Hair Club Nashville has been serving clients for over 20 years. The center was recognized for outstanding service in 2011, winning an Employee of the Year Award.  Nashville is one of three centers located throughout the state of Tennessee. This location provides consultations on Hair Club hair loss solutions for men and women.


“Since 1993, our focus has always been on giving our clients the highest standards in customer service and we accomplish just that with our amazing team of talented stylists and professionals. Hair Club Nashville is always a welcoming, friendly place to take care of all of your hair restoration needs.”
– Regional Director

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  1. Jessica is wonderful. She really cares about how I look when I walk out the door. The entire staff is so friendly I feel like I have a second family….. Thanx everyone!

  2. Excellent service and results.

  3. If you go to the Nashville HC in Brentwood, see Joel, my stylist. My impression of the staff and stylists in general is very high. The results and comments I’ve gotten after getting involved with HC have been amazing. They have plans that will meet anyone’s needs. If you are interested in doing something nice for yourself, HC is a nice place to start.

  4. Tracy and Jaclyn C. are the best. In another center I would get anxious wondering if I would get the proper care. But with them, I don’t give it a second thought. Both of them are spot on every time. Consistency is their strength.

  5. I have been a Hair Club client for almost 4 years. I am very happy with the results. My stylist, Joel, is the best. He is so conscientious about pleasing me in every aspect of my visit. I always get a great haircut. He always wants me to tell him if I don’t like something, which is rare. I highly recommend Hair Club and Joel.

  6. The entire staff is helpful, professional, and eager to please. Tracy, my stylist, goes the extra mile to make sure I am happy.

  7. I have been wearing hairpieces for over 30yrs. thru another company.
    I was introduced to HC about 3yrs. ago, and began to purchases pieces
    from them. I have been extremely happy with not only the quality, but
    the knowledge and workmanship of their staff. I always look forward to
    the positive, upbeat atmosphere of their office. I recently tried a
    more permanent adhered hair piece. incredible!!! This is the best my
    hair has looked in over 30yrs. These people and their products are
    top shelf! If you are not happy with your hair, I recommend checking
    them out.

    You guys are awesome!! Mike W

  8. They were great. Did everything just like they said they’d do.

  9. I should have never waited this long. but I looked at the product recommended to me. I saw the advertisement and said well I’m going in and checking it out and seeing how great it is. The skin graft was useful and showed that the hair was not growing. other places did not do that. the hairdresser just kept talking about superfluous stuff to do

  10. I had the opportunity to be serviced by Hair Club in Brentwood, TN and I must say that I am more than pleased. I loved the fact that they are a very private company. My consultation was very informative and the staff were very professional. At first, I had a hard time believing that this was the right solution for me because I had been through so many other treatments that failed. After thinking about it and asking as many questions as I could, I decided to go ahead a try it out. On the day of my procedure, I was more than nervous and in doubt but my stylist encouraged me that I would be completely pleased with the results. I can not express to you all how pleased I am right now. After the procedure was done and I looked at myself in the mirror, I cried because I had been given back something that had been taken away from me so long ago and I was speechless!! It literally gave me back my confidence. I would definitely recommend Hair Club to anyone who is experiencing ANY level of hair loss.

  11. I’ve been coming to HCW for about 9 years. It has been a
    great experience. The staff is so pleasant and accomodating.
    Michelle has been with me almost from the beginning and I can’t say enough about her expertise. I tell people about
    HCW all the time and have gotten one of my customers to start
    with a system. Love it!

  12. I have suffered with alopecia for over 20 years and tried every treatment, vitamins, shampoos, powder that has been made to help hide my situation. I finally got the courage to visit Hair Club Nashville and immediately joined. My first hair piece was applied in August 2012 and was just blown away with the results. Family and coworkers couldn’t get over the difference it made in my self esteem, my “younger” appearance and the smile that was always on my face. I use to hide from family photos, but now I’m ready to be a part of memories captured. The staff is always friendly and willing to go that extra mile. Thank you from myself and on behalf of my family for giving me my life back.

  13. I have been an EXT client to save the existing hair that I have for about 5 months and have had such a true success. The staff and Management team are so helpful and the true meaning of customer service. The last treatment I received was my best yet. Their new stylist, Stacey K. truly has an infectious personality and energy about her that just really made me forget why I was there in the first place. Hair Club is a place I would recommend to a friend, a family member, or a stranger on the street! They have given me a confidence that I was starting to lose. True class of excellence!-J.

  14. i’ve been a hair club member since 1995, and i can truly say i have not had a bad experience with the staff, products or locations. hair loss is tough, especially for women. if one of my girlfriends started losing her hair like i did years ago, i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. they’ve been great!

  15. Always great service from the stylists. Highly recommend the Hair Club because of the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. I joined the Hair Club about five years because I was suffering thinning hair. I have enjoyed the benefits of the Hair club and a renewed enjoyment of a full head of hair. -Laverne E.

  16. I have been with HairClub since they opened in Brentwood, TN. I would recommend them to anyone. I have always received friendly, courteous and professional service from the technicians and staff. My technician is very attentive to what I say and very informative to any questions I may have. I have always been very satisfied with the services I received and again would recommend them to anyone. Billy Shipley

  17. I have been with hair club for one year and it has been an excellent experience. The staff is A+ at what they do. I was a little worried when I started the EXT program but it REALLY WORKS and takes very little time to do. I am amazed at the way my hair has grown in only 12 months. I would recommend HC to anyone.

  18. Angie rocks!. Always a great experience and fantastic quality. Angie is a fantastic stylist and a real pleasure to work with. Five stars all around. -MIKE

  19. Hair restoration. Dawn Sams is very special. She wants her clients to be satisfied at all times and cares what they think and feel. She is willing to put herself out to give them service according to their need. A true asset to the business.

  20. Hair Club for Men and Women. When I first went to Hair Club for a free analysis, I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I wanted to know if my thinning hair was salvageable. I have only been going for treatments for a little over a month, but I am very pleased with what I am feeling when I leave there. I haven’t been able to see any results except from my August hair analysis which did show a little hair growth, I signed up for this program for one year, so I look forward to seeing major results in the next several months. I love the products and I love my visits to Hair Club each month. -DEBBIE L.

  21. Men’s Hair Club. after a few tries we finaly hit a winner. every one thinks my hair grew back after my cancer. Yes I am very pleased with the whole process.

  22. Nashville Hair Club. Nashville Hair Club has been great to me. From the second you walk thru the door you are received by Emily or Rebecca with a smile and are very professional. This continues throughout the office. My stylist, Stacy is consistent and competent with the personality of a pure Tennessee girl. I know people who use other companies and I have compared the work, Nashville Hair Club is definitely, “a cut above the rest”. Thank you. -Fujimo

  23. Have a great head of Hair!. Hairclub has been huge to me in the sense that I can feel confident in public and even privatly in my own personal appearance. For me starting with Hair Club about 5 almost 6 years ago with generaly moderate hair loss and extremly fine hair it was so bad I dreaded getting out in public. Now all that has changed thanks to the good people at Hair club. They are very friendly, professional and give you the upmost respect and service, I love my hair, Thank You so much Hairclub! TLP -SALLY

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