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Hair Club New Haven located just south of downtown, is one of two centers located in the state of Connecticut. The New Haven location has been servicing its clients for over 12 years. This location provides consultations on Hair Club hair loss solutions for men and women. Translation Available: Spanish.

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  1. I have been a client since January 2016. HCMW has given me my confidence back. What a difference it has made in my life. Bobby May is a phenomenal hairstylist who has given me great advice and support. He is consistently accommodating and provides outstanding service. Kelly and her staff are always friendly and supportive. It is a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
    With gratitude for changing my life!

  2. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING SERVICE from start to finish. The entire NH staff went out of their way to accommodate us. We are not a NH client, we scheduled due to necessity during our vacation. My daughter is in the “Hair Club for Kids”… From the phone call with Kelly to the receptionist to the ALLTIME AWESOME Brendalee – WONDERFUL! In addition to being kind and welcoming, Brendalee was a patient and willing teacher. We learned SO much! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  3. FIRST AND FOREMOST I HAVE BEEN A CLIENT OF HCMW FOR 10 YEARS. The following testimonial is to state my total satisfaction with HCMW. I will define total. Total for me is the total compassion and empathy by my hair dresser Clair in that she takes a personalized approach with all aspects of me. From “looking out for my best interests in both hair quality of the units to the exact fit placement. She also provides me with real suggestions as to the improvement of my style etc when needed where we have a genuine trust with each other. Hcm has been there when I required a special meeting and has always accomodated me if there was a problem.
    AS far as the quality of the product I WILL CONFESS THAT AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK (ACTUALLY HAPPENED YESTERDAY MORNING) when I was waiting for a meeting, that a secretary said “excuse me I love your hair.” Bottom line I am very satisfied with the TOTAL HCMW.

  4. I was a client of New Jersey for approx. 10 years before coming to New Haven. I have been at New Haven for approx. 5 years and have never been happier .Kelly and her crew are great. BrendaLee is one of the best stylist I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Many thanks again to Kelly.

  5. Everyone was wonderful-very professional and all my questions were answered. I was very grateful and surprised that my procedure was done so quickly since i would be out of town for an extended period of time—My hair looks great, very natural and becoming–The New Haven office has an exceptional group of people-They all made me feel special-Thanks so much

  6. My experience of this organization, over the past few years, has been one of satisfaction and relief — relief that the premise of dealing with gradual hair loss does indeed have a credible remedy; satisfaction in that it has been highly efficient and gratifying. A confidence in one’s appearance is mandatory, not only in day-to-day interaction with others, but even when simply gazing into a mirror.

  7. i been a customer for 15 years and love it

  8. The staff is great! They help with everything I need and the women at the front desk always greet me with a great smile!

  9. I have just started my second year of hair replacement and I have always found all the staff as very professional, friendly and talented.

  10. The staff here is always friendly and helpful. I look forward to my appointments and am always pleased with the services provided!

  11. The staff is absolutely lovely. My hair always looks great and I look forward to my appointments. They are wonderful.

  12. I have been going to the center for over three years and the staff and stylists have always been outstanding. I would strongly recommend checking them out before you make a commitment to any other facility.

  13. Well , let me tell you a story about how i,ve been a client for more than ten years going to both centers in ct and now going to the New Haven facility and as a matter of fact I consider all of the staff members my friends who consistently go above and beyond there normal duties on a daily basis , they are truly a top notch professional staff that should be a model for all the other centers staff to look up to and the managers are far and away the best . A real testament as to how an office should be run , they should all be very proud of what they do . Billy

  14. Everyone here is so great to me. They take care of everything I need all the time. I love everybody here. You guys are the best.

  15. The entire staff is always friendly and most accommodating.

  16. I have been a client of the New Haven’s Hair Club for Men for a couple of years. I have noticed a significant improvement on how my hair looks and feels. The staff at Hair Club for Men is extraordinary and exceptional. In addition to being very knowledgeable about the different types of hair, they really do care about their customer’s hair needs. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate them at 10 plus.

  17. I have been a client for over 10 years. Kelly, Nancy, and Claire have raised the bar for excellence during that time!
    The package they offer is a highly skilled, yet affordable, honest approach to hair restoration, combined with a lot of empathy,recognizing the client as a person!

  18. I am a female client and have been coming to the New Haven center before it was really advertised towards females with hairloss. It was the best decision I ever made. I love my stylist Clare and the staff and management make you feel comfortable.

  19. As one who has conducted training sessions for companies on customer relations, the New Haven group is off the charts. What they do should be used as a model. All the stylists do a great job but Donna is in a class by herself. In so far as the technology itself I have had hair stylist professionals overwhelmed with surprise when I have told them I have someone else’s hair on my scalp.

  20. Excellent stylists and a moderately professional management staff. Hair quality isn’t always consistent, but they will work to please. I’ve been a client for a few years and overall have been pleased with the stylist. Though seldom an issue, management could use a refresher course and a little work in improving customer relations and problem resolution.

  21. I have been a client for the last 3 years with HCM. I must say I love the quality, the various textures and versatiliy of the hair. I am one who loves to change my styles often weather it be short to long, curly to straight or black to blonde. MY HAIR IS ALWAYS FABULOUS! Thanks to Hairclub! The management team is great along with a very talented, skillful, hardworking staff who all work togethet to acheive true customer satisfaction in all they do! Keep up the great work New Haven, you are second to none in my book ­čÖé

  22. I have been a member since 1995 has been a great blessing, but I feel they have forgot about the blue collar workers and need to go back to the roots, where it all began. thanks John

  23. I am very pleased with the service I get at hair club because they take into consideration my busy schedule and my particular hair needs. The staff here at hair club is very friendly and polite. I appreciate that they call me the day before of my appointment and if I need to re-schedule they are always helpful.

  24. I feel like a new person since coming to your salon. I’m always getting compliments on how great my hair looks (style, cut, color) When I 1st started with the process we had difficulty getting the color right, however with persistence I’m extremely pleased with the outcome. Kelly and her staff are always very caring and accomadating. I would highly recommend the Hair Club to anyone with hair loss.

  25. I’ve seen the reviews from others who have put HCM in their confidence. Could not agree with them more that the management &staff are exceptional! I have been a guest for more than 20 years, and I can personally attest to the fact that Kelly, Brian and the entire staff are spot-on professionals, and treat you like a friend…….not a customer! That is so important in building the trust and confidence of a life-long relationship. I have recommended many to stop in and meet the “family”! I did the “Farmington run” for many years. Was ever so great full when they opened the NH office! Cheers to the entire office for a job well done!

  26. I have been a member for 18 years starting with the Farmington center and moving to the New Haven Center. I have had nothing but superior service and concern for the way I look. All the people involved in the process are professionals. Kelly and Brian will guide through the process and make it easy to achieve
    the look you want. Try it and you will never worry about hair loss again.

  27. I have been a member for about 16 months and have been treated like a king.
    All the staff have been so nice and supportive. And most of all I LOVE how I look. I would recommend this process and this facility to anyone who is experiencing hair loss.

  28. I have been a member for almost 5 months and I feel the staff is very knowledgable and very informative. I enjoy going to my treatments and everyone has been very friendly and helpful. The staff is very accommodating and I highly recommend the HCMW!

  29. Having been a client 4 the last 6 and a half years I can only say that it was the best decision for my hair loss needs. From day one I was welcomed as a friend and have always been made 2 feel comfortable. The staff is friendly, courteous, kind, and always attentive. I can only say that the New Haven office is about as good as it gets. I thank them all,

    Sincerely, Michael V

  30. I love Hair Club!! I was given something back that I lost a long time ago. I am very thankful for their program. The staff is friendly and do a very good job!

  31. The New Haven center staff is great – very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend.

  32. I love HCMW NEWHAVEN. Not only are Kelly and Brian great people . But they and the staff have become like a family to me. They are there not only with my hair and product and styling needs. They are there for me in other ways also. They listen and are compassionate people and how can you ask for more? Clare has been my stylist for years and has become my best friend. She will tell me if a style I choose looks wrong or doesn’t suit me. That is what I need because honesty is key. I recommend this center 100% you will not be sorry. Once you go in and try it. YOU WILL STAY! Thank you Guys!

  33. Best decision I made in my whole life, being a member has restored my confidence and made me feel like myself again. The people that work there are extremely nice and I feel like I am part of a big family when I go. Most importantly, I love my hair and they make sure I am satisfied every time I go there. THANK YOU HC!

  34. Excellent! – Eileen V.

  35. The staff at Hair Club New Haven is always super nice. They treat you like you would like to be treated instead of like corporate zombies. It’s also a much shorter ride to NH (<10min) as compared to Farmington where I started so many years ago. And the WI-FI Finally works so I can kill the time between getting out of work and my appointment. Way-To-Go HCNH.

  36. I have been a client for close to 5 years. From the
    management level on downward, the staff is exceptional. Brian and Kelly have always taken care of any details I needed to address, and the stylists are extremely detail oriented. My confidence in business and socially is always at an all-time high thanks to how good I feel about how I look. Without the high level of care at HC New Haven, this might not be the case. The recent renovations to the center are also great, and I recommend their level of care to all.

  37. Hair club new haven is like family they have changed my life for the better!

  38. The New Haven staff is so accommodating and friendly. Every salon visit is a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the New Haven center!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  39. I have been a client of Hair Club’s for close to 15 years, starting in New Jersey and then coming to New haven. BrendaLee is a fabulous stylist and I enjoy her work. Kelly and her staff are just outstanding. Thank you , New Haven.

  40. The Great staff is what it’s all about at the New Haven HCM center. I’ve been to other centers and they were ok, but the people at New Haven treat you like family!
    And btw, they have the best barbers in the state!

  41. I have been a member of HCM for several years and always have been very satisfied with the professional and friendly care of all the staff, specially Claudia.

  42. Very professional, kind, compassionate group of people.


  44. Kelly and her staff have are very personable and caring. Always a fine experience at the new haven office. As a client for several years I has recieved excellent treatment and the staff gets me in and out in a timely matter. Keep up the good work new haven!

  45. I have been a client for 7 yrs. I love New Havens management and staff. They are very friendly and out going. They always make you feel like family there. Their product makes you feel wonderful too I would tell anyone to go see Hair Club in New Haven.

  46. Hello I’m a long time member of HCM and have been very satisfied with the service and professionalism of the staff. I highly recommend HCM.

  47. I was one of the first clients to use the New Haven office since they opened several years ago. The facility is very comfortable and professional. The staff are very personable and always make you feel very special. I highly recommend HAIR Club and the New Haven office in particular. They are a great group of people to have take care of your needs.

  48. Made the switch to New Haven about two years ago and I couldn’t be happier. Always treated well and lots of laughs …. Thanks to everyone .

  49. excellente!. When I first decided to give Hair Club a try, I was very skeptical about the whole processÔÇŽI was not very optimistic about my changes of resolving my hair loss when I came here. Now, after being a client for several years, Hair Club has allowed me to do thinks that i would have had a hard time going bald. I am much more confident in social and business situations. -FLORES

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