Hair Club Miami, located in Doral, has been servicing clients for over 12 years. The Miami location is one of eight centers located throughout the state of Florida. This location provides consultations on Hair Club hair loss solutions for men and women. Translation Available: Spanish.

“Come and join us for coffee and cookies, and the ultimate experience in customer pampering, we won’t disappoint you”
– Managing Director of Miami

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  1. To Your C E O

    Reference: The Get things done attitude of YAMI at HCFM / Miami.

    Most gentle and effective of the dozen or so stylists I have enjoyed in the past…make me want to move to Florida….
    First time hair system seem to be just right … the minute it was placed back on scalp….and looked great with small gentle touches.
    The old travel industry had an expression: Orchid and / or Onion letters hopefully to a Corporate CEO who has empathy …. this is an “orchid”. Had managed several organizations before becoming a reluctant hotelier in Hawaii. Client service is always a tough challenge; in America, it has become a disgrace. Repeat, this is an orchid letter! A well deserved one. It is always a pleasure in any walk of life or endeavor to see professionalism demonstrated. People say America is getting soft in mind and body. Remarkably, Yami contradicts this supposition and is role model for getting America & HCFM back on track.

    We will remain loyal clients because of this level of service, mahalo. It is always a pleasure in any walk of life or endeavor to see professionalism demonstrated. Yami, clearly, is “professional”

    Yami is a professional members of your team. Please accept my heartfelt compliments Joanie for having employed such a fine person. It is sad that all outfits do not have more “Get Things Done” Type People…… Amen

    No wonder the overseas businesses are surpassing our domestic efforts. They have people who get the job done, instead of passing it along to another. Bravo Zulu to you for motivating such fine team members!

    It is a daunting task pleasing all the people all the time. Yami hits the mark. Muchas Gracias to Miss Cuba aka Yami

    Aloha & Mahalo nui loa from Hawaii

  2. Mi experiencia en hair club es maravillosa, un personal excelente en especial mi estilista y las chicas del frontdesk que son amables y de gran paciencia . los felicitos por el excelente trabajo que realizan . maravillosa experiencia tambien poseen excelentes productos para el cabello deben probarthermal styling spray and uv protector es excelente

  3. Es un lugar donde te ayudan a mejorar tu apariencia, cuenta con personas muy profesionales, sobre todo los estilistas muy amables y son capaces de resolver cualquier dificultad

  4. fantastic service

  5. Unique Service. hoy recibi un gran servicio de Hair club en las manos expertas de la peluquera Mercy F. en verdad me siento complacido con las atenciones que recibo de las muchachas del fron desk, son excelentes y muy amables. espero que el servicio siga siendo como hasta ahora y siempre el cliente sea lo primero

    -MARIO M.

    • Amigo, quis era saber si es muy costoso el tratamiento.

      • Hola Yoel, el costo en realidad depende de las necesidades individuales de pérdida de cabello de cada persona. La pérdida de cabello de todos es diferente y ofrecemos diferentes soluciones personalizadas, por lo que los precios varían considerablemente. Para obtener precios sobre las soluciones que funcionarán para sus necesidades específicas, programe una consulta gratuita con uno de nuestros expertos en pérdida de cabello. Llame al 1-888-632-8334 para reservar su cita hoy.

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