rating to her.

    My comments on Rada is nothing less than being absolutely professional, talented, highly skilled, caring and very attentive to the needs of client. I feel fortunate that I had opportunity working with her during number of months and look forward to continue. working with her.


  55. I have been HCM client since 2008 and coming to Manhattan center since 2010. I have been with 4 different stylists at this center but i am really happy and satisfied with my current stylist “Farzana Imama”. Even though she is pretty new in HC but she is excellent stylist and is extremely professional in her interactions and is attentive to all my needs and concerns. Would like continue to see her as long as i am coming to this center. Yo deserve 5 stars.


  56. Hair Dreser,Farzana Imam
    She is the best hair Dreser I saw inLast 10 yearin your
    center.She talk nice treat gooog,understand good.

  57. I have been a HCM client for over 17 very satisfied years. My persnal stylist has been and will always be Helen Adamadis. Aside from always making me look great, she always goes the extra mile in making both my wife and myself pleased with the “date night” look she does for me. I consider her a great friend and look forward to our weekly appointment.

    Other clients always compliment me on my way out of the salon and want to know who my stylist is.

  58. I can only say great things about my stylist, Helen Adamidis. She is thoughtful, helpful and always gives a great cut down and follow up styling. She is the main reason I keep coming back to HCM.

  59. I have been a Hair Club Member for over 20 years. During the bulk of my time as a client I have had the privilege of working with an excellent stylist “Ann Doczy”. She is extremely professional in her interactions and is attentive to all my needs and concerns. She goes above and beyond to make sure that I am satisfied with my appearance. I rate her as a five-star stylist as well as a five-star individual.

    Gregorey G.
    Long-time HCM Client

  60. I have been a client for more than 20 years and Hair Club has come a long way since I started coming there.
    I have had only two stylists and have been so satisfied with the work that they have done. Very professional and both have become good friends.
    I would recommend them very highly if you want to look good.

  61. Hair Club Manhattan treats its clients with dignity, and always respects a person’s right to total privacy. The stylists are friendly and make you feel comfortable whether you are a long-term customer (such as myself) or a new-comer to the “club.” The desk personnel and management staff are also tops.

  62. I have had the opportunity to work for this center and I can guarantee you that it is an incredible experience! You will be taken care of the moment you walk through the door and treated like you are family.

  63. Hair Club Manhattan is state of the art! It’s a beautiful space filled with friendly smiling faces!

  64. The staff was very friendly and very professional. -Janet B.

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