Hair Club Marlton has been servicing clients for over 20 years and is located just east of the turnpike. This location is one of three located in New Jersey. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Translation Available: Spanish.

99 Reviews

  1. I have been a client at Hair Club for about 10 years. My stylist, Dawn,takes great pride in her work and truly cares about her clients. I always enjoy my Saturday morning appointments with Dawn!! I have always been extremely satisfied with the service I receive from everyone at Hair Club!!! The entire staff at the Marlton location have been just awesome.

  2. i began thinning at a very young age and confidence had become a recurring issue.i was a little apprehensive about becoming a hair club member at first,but after joining and staying for over 5 years the experience has been nothing but positive. All of the stylists are excellent at what they do, friendly,and welcoming.Management and the front desk is super accomodating and always helpful in the rare cases of needing to get in.

    i would absolutely recommend anyone on the fence about this solution, to at least come in for a consultation and see if hair club meets your needs.

    for me restoring my confidence far outweighed any of the cons. i have really enjoyed my time with HairClub, and can”t see myself leaving any time soon.

  3. I have been a member with HC for nearly 20 years. I joined the club to help with self confidence both personally and professionally. My appearance at the work place was essential to helping me succeed with my start up business. The experience with HC was so positive for myself that I have chosen to remain a member through the years even as other options presented themselves.

    I have to say that the main reason for my continued positive experience has been my stylist Dawn.

    Dawn has been my stylist for over 10 years. She makes every office visit enjoyable. Through the years I feel Dawn has become a friend as well as top notch stylist. She constantly shows my new products that hairclub offers. She does everything with the intention of what is best for me. I always kid Dawn that the last 5 minutes of my appointment are my favorite… This is the time that she will not let me out of her chair until my hair is perfect. In her eyes…this is the service I have grown to expect and receive from Dawn.

  4. I have been an HCM client since 1992 and have been coming to Marlton NJ center since 1997.

    HC makes me appear younger. My hair always looks natural and has contributed to my confidence interacting with people daily.

    The stylists and staff at the Marlton center are Fantastic.
    I highly recommend HC.

  5. My experience with Hairclub in Marlton ever since I started coming here about 10 years ago has been extremely positive. This includes treatment from both management and a multitude of stylists, both groups of which have always been willing to make the extra effort to give a client like myself a very satisfactory experience, a good cosmetic result, help at short notice, and good counseling.The reception staff also needs to be complimented for their willingness and success in making scheduling accommodations, even when there was a stylists shortage. This facility provides a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere which makes it a pleasure to go to. A special mention needs to be given to my main stylist “Meaghan” who has demonstrated exceptional skills ever since our first encounter and has always been a wonderful person, in every way, to interact with……

  6. I’ve been a client for 4 years at Hairclub. I came in with thinning hair and wanted a fuller look. Now that I have followed through with a solution, I feel good again and people don’t realize it’s not my own hair. I’m very happy with the service here at Hairclub!

  7. I look forward to my apps every 4 weeks to get my XStrands and see my stylist Roberta. she is such a remarkable person and does such a great job with my hair. I enjoy the entire staff. Everyone is so pleasant and welcoming.

  8. I have been coming to HC for 30yrs, I’ve been to NY, PA, and NJ.

    The people at this site are by far the Best group, from the front desk to the stylists. My stylist goes out of her way to do exactly what I want. I actually look forward to coming here. Beverly listens to my problems and offers her advise. Beverly has been my stylist for many years now and I have nothing buy good things to say about her. It is and has been a pleasure to come here.I look forward to every service.

  9. I have been a member since 2013, and me experience with Hairclub and my stylist Dawn has always been a positive one. Dawns knowledge and professionalism is second to none.She has always had my best interest at heart. I am always informed of new technology, and her professional opinion and personal ideas.Dawn exhibits a very high caliber of professional knowledge and talent that is seldom sessions with her are very pleasant as well as informative. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding “when I go out into the world I am very confident that I look my best

  10. I have been a client of HCM for 20 years. I would and Do highly recommend HairClub. Prior to coming to HCM,I had hair transplant surgery 10 years earlier. While that worked fine initially, it did Not last. Towards the end it looked like doll hair..The staff and stylists are Outstanding. I am also Happy with their Hair care products.
    I would rate Beverly and Hair Club 5 Stars!

  11. I was very skeptical with how this was going to effect my appearance. From the very start the girls who work the front desk were very professional and courteous at all times. One of the reasons I have remained so happy is Dawn S. From the start she has made me feel very special,(not your usual haircut) Dawn has answered all of my questions and concerns.Simply she is a Pro at her craft!

  12. I’ve been coming a couple of yeas now, finally have the right texture and its been working out great. no one questions me anymore. Meaghan was a big help and now I’ve been seeing Roberta and she is Awesome!!I love coming here because this makes me look young again…

  13. I have been a Hair Club member for over 15 years. Hair Club has been a real confidence builder. The service and care you receive is exceptional.I highly advise anyone who has considered trying this to come in for a consultation and see for yourself.

  14. I have been a Hair Club member for approximately 14 years. All that time Natalie has been my Stylist. I have relied on her expertise for the style and hair technology she recommends. I am always very satisfied. I have recommended Natalie and The Hair Club on numerous occasions.

  15. I have been coming to Hair Club for Longer than I can remember. Prior to hair club I had tried several other hair replacement companies. From my first meeting I was totally impressed. First, with the technology and the quality of the product. Secondly with the Hair Club personnel and epecialllly the stylists. I have been to three different Hair Club locations , Philadelphia, Fort Myers Fl., and Marlton NJ. Everyone at each office makes you feel special. They are very caring and go out of their way to make you comfortable and to help you look your best. Thank you Hair Club..

  16. I have been coming to Hair Club for about a year. I have been very pleased and satisfied with their performance.

    The girls are all very professional and friendly. I always feel comfortable and at ease,especially with Roberta S. She is adorable, funny and very comical, it has been wonderful.

  17. I developed a thyroid condition in my early thirties., this caused hair loss. I went from thick long hair to being almost bald in a very short time. This made me very self conscious. I went to see a dermatologist, I went for a scalp treatment in New York. I thought of wearing a wig but I was not convinced.

    One day when I was on Google Trying to educate myself on other options, I came across HairClub in Marlton. I decided to give it a try. That was 10+ years ago. It was the best decision of my life. My hair stylist Dawn, makes me feel like a million dollars every time I walk out of the salon.I feel good about myself and confident in life. The hair I get is so natural, it feels like I have my own hair. I work in the tax office and it has done wonders for my self esteem. I would recommend HairClub to anyone who is having trouble with their hair.

  18. I have been a client since 8/16. I am extremely happy with the products and service here at the Marlton salon.Any problems that have arisen, I have been treated with kindness and respect. I highly recommend HairClub to anyone seeking to regain their confidence.

  19. HairClub by far is the Best hair Salon I have ever ever been to in my 69 years living. Meeka is my stylist. She is excellent!! She is also a great conversationalist. I really enjoy getting my hair done and the conversations that we have, I hope that you always have a place for her because she is the greatest. She really cares how you look before you step out of the chair.

  20. All of the stylists are Great!!! They take care of me in a sincere way. I would recommend HairClub to anyone who had concerns with their Hair.

  21. I’ve been a HairClub client at the Marlton center for 20 + years and the experience has always been extremely pleasant. The front desk manager greet you every time you enter with a smile and answer all your questions.
    The Managing Director Dequan Stafford is very involved with greeting and talking to clients, either entering or exiting the center.
    My personal stylist Stacy is extremely professional and pleasant on every visit. My service with Stacey is always comfortable and she listens to what I want done, and I always look and feel great when I leave.
    Excellent Team at the Marlton center.

  22. Hello, I am a female client at the Marlton location, I’ve been enjoying the fact that I have my hair back for 11 years now! It has given me peace of mind and makes me feel young again. I can’t believe all the compliments I get on my style.
    Thank you Dawn for being such a great stylist and friend. Hair Club, thank you for being here!

  23. The staff is always going out of their way to help. I have been seeing stylist Be early for many years and I couldn’t be happier with the service she provides. She is great to talk to, super friendly, and always helps me to look my best. I would recommend The Marlton center to anyone looking to improve their appearance and style.

  24. The staff at HCM are very personable and friendly. I always enjoy having a hot coffee while I wait for my appointment .the stylists are very professional and always do a great job. Roberta always has me looking fabulous and I know if I have a special event my hair will be perfect and exactly the way I want it.

  25. I have been going to HCM since February 2011 on a weekly basis. I signed up for the diamond plan and enjoy weekly service to make my new hair look as real as possible

    I have made some good decisions in my life and I have made some bad decisions in my life and joining HCM was a GREAT decision. I look younger, I think, and feel better and people can’t even notice it’s not my real hair. Natalie @ the Marlton location is a true expert and professional in her field, 110%. She knows how I like it and gets me in & out in less than an hour for full service, ½ hour for frontals, which I love. She’s worth every penny.

    I find that the days I know that I am getting new hair (Every 6 weeks) I have this overwhelming sensation of euphoria, exactly like the days I know I am getting some nooky. It gives me something to look forward to and get super excited about. That’s why I just upgraded to the next plan, platinum, where I get new hair every 4 weeks so hopefully I’ll be luckier with the other. ;-{p

    Rick L.

  26. Coming to The Hair Club in Marlton N.J. Was the best thing I ever did. The Staff is so considerate and polite. Anytime I needed anything the staff was always there to help me out.i get compliments from women and men. I feel better about myself with the decision to get hair.

    Thank you Hair Club!!

  27. I just want to say how happy I am with Hair Club. This is my ONE year anniversary . My stylist Meeka has been great with keeping me looking younger each time I visit.

  28. I am so excited to share my experience of wearing Hair Club hair. I just want to say that this product is Fantastic! I have been wearing this product for over Ten years and I wouldn’t be without it. I get so many compliments on my hair. I can’t imagine not having my hair looking so beautiful.I feel so good knowing that there is a remedy for thinning hair.

    I thank God for this Company, and my Stylist Dawn S., who provides the Best Care and certainly makes me feel great giving me such Beautiful hair.

  29. I’ve enjoyed my experience with Roberta. She has been very professional and has offered to show me many new ideas regarding my hair options.Roberta is one of the Best stylists I’ve ever been to. Hair Club is lucky to have her.

  30. HairClub is a Great value. I’ve had numerous styles done and I am still experimenting with adding length. No one really knows how my hair got to look so natural and I don’t tell them too many details. Elise is my stylist and the results are very good on every visit. I can swim with my hair and do almost anything else. I’ve had unplanned visits to hair club but usually because I didn’t condition my hair enough. The other stylists always do a good job.

    I spend money on my hair because it is the number One accessory!!

  31. The Hairclub has changed my life. I was introduced to The Hairclub a year ago, my stylist Roberta has given me back the confidence to not only be myself, but to look like and feel like a million dollars. No matter where I go, men and women notice and compliment me on my hair style which suits my face.
    Thanks to Roberta I now have a fulfilling social and romantic life.
    Roberta is a true professional and an asset to Hairclub.
    Roberta has also become a friend whereby I look forward to our weekly “girl chats”…
    There is a great deal of truth in the saying,” your hair stylist becomes your extended family”…

  32. Stacy does a fantastic job as my stylist at the Marlton, NJ location. She is extremely professional and caring. She is truly a valuable asset to HCM.

  33. Having confidence in someone to provide a service that exceed expectations is a rare event. Well, not so rare when Natalie D. is the stylist. I have been a member of Hair Club for more than 14 years. During that time, when I was serviced by Natalie the results always met the presentable difference I pursued. She is always willing to address any requests or concerns to insure a customer service commitment. From a customer’s perspective, she has applied a high level of expertise in her profession and has provided a customer service that I appreciate.

    Thank you Natalie!


  34. I have been a member of Hair Club for approximately a year and a half. When I first investigated and thought about the procedure and benefits, I wasn’t 100% sure this would be the correct solution for me. I also investigated getting hair surgery/transplants, but the time needed (over a year) was not appropriate for me. I needed a procedure and solution that was quicker to meet my needs, (daughters wedding). The whole staff at the Marlton center are always very helpful and accommodating to the clients.

    I highly recommend Hair Club to anyone with hair problems and looking to improve their Appearance and Self Esteem.

  35. I have been coming to Natalie at Hair Club since 2004. I tried Laer strands somewhere else and didn’t have any luck. I saw the adds on television and figured I would try it out. I have to say that I wasn’t to sure what to expect.

    I was Very Happy with the hair they gave me, so natural! I’ve been coming ever since.

  36. I’ve been a member since about the year 2001. All due to the fact that I am meticulous about my appearance …this is a great place to come to and leave like a new man…with terrific new hair, and new style and look.
    When I come in, I am greeted very nicely by the front desk and I get to schedule my future appointments.
    All of the hairstylists are very nice and friendly and very professional with their work. As I see other clients as well as myself looking terrific .
    I highly recommend HairClub to every person that needs their services.
    Their hair are products also are great, and really work good on the hair.

  37. Been with Hairclub since the year 2000. With the right hairstylist it will make a world of difference. If you go to the one in Marlton, I think Dawn is the Best.

  38. I have been a client of HCM for 18 years.i couldn’t be happier with the service I receive. I always look forward to having my hair done.I’ve been with my stylist Dawn for 10 years. Could not be happier. I always look forward to seeing her and exchanging stories. She is a great stylist and person, always recommending different ways to look great. Thank You

  39. I have had a very good experience with the hair club. I have been shaving my head since 1994 & was so tired of every 2 days to have to shave my entire head and neck. I was also weary of losing expensive hats in diners and movies not to mention in church and traffic court too. I’m very happy now to look in the mirror and not see a skinhead. The hair is a match to my own hair and blends perfectly. My hairstylist Dawn is very good at what she does and it’s always a pleasure coming here.

  40. I have been coming to HAIRCLUB for what seems like forever. I have seen a number of stylists and have enjoyed them all. I do have to say that none of them compare to Dawn S. She has an effortless way of making people feel comfortable and secure. She is meticulous in the care that she provides and is a wonderful stylist. She is always eager to assist and give advice on hairstyles and products. I don’t just consider her my stylist , I consider her my friend.

  41. My experience at Hairclub has Always been Great!
    Dawn always puts me first and makes me feel important. I like my privacy and she takes that into consideration. Dawn is a top notch hairstylist and you can just tell she loves what she does. She is also very nice and holds great conversations , I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

  42. I’ve been a client of the Marleton Hair Club for about 6 years. My stylist Dawn is superb. The hair I wear is always top notch and is styled to perfection. I never thought I could get used to something artificial on my scalp, but I don’t even know that it’s there anymore. I am quite bald and the hair makes me feel as though I’m 20 years younger. The hair applied is very easy to care for and I’ve never had a problem with it. I congratulate the Hair a Club for existing and I think they are superior in quality and excellence of service. I enjoy every visit.

    Thank you Hair Club for being here.

  43. I’ve been a client for 14 years and I couldn’t be more pleased with Hair Club in Marlton. The Stylists and the staff are extremely accommodating and proffessional. Over the years there has been improvement to the hair technology and products that make the hair look more natural. Beverly, my stylist, keeps me updated on the latest technology available so that I can maintain the look I like.

  44. Hello Everyone, I am a hairclub member since 2006. It has truly been a wonderful experience. I was at my wits end regarding the loss of my hair in various areas of my scalp. However the introduction to hairclub changed my life. I became self confident, secured with my hair, and a happy camper with my appearance . I am thankful for the professionalism of the staff and their kindness to me. My stylist is Dawn S. Dawn is the nicest, kindest, and caring person I know. Thank you Hairclub and Dawn!!!

  45. Beverly Pastrana is the most professional, experienced , and talented master of her craft. Beverly goes the extra mile or takes the extra time in order to obtain the results her clients desire. She will give her opinion when asked always keeping in mind the clients wishes. I cannot say enough positive comments regarding Beverly professionally. It is a pleasure to spend time with her.

  46. I have been a member 20 + years. Over the years, I have seen many changes in the technology of hair I have used. I like the fact they work at improving the hair they provide and work with the clients to create a look that provides the best possible result.

    I constantly work with my stylist to provide as realistic a look as possible, and keep me updated on all the latest products.

    I feel very comfortable with my current stylist Natalie. She provides me with the support I need both emotionally and mentally.

  47. I have been a hairclub member since January of 2013, and during that time have had several different stylists but none better than Stacey Hammes at your Marlton NJ, location.

    Stacey is talented and skilled plus she takes the time to listen to what I want.She helps me make intelligent decisions and better understand how to care for my hair.

    She is a valuable employee and it is her dedication to detail that has caused me to recommend Hair Club to many others. Thank You for recognizing her importance to your customers as well as her proficiency .

  48. I am very pleased with the Marlton Center. All the stylists are Top Notch! Beverly Pastrana is usually my go-to stylist, She is FABULOUS !
    I am also very satisfied with the quality of my Hair Club Hair.I don’t think any one would guess that it is not my own growing hair.

  49. I have been using ‘The Laser Band’ that I purchased from Hair Club, for about 4 months, and I see positive results. I have gained about 25% of my hair back already and I definitely recommend it. The stylists go the extra mile to put a smile on your face, They are AMAZING.

  50. Stacey has been doing my hair for a long time, and each time I visit I feel like it’s my first. She greets me each time with a smile and is extremely efficient in her work. She always goes through each step of the process never taking a short cut. I’ve been a client for over 20 years so I am familiar with the process and curing times for adhesives.
    When I leave Hair Club upon completion of my service, I feel completely comfortable. Stacey is an asset to Hair Club.

  51. I have been a client for 6 months and I have to say that my experience has been very good. My appearance is important to me and the cost is reasonable. I guess it’s about perspective. I had a mishap and actually had damaged the hair, did a walk-in and they took me in that day without an appointment and fixed it. They are fun people and the environment is quite nice. I’ll renew my membership because it’s worth it to me. To have people genuinely accuse me of growing my hair longer; well that surprised me. I even went surfing and swimming and the hair stood up very well.

  52. Natalie and I have been together for 15 years. She’s kept me looking my best for work, vacations and everything in between. My only regret (all those years ago) was not doing it sooner!

  53. I’ve been a client of Hair Club for 6 years and It’s absolutely improved my life and my confidence. Natalie is my stylist and I adore her. She is a wonderful and talented stylist and a great person. The staff here is always accommodating and work with you to always give you the best service they can. I would definitely recommend Hair Club to anyone considering becoming a client.

  54. I have been a client of Dawn for the past 13 years or better. I find her professionalism to be beyond reproach. He room expresses a warm and inviting atmosphere which reflects on her wonderful personality. In addition I find her to be highly motivated and extremely focused, not only to her job as a stylist but to the clients she renders her services to. I truly believe Dawn to be an exceptional asset to the Hair Club family. As a client there is nothing more important to me than to know at any given time Dawn will be always available to help you out either via a phone call or an emergency visit.

  55. Being a client for almost 25 years I have had my share of stylist, in at least 10 centers. While all of the stylist have been good there are those that are great. Stacey in Marlton is one of the great ones. You can tell she loves what she does and very passionate about her work. her passion shows in her results. Thank you Stacey and the Marlton Center.

  56. my stylist Meaghan is wonderful. She demonstrates her top talents and experience skills to have my style looking the best she can make it. Thanks to her and the most lovely staff

  57. I have been a client for over 10 years. Stacey is my stylist for the past 4 years. She is s great stylist, she makes me look good, she’s very professional and knowledgable and keeps me up to date on the latest styles, products and systems. It is always a pleasurable experience.

  58. I have to say, Hair Club has been part of my life for 24years.
    The service at Marlton is a good as it gets.
    There is never a circumstance that cannot be addressed.
    Over the years I’ve had a few close calls.
    Hair Club has never left me upset and without beautiful Hair!
    Natalie’s been my operator for longer then I can remember.
    I have never caught her on a bad day.
    In fact at the center as soon as I enter I always get greater and it is a
    Welcomed part of my schedule.
    My style has changed over the years.
    Natalie has always helped me to get to the great look I pictured.
    She is a great listener.
    The Center Manager Dequan!
    She is the most visible and engaged manager ever, believe me I’ve seen a few come and go.
    Dequan inately knows how to ask questions that bring out the satisfaction iand brings no pretense to the conversation.
    A wonderful staff leader. More than a manager!

  59. review for Stacey Davidson she is caring-passionate-knows exactly what i like & I feel comfortable with her & offers to get me a cup of coffee & formulate a growth plan for my hair. I think that she is smart, talented and organized. I was impressed by her ability to handle clients & effortlessly, that skill aften takes years to develop among customer service professionals, abut it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her above all, I was impressed with her abilities.

  60. I’ve been a client of the Marlton Center now for over 10 years. I can still remember my first appointment here like it was yesterday. I will never forget how nervous and stressed I was about the initial process but I will also never forget how kind, thoughtful, and caring everyone was. Over the years there have been many new faces that I’ve seen come and go, but all the while one thing has remained the same, and that’s the quality of client services and care.
    Over the span of the last 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of having Stacey as my stylist. I can’t possibly begin to say enough about this woman. I tell her all the time that not only is she my stylist but also my psychologist, lol. But most importantly, I’m proud to call Stacey my friend. Stacey has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her clients and she deserves to be acknowledged for her superior dedication. There has never been a single time when I’ve walked out of her office without a smile on my face and for that I am truly grateful.
    So I would just like to say thank you to Stacey and the entire staff. You guys always make it a delight to come to the office. You’ve all made it a pleasurable past 10 years and I look forward to the next 10 here with you at the Marlton Center. Thank you!

    Please note, in no way was I bribed or pressured into this review by Stacey. Although she does have a sharp pair of scissors hovering over my head as I write this. Lol 🙂

  61. I have been coming to Marlton center for over 17 years. I have had Natalie for 15 of those year & she has been GREAT !!!!!!!!!! I have been doing my hair for over 40 years this Marlton Hair Club is the best & Natalie is also the best.

  62. I’ve been an HCM client for about 17 years now and have had several different stylists during this time. They have all been great but my current stylist, Stacey,stands above the rest,she is awesome! After only 1 or 2 services with her, we were already at the point where I didn’t have to tell her what I wanted, she pays attention to her clients and delivers and excellent product! Not only is she very good at her job but her outgoing, nice personality made me feel comfortable from day one. The hour or so I see her each month feels like 10 minutes because we constantly have something to talk about. If every HCM employee does their job the same way Stacey does, thays saying something!

  63. Stacey has been my favorite stylist for the past 4 years. My hair never looked better and I get many complements.. she is very professional and knowledgable. She is a great asset to hair club and I have always had a pleasant experience. Even when problems arise she handles them in quick order, I also would like to acknowledge m
    Megan, she is very sweet and accommodating. She always calls me to remind me of my appointment and she is always very pleasant on the phone and in person

  64. I’ve been coming to HCM’s Marllton NJ center for over 23 years and had mixed reviews the first few years. I continued with very satisfied service and styles performed by the “Best” Natalie Davidson. I have been going to her for the past 15 years and enjoyed her personality and professional expertise. I plan to continue visiting the Center for as long as I can. I continue to have a positive experience every visit.

  65. I have been a client since January 2001 and have always been satisfied. My stylist, Meaghan, had been wonderful and has worked with me all along to get the look I want. Plus, our visits are so much fun!

  66. I have been an HCM member for 15 years. At first I was hesitant just for the fact of wearing a hair system and whether it would look fake or natural. I took the plunge and HCM was very helpful but for the first 3 years it was an adjustment for me personally. Then, I met Natalie and all of the little quirks I had, she remedied. She is kind, courteous, and professional and gently brought me in to the changing hairstyles of today. So, if you are ever thinking of a hair system, HCM is a great alternative and if you get Natalie as your stylist consider yourself incredibly lucky.

  67. I have been a client for more than 20 years and in all that time Beverly S. has been terrific. Meticulous work. I’ve surprised many people who never knew of the “system” which speaks for itself

  68. I have been a client at Hair Club for almost 10 years. My stylist, Dawn, is amazing!! She is a truly geniune and caring person through and through. She takes great pride in her work and truly cares about her clients. I always enjoy my Saturday morning appointments with Dawn!! I have always been extremely satisfied with the service I receive from everyone at Hair Club!!!

  69. I’ve been a member since before 2000 and have been very pleased with the service and attention given me by the entire staff.
    I see two stylist there,namely Natalie D. and Stacey D. who are artist in there profession. They are always attentive to my requests and needs but also are very honest with their feedback and suggestions. When I leave there, they both always say that the way I look is a reflection upon them. My family,friends and patients are always impressed with my hair and still today, can not believe that the hair upon my head is a hair system.
    The facility is very clean and inviting. it is always a pleasurable experience.
    I am very happy and satisfied with being a Hair Club Member, and highly recommend them for people who have experienced hair loss .

  70. I have been coming to HCM for 16 years now, to this day the organization has treated me with the utmost care. I have been with Natalie Davidson for that time. She has treated me as a client as if she was my best friend. She is very knowledgable in her field. I look forward in coming in for my appointment every ttime. It’s nice to feel comfortable and looking great after Natalie has done her magic. She is an asset to HCM and I’m looking forward for our next appointment.

  71. Natalie always listens to me about any concerns that I may have and works them out. She is pleasant
    and we have a great relationship. I like the way my hair looks when she is done. Everyone in the office
    is ready to help with any need you may have. Great service.

  72. I , have been a member of Hairclub for 14 years. There, is no other stylist, that comes anywhere close to Natalie Davidson. Her meticulous, attention to detail on every appointment, is one of the best reasons that I receive compliments every week on my hair. There is a countdown on my phone for my next appointment in terms of hours which I can’t wait to have my hair serviced. Hair club, should be proud to have an employee as dedicated as Natalie. Thank you .

  73. I have been a client for years. My hair looks great every time I leave there. The girls at the front are wonderful. My stylist, Meaghan is the best! She always has a smile on her face and makes me feel good about myself. What more could I ask for?

  74. I was previously a client at J A Alternatives for almost 20 years. I became more and more dissatisfied and decided to call Hair Club For Men while leaving J A Alternatives. Hair Club took me right away and immediately removed the head of hair that I wore for 20 years and installed a new one. Natalie Davidson was appointed my stylist and went over and above the call of duty to accommodate my needs. After my first visit I was hooked on the service and amazing cuts she did. I will allow nobody else To touch my hair. If she is sick, which is rare, I will wait another week before I will have someone else do my service or new style. At 63 I have had many a stylist. Not one could match her personality, her attention to detail, her professionalism, and puts all her energy into making you happy before you leave. Her cuts are so well that I never get those glances where someone is wondering, does he wear a piece? People are always saying,”what a nice head of hair you have.” Take my word for it…”The best of the best”!!!

  75. I have been a Hair Club client for many years at the Marlton Center. I have done commercials for Hair Club in the past. I have always found the Managers and Staff to be friendly and their customer relations skills to be great. I have gone to most Stylists through the years and find them all to be very good. Through that time, I have found the Stylist who I feel has met my needs the best, Natalie Davidson. Natalie is such a great asset to the Marlton Center. She is friendly, professional and extremely skilled. I look forward to all my appointments with her. Natalie goes the extra mile to make sure I look my best. She does it because she is passionate and honestly cares about the Clients and her work. She always educates me on any new products that Hair Club has as well as any options I have. Through the years, we have become from Stylist to Client – to Friend to Friend. She instilled my confidence to a sensitive subject,my hair loss – from day one, and continues to do so. She allows me that possibility and I am grateful to her. I deal with customers of my own at work on a daily basis so my looks are very important to me in my field of work. There are truly not enough words to describe my honest happiness with my Stylist and Center. Top notch! Thank you for all that you do for me!

  76. I’ve been a client in excess of 11 years and I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know that I have never experienced a bad situation in all those years. This includes the original consultation,the tech woman that have taken care of me over the years and I can’t forget the service I’ve received when scheduling new appointments or purchasing product. My current tech associate is Beverly Pastrana who has been there for me for quite some time now. She has been fantastic when reviewing my current procedure or perhaps suggesting a new look, which I’ve done,and I must say have never regretted doing so,she is fantastic.And I must mention the receptionist,Meghan Day who has been wonderful in trying to accommodate my scheduling issues when something has come up and would require me to change the original schedule.She has always been pleasant and understanding with these type of issues. My compliments to Hair Club and these two associates who have done a wonderful job and will always have me coming back. Thank You, Robert Forte

  77. I have been a client of Hair Club for over 10 years. It took me some time to make a decision to became a member. I was 35 at the time and a woman with thinning hair. I was very depressed dealing with the hair loss. I tried everything to cover it up. I came to the center for an open house and met some clients. Through conversations with them and a stylist, Natalie Davidson, I made the bold decision to become a member. When I came in for my first appointment, I was nervous. Natalie was patient with me and talked me through the whole process. She literally helped changed my whole life that day. When she was finished styling my hair, I sobbed and looked at her in complete disbelief that I could look that good again. She took 10 years off my looks, and I will be forever grateful for her. I’ve told her all this several times over the course of my experiences with her. She is the only stylist I see in the center, because she knows my needs, knows my style, and knows me. Natalie is one of a kind in my book. I never thought I could ever have long hair again and because of her, and Hair Club, I do.

    My experience with the center itself has been nothing but positive as well. The management team is always available when you need them. The office staff is always welcoming. All the stylists are kind and friendly and know me despite the fact that I’ve never been in their chair. This office is very well managed and everyone is always friendly when I am there.

    I would like to thank Natalie publicly for transforming my life. She is an excellent stylist, a beautiful person, and because of her I’m a confident woman again. If you are considering Hair Club, just do it. You will be glad you did.

  78. I’ve been a client of Hair Club for almost twelve years. A medical condition caused me to start losing my hair when I was in middle school and as the years progressed it got worse and worse. I tried many remedies to attempt to correct the problem and sought the advice of various people as to how to improve my situation. Nothing really worked and then my mother saw an infomercial for Hair Club. We went in for a consultation and were immediately sold on this innovative idea. The rest is history! The hair looked great and gave me my confidence back. But that’s only part of the story!
    The staff there have become like friends/family to me. They are all very kind, caring, talented and skilled in what they do. You can tell that it’s more than a job to them. They know how important and significant the service they provide is to their clients. I’ve had my hair done by each of the lovely ladies there at least once and I love them all, but my regular stylist is Meka. I cannot say enough about this woman. I’m starting to cry now just writing this. Meka is a phenomenal young lady who is so talented at what she does and always goes above and beyond the call of duty! She not only makes my hair look beautiful, she also makes me feel good on the inside too. She is far more than my stylist. She has become a trusted friend and like the sister I never had. Since I’ve been going to Hair Club, I’ve suffered many personal tragedies in my life and Meka has been there as a support system for me each and every time. She is so selfless and compassionate. I’ve never met anyone quite like her. How many people would care that deeply for their clients? It is so rare to find people as genuine as she is. I look forward to each and every visit to the salon because I know that “My Meka”, as I like to refer to her, will make me look like a million bucks and will also feed my soul with her kindness. I highly recommend this salon and specifically Meka. May God bless her and watch over her always. Keep up the fantastic work!

  79. As a client of the Marlton center for the past 15+ years I’d like to share my overall satisfaction with every facet of the Center.

    My longtime Stylist, Dawn is outstanding. Her knowledge, skill and professional advice keep me looking my best. Dawn is a truly talented stylist and I always enjoy my appointments.

  80. I’ve been a client of Hair Club for 32 years. From the very beginning everything went great. When a person continues with any company for all this time you know the company is run right and they employ the best people to take care of their clients. In the beginning I went to NYC and continued till the Marlton center opened. I’ve been coming here since its inception and everything works like a well oiled machine. From the front desk to the stylist. Smooth the entire time. If I have to make a change with my appointment, no problem. They care and it shows completely. Now let me tell you about Natalie Davidson. She has been taking care of me for years. She’s amazing. I tell her she’s an artist. It’s true. Professional in every way. Caring, nice, smart, funny and always treats me like a true friend , cause we have become friends. I tell her she better not ever retire. ” Natalie is The Best of The Best.

  81. Meaghan is an absolutely amazing stylist. She is so very skilled at her craft and I look forward to our visits every 3 weeks. Meaghan listens to her clients and really educates me and let’s me know what my options are. She is down to earth and so much fun to be around. I feel like our relationship has turned from client to friend. Her caring, compassionate nature has built up my confidence tremendously and I always leave with a smile and feel amazing!! I dont have enough words to describe the passion Meaghan has for her profession. Hair club should be proud and honored to have Meaghan on their team.

  82. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff is at the Marlton, NJ HC. I am a new client and I am overwhelmed by the professionalism of the staff as well as how nice and caring everyone is. When you arrive you are greeted very warmly, appointments are quite prompt and the care outstanding. My stylist, Beverly, has given me a new outlook on myself! It is great to feel confident again. I also want to thank Dequan, Managing Director, for my initial visit. I was a bit embarrassed and she made me feel relaxed, safe and most important explained everything to me. I am so glad I found this amazing place.

  83. Hi, I am a very long time client of this center and am not one who really leaves comments but I just want everyone who is pondering coming in to know that everyone here is very friendly and professional! My stylist Dawn is so much more then a stylist she has become a very good and trustworthy friend, she goes far beyond the call of duty ! She is extremely good at her job and is a stickler for detail! I never leave feeling like I’m not looking my best! It’s been a pleasure all these years thanks Dawn!! Anyone considering coming in just do it! You won’t regret it! Your truly Carmen B.

  84. I am a long time client of this HCM office. My stylist is Dawn. She is absolutely amazing. Her styling is remarkably good….every time. When I leave the office after an appointment with her, I know that I am looking my best. And this engenders a nice feeling of confidence.
    But beyond her styling skills, Dawn is the ultimate professional. She treats me like I am the most important client she has….and I know she does that for each and every client. This focus is at the core of her services. It is an understatement to say that she cares about the details. She takes the time to listen to me and my needs and always finds a way to address those things.
    If doctors have a “bedside manner”, then a stylist has a “chair side manner”. Dawn is exceptional in this regard. She is polite, courteous, considerate, and a gifted listener. When I sit in her chair, I am not just going to see my stylist, I am going to see my good friend who happens to do miracles with my hair. Thus, a visit with Dawn is a relaxing, uplifting experience….something to look forward to.
    By going on about Dawn, I do not mean to slight the other stylists or office support personnel. On the few occasions when I have used another stylist (when Dawn is not available), they have all rendered good services. And the office staff is always cheerful and helpful. I just hope that they know how wonderful and rare Dawn is and that she is appreciated by HCM for the example that she sets for how to be a professional. If this comes off as gushing, I will not apologize, Dawn deserves this kind of notice and accolades.

  85. I am a client at Hair Club in Malton,NJ. My appointment is something I look forward to. When I arrive I am always get a friendly welcome My stylist Dawn Shepard is ready and prepared.Dawnmakes my appointment a pleasant experience. Iam amazed at her knowledge of her profession and how much she enjoys it. Everytime I leave I feel good and confide t,andthats because I just had a great experience So if you fell uncomfortable about your hair, the Hair Club is the place to go. Thanks to the staff and thank you Dawn for making me feel special.

  86. As a client of the Marlton center for the last 12 years I’d like to share my overall satisfaction with the product , process and most importantly the people who make it all work ….

    It was with great apprehension as my hair was beginning to thin that I decided to
    make a subtle transition .With the right guidance from then Manager Mike in 2004, few people even noticed the change ….. My desired outcome …

    Placing my trust in the hands of my longtime Stylist ,Dawn ,who fine tunes just the right color , density and cut has proved to be the right choice !
    She exudes a sense of caring ,understanding and consistently delivers a superb look ,.

    Her efforts haven’t and shouldn’t go unnoticed ..

    My best regards to all at the Center!

  87. I want to offer some specifics about my Hair Club experience as one of Meaghan’s clients. I cannot say enough positive things about her. Every salon visit truly is a transformation as I always leave with the hair of a movie star! The color is always perfect, the length is always perfect. I never have to give Meaghan any instructions like how long to keep my front-she just knows what I want!

    It is rare to have such a great rapport with your stylist such that they know so well how to manage your hair, despite having so many other clients. Meaghan has a great personality also and I genuinely look forward to each and every visit because I know that I will get to see her and watch her perform as the artist that she is! She is totally up on the most current looks, way more so than I am, which is why I can expect that when I leave the salon I will have a style that’s even better than what I myself had envisioned.

    This reminds me of my favorite story that I’ve ever told about my experience as one of Meaghan’s clients. It is a common practice to bring a picture of a celebrity or model with the “ideal” look to your stylist in hopes that they can create that same look for you. Well I did just that, except I did not bring Meaghan a picture of a celebrity. Instead I brought her a picture of ME, after one of my appointments with her! You see, that picture represented my ideal look, and it was a clear result of Meaghan’s abilities. For this reason and so many others that all have to do with Meaghan, Hair Club has me as a client for life. She deserves to be recognized for her outstanding abilities, attention, focus and all around excellent customer service. People out there listen up, Meaghan is the real deal!

    Thank you to Meaghan for all that you do!!

  88. The consultant was very nice.

  89. everything was great

  90. they r great

  91. So far, your organization demonstrates professionalism and friendliness and I find nothing wrong to report.

  92. Satisfied

  93. Comment

  94. Mika has been excellent! The front staff, wonderful to work with, always polite and has met me needs regarding rescheduling appointments. All staff including management has been professional.

  95. Wonderful investment for those who find it important and can also afford it. I am quite pleased.


  97. Losing my hair was the worst thing that happened to me. The staff at Hair Club is very understanding and compassionate. The biomatrix procedure restored my hair in my thining area and helped restore my confidence. I can now style my hair and wear it down like I did in the past.

  98. my stylist is stacey davidsonshe is excellent i am very pleased with her

  99. Great place for men or woman to have a custom hair piece made.Located on the third floor of the 2 greentree office building, friendly staff and confidential private consulting. -B.I.

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