Hair Club Mississauga opened in 2009 and is one of five centers located in Ontario. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Translation Available: Persian/Farsi.

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  1. Amazing service .. very helpful … always feel welcomed when i go for sevices…attendants go beyond expectations to provide satisfaction..

  2. Very satisfied with the services they provide. All stylists are professional never had a problem I highly recommended.

  3. I have been attending monthly hair sessions for approximately four years now and never plan to leave. If it wasn’t for The Hair Club and the professional service and superior EXT products for hair loss they provide, I honestly believe I would have a lot less hair now. Preservation and preventative maintenance are key components of the process. My hairstylist has been the same over the years because she is fantastic, knowledgeable and she always demonstrates genuine concern for my progress. Its thanks to her and the way she knows how to style my hair that I continue for the long term. The high quality of hair care products offered work and I won’t use any other products. My hair does not fall out with the use of these EXT products. Many thanks to the professional front desk staff, management and my stylist!

  4. From my initial consultation with Maria to my on-going weekly stylist appointments, I have been impressed with the professional and pleasant treatment by all Staff. Jana has always accomodated my schedule and even taken care of urgent requests. I’ve had several Stylists over the past two years and they have been brilliant! Natalie has been an amazing go to person for me as she was my first Stylist and always steps up to answer any questions or concerns. Teresa has been my Stylist over the past few months and she is such a positive fun person who constantly consults me on new hair styles and products. Thank you HC Mississauga and keep up the amazing service.

  5. From my initial consultation with Maria to my on-going weekly stylist appointments, I have been impressed with the professional and pleasant treatment by all Staff. Jana has always accomodated my schedule and even taken care of urgent requests. I’ve had several Stylists over the past two years and they have been brilliant! Natalie has been an amazing go to person for me as she was my first Stylist and always steps up to answer any questions or concerns. Teresa has been my Stylist over the past few months and she is such a positive fun person who constantly consults me on new hair styles and products. Thank you HC Mississauga and keep up the amazing service.

  6. I have been a hair club client for over a year now. If I new back then what I know now, I would not have done this at all.

    First of all I would like to give two ratings.
    The first rating is on the product. I could only give this a 3 out of 5. When I first signed on as a client, I was promised that they could match my hair, both in colour and texture. This appears not to be possible. They have matched the colour but cannot give me my curls. My hair is naturally very curly and they can only give me straight hair. Now, in all fairness they can give me a body perm but not the colour. So there lies my dilemma. I have to wear my hair up pretty much all the time because as soon as my neck sweats, my hair underneath curls and the new hair stays straight. How embarrassing!!!! 🙁

    The second rating I give a 4.5 out of 5 for services. I can find very little fault with the customer service I have received in the last year. Natalie and Carole have been my rocks. They have been very understanding and compassionate of my predicament. A very fond thank you to Natalie and Carole.

  7. From the moment I walked into the office, I felt comfortable and I would credit that to the girls at the front desk. (I believe this is Jana and Maria). The first impression is key, and these ladies seem to understand that. I was then introduced to a consultant named Erika who was not only very knowledgeable about the program, but played a big role in me making the decision. She gave me the comfort I was looking for to make the decision and has been very supportive ever since. After I made the decision to move forward, I was introduced to my stylist, Matilda. Matilda knows exactly what to say and do to make me feel comfortable in what would typically be an uncomfortable situation. She has learnt quickly exactly what I like and continues to grow with me as I get more and more accustomed to my new look. Matilda’s dedication to her practice is obvious through her great work. I credit Matilda for the confidence I have today, she gave me hair…And maintains it for me. I can honestly say, my life has changed from the experience and everyone around me notices the confidence I carry as a result. I’d like to personally thank the whole group of ladies there for breathing new life into my image.

  8. I can’t express my feeling in words after my hair done, have gone 20 yrs back, feel so great, i don’t know why I waited for so long to come Hair club, I wish if I could have come to HC earlier.

  9. Overall everything is fine. The staff members are friendly and helpful.

  10. I am very glad to find hairclub and the work das people are very professional and very very friendly I am very happy to have my new loock thanks to hairclu congratulatios to the company to have a wonderful tem.

  11. Going into my 6th year as a client it’s apparent that I’m happy with the service and product. I have a very challenging schedule and Jana is always very accommodating as well as quick to respond to my last minute needs. Also, with my erratic schedule it is difficult for me to stick with one stylist. I find every stylist is very good at what they do. I enjoy bouncing around to different stylists as every one is also very pleasant and fun. My appointments are more than just a service. They turn it to often be relaxing, enjoyable and fun.

  12. The staffs are very nice,they listening,that is very
    important for clients.I have to give credit to Carole nice
    Lady.Good job all the staffs.

  13. My experience at Hair Club is just under one year the staff is very friendly,respectful and provide professional services the results is amazing there is so many different products for hair loss treatment and the professionals are there to help you.Special thanks to the Hair Club management and staff especially Maria and my technician Soha.I would highly recommend anyone with hair loss problems to experience this wonderful services,provide by Hair Club.

  14. I have been member since 2003 (12+ years). All the time I have been treated very well and professionally. Not a single time I was disappointed with anything ….It is worth for the price and one place where you walk-in without any stress or thought. Wonderful staff and cheerful positive vibe at Mississauga center is my first and only choice. Looking forward to continue many more years to come….Many thanks to all at Mississauga center and at HCMW….

  15. Yes, I know, that’s my name, I used to have great hair when I was A kid. I had bad car accident with a head injury, with big scar on my head, six years ago, thought I’d look like frankenstein, for rest of my life and now, when I found the hair club my days of looking in the mirror are awesome again, I look like my old self, I feel and look smashing, feel more confident, I have to compliment the staff at hair club. They make me feel handsome and younger and alive again. thanks so much.

  16. I’ve been a client for just over a year and have to agree that the staff at this location are very professional and respectful. I started off with Matilda and she was great, I’ve since been passed around to many different stylist being told the reason is that Matilda only handles new clients? (I see above someone has been with her for 5 years?) No one has ever asked me if there is a stylist I prefer? I have voiced my displeasure in the past with certain stylist and requested I not to be with them again, and a few months later she was my stylist? My new stylist is great, she is pleasant and respectful and my hair application is probably the best I have had since I’ve been there.

  17. Very friendly staff! Been over a year with this location and Natalie has been my stylist from day one…she always does a great job and never gave me a chance to complaint!

  18. very friendly staff ,very professional they always treated with respect no matter which stylist a came across if there was a problem they would solve it right away and the newest member Theresa she”s amazing with scissor’s she can cut your hair blind folded.

  19. I have been going to the Mississauga location for almost 4 years now and love it! Friendly staff , on time service and simply seamless and great to deal with. I have been with my stylist Tian for a long time and she is amazing too. All in all a great experience .

  20. The recipe for this center’s success – Excellent Admin Staff and extremely talented Hair Stylists. They’ve got the main part nailed down from day one. I couldn’t ask for better bang for my buck. Before coming to them, I have even tried online self-serve services , which claim to be cheaper but the results are a world apart.. After coming the HCM Mississauga, I have realized you need a Professional to get professional results.. and this location has them. I am fully satisifed here in every respect.

  21. Jana is the first one to greet you, she is so friendly and professional. Carol is my stylist, she knows exactly what needs to be done. Everyone in this office is great!!!

  22. very friendly and respectful staffs. I had a wonderful time there.

  23. Great place!!! Stylist are professional and friendly I am very much happy with my current stylist Teresa. Management also receptive to accommodate my request if any and effectual to inform changes in schedule. Overall great experience with Mississauga location.

  24. Thanking you for all office and stylists for giving me excellent service

  25. I am really happy with HairClub. Im feeling much much younger, and happier, i can go out, enjoy and do more things without being selfconscious. Thank you very much to all the staffs in Missisauga, you alll always make me looks best and really wellcome me.
    Thank you 🙂

  26. I would say that 2 most best experiences at the Mississauga center is the front desk Yana, always pleasant and professional at all times, and of course my stylist Matilda ****Amazing, very detail and always smiling ** The best experience, I would not know what to do if she left,main reason why I am still a member for the last 5 years, …..

  27. Everyone at Mississauga is great! I’ve been a client here for almost 5 years and I couldn’t ask for a better experience. I look forward to coming every week. They are very accommodating if I ever have a special request and I think of the girls as my friends. Awesome attitude, very friendly staff. Keep up the great work!

  28. All the staff there are very professional and very helpful they treat me like a king, they know what they are doing. I love it. Matilda is so good as well as Tien who knows the style of my hair, that’s why I like Tien every time I go there. VIC.A

  29. All of the staff are great. Maria my consultant is excellent and professional.I always have a great time. My hair stylist Andrea is super. She makes me feel comfortable. She is very professional. I had been to other hair clinics for consultation, I strongly recommend HC Mississauga for the right product. So far I am having excellent experiences.

  30. Great experience each and every time I visit, staffs are friendly and very knowledgeable. Overall this is one of the best location that I’ve been to and I will continue to come back to this location. Thanks HC Mississauga!

  31. Hair club is a very wonderful place. The staff very friendly and always take very good care of me. Good quality and great service.

  32. I am so thankful to the wonderful staff at Hair Club. They are all friendly and professional. I have gained so much confidence ever since I started going to Hair Club! I am fully satisfied. 🙂

  33. They did fantastic job on my hair. I am fully satisfied and very happy. They have a wonderful professional staff. Hair Club is unbelievable……………!

  34. The only reason I chose Hair Club because I trusted your name and your 100% satisfaction guarantee. The Staff and the consultant were very pleasant and helpful. My very important question was if this EXT Extreme Hair Therapy does not work then what. Then I was told by consultant that last option would be Surgical Hair Transplant and they will adjust the balance by minusing what I paid for EXT Extreme Hair Therapy. If I receive a positive result in 9 months I would highly recommend your club to my family and friends.

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  36. I like the fact that the office is private and staff are friendly.

  37. All of the staff are great. I always feel like we’re all friends, & I always have a great time. My hair stylist Tien is super. Talking to her I feel like I have known her for years. She makes me feel confortable.

  38. Office staff the first person I met in my consultation her name was Maria she is very excellent and professional she did her best. The next lady the receptionist her name was Nelly she was excellent as a business person. The person that gave me the treatment her name was So she was very knowledgeable. All the staff I came in contact with are very organized.

  39. Every body was very nice to me

  40. Comment

  41. Overall very friendly respectful staff. everyone who i came across exhibited proffessionalism

  42. At HC, you’ll always be greeted with the sweetest people. Professionalism, style and results would be my top 3 words for HC on Hurontario. – Annilyne D.

  43. I am fully satisfied. I cannot find words, it’s amazing. – Dixit P.

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