Hair Club Oakbrook is located just west of the University of Illinois and has been servicing clients for over 20 years. The Employee of the Year Award was given to this center in 2010 for excellence in customer service. This location provides consultations on Hair Club hair loss solutions for men and women.

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  1. The staff is great. I have my favorites. I had a situation that took place and they took care of it with no issues. Joe is the best I love him. Melanie, Kat are awesome. my stylist left and they put me with Angelique and she is awesome as well.

  2. Everyone there makes you feel like you are part of their family from Beverly at the front door whom is a rockstar!! to Chris who always has a big smile and will sneak me a treat to Diane whom is the best at color in the world to Tina Chris and Denise whom make you look like a stud!! and we cannot forget Joe..what can I say?? he is awesome also!

  3. At first going to hair club was a challenge for me as I was embarrassed but after meeting with Scott and the excellent staff at OAK Brook it was very comfortable and reassuring.
    I was very blessed to get Rosanne to work on my hair she is very knowledgeable about every aspect of making you feel comfortable and confident with my ext program. Thank you for doing a excellent amazing job with my hair.

  4. I’ve been a client of Hair Club for several years. Each visit in that time has felt like an oasis in my hectic schedule. The entire staff is always upbeat, considerate and accommodating, and if ever there’s a question or concern with regard to system maintenance or adjustment, my stylist always responds promptly and professionally to address and resolve the issue.

  5. Good experience! Totally worth it!

  6. Love my stylist Natalie! Great option for women with hairloss issues!

  7. Great customer service !!!!!!

  8. Oakbrook staff is always vey attentive and courteuous of my needs. They really listen to what i want and would recomend to anyone in area to come here.

  9. I am an ext client and have been coming to the hc for the last five years. Rosanne is my stylist and is such a wonderful person to work with. She listens to my concerns for my hair loss after my child birth and always does a great job.

  10. Awesome service…..representative are always nice and willing to go the extra mile to ensure a great experience.

  11. I don’t think there are many who have been a member longer than I have been, 32 years in February.

    No one including my children have picked up on the fact I have a system. All the people I have delt with

    At Hair Club have been great. My experience which stated with Steve B. in Boston in the early 80’s

    When systems were not as we’ll perfected for their natural look as they are today. My concerns

    And the fear of people realizing I was wearing a system never became

    a reality.

    For the last 19 years I have been at the Providence Ri. Center From Sandra k to the present manager

    Jodi my expectation have always been meet. Every technician is great ,at this point they are like

    Family who make sure ,I always leave happy. If anyone is thinking about doing something

    With there hair please do yourself a favor and try Hair Club

    Frank S

  12. I am extremely pleased with the service and products at the Farmington, CT HCM. The hair systems have have never been so realistic and perfected. The parts, hairlines and quality of hair have improved so much over the years which is why I finally decided to become a client 10 years ago.

    My stylists are professional and can handle just about all of my pretty demanding requests. They listen and then can act accordingly to get my hair styled and looking great when I leave the office.

    I recommend this process to anyone and plan to continue as a client for many years to come. Thank You.

  13. I have been coming here for about 10 years and over those years i have had the pleasure of working with all the staff. They make coming in to get a hair cut a great experience. I have never had a bad experience. They are willing to bent over backwords to make sure everything is done right and you are happy with your hair. You can tell that everyone loves there job. It feels like one big happy family here and that translates to great service and I am happy to be part of the Oakbrook hairclub family.

  14. I’m a client of Hair Club that just finished having a procedure and follow-up appointments completed.
    My new hair kind of acted as a birthday gift to myself (procedure was done two days before my birthday). Before I had the procedure done I was self-conscious and tried to compensate for self-esteem through other avenues (eg, medical knowledge, goofiness, musical talent…). I was not only insecure personally, but also physically; I felt caught in no-man’s land, between the social nerds with glasses and school-oriented minds (I was wearing glasses at the time, and now switch between glasses and contacts; I’m also a pre-med student) and the attractive men with perfect bodies (part of which included amazing hair) and perfect looks. I wanted so badly to feel attractive, to have people be impressed not just by my mind and personality but also by my physical appearance, but my hair was…. well, ….. a ball and chain. Some people say “it’s just hair”… with all respect due to those individuals, they just don’t understand.

    I tried many, many different options. From green tea, ginger root, Olive oil, special shampoo/condition, hair brush techniques and hair growth pills (herbal, not Propecia) to foam Rogaine, I was not only embarrassed by my hair, but also frustrated.

    One night while at the gym I saw an ad for Hair Club on television; I had heard of them many times but was skeptical (good ole’ internet reviews and opinions… blah blah, you know the story, no doubt). Well, even though I knew some of the reviews, at the same time I figured….. why not? What have I got to lose? I scheduled a consult the following day…. which turned out to be (almost) the best decision I ever made for myself (best, obviously, was having the procedure done).

    At the consult I was floored by hospitality, professionalism and knowledge, as well as patience. From your patience with all my questions to breaking down everything I needed to know, it just felt right. Now, admittedly, when I first walked in, I was as skeptical as the next guy; I’ve fallen victim to scams before, and I like to think my “momma didn’t raise no fool”, but there was the 10% in me that wanted it to be true and trump the other side of my brain.

    A simple question: What kind of results do you want? My answer…… I just want my hair back. Some guys capitalize on strength, intelligence, their car….. my hair is as much my friend as my car (I know, it’s odd that I think of my car as a person…).

    As the consult continued, being told I could have a full head of hair in two weeks literally put me to tears. Could I seriously be done with the insecure emotions, feeling inferior to everyone, living in a hole?…. too good to be true! Come on!…….. or was it?
    I was shown many, many before and after pictures and more and more I wanted it. You could call me desperate, perhaps, but I’d been dealing with emotional insecurity ever since middle school and hair loss since since early university; I think at 27 I was allowed to look for any track that would work, especially in light of circumstances. I also knew that the procedure was not going to be cheap; I actually asked myself in the car driving to the consult: “Gavin (car) was 15 thousand…. are you prepared to basically buy another new car?” The answer was solid. Yes.

    Well, obviously what happened following the consult is history; Melanie has been amazing with her knowledge, patience and humor during salon follow-ups. The entire staff is so professional and welcoming.

    People may ask if my life has changed since my procedure…. a resounding “yes”! Some people have noticed – all in a good way; three of my friends have actually asked what I had done, and these people have followed up saying they’re interested in it (for themselves or another person). I no longer have the choice between style hair or wear a hat. I feel confident, I love how I look and I can hit the dance floor feeling like people are looking at me…. because I look the part of a hip, (dare I say?) sexy 28 year old with a lot going for him.

    Now that I have written your eyes out….

  15. I want to thank you. You always attend to my needs…..
    Thank you…….

  16. The staff (Julie, Mary, and Holly) are all wonderful. They make me feel very comfortable while I’m there. I look forward to my appointments. This staff is aces in my book!

  17. Next month, I will have been a customer of the Oakbrook Hair Club for twenty years. Can you believe it? It just seems like yesterday when I started to address my balding issue. Do I get a gold watch now? Ok, how about a pension?

    I have always inspired in life to do my very best, dress for success and look my best. While in my late twenty’s, I began to lose my hair which aged me by at least ten to fifteen years. My wife was very supportive of me to find a solution in order to regain my confidence and self-respect. I just needed to find the courage to do something. I originally considered the surgical route, which in reality could have saved me a considerable amount of money over the past twenty years. Instead, I went with a Hair Club system. I will never forget the first system and how I actually cried for fear of being ridiculed by family and friends. Much to my surprise, the change was well received and generated significant compliments.

    My very first HC stylist was very supportive and ensured that my hair services always met my expectations. These were some of my toughest times while adjusting to having hair again. You would think that it was a good thing to have hear but it needed to look natural. Once she left the company, I was again blessed to have another outstanding stylist who I have remained with for well over ten years. Chris has not only been a great hair stylist but a great friend as well. She knows my expectations and is always there to ensure that I look my best.

    Over the years, my monthly appointments at HC have become like visiting an extended family. Everyone at the Oakbrook store is always very friendly, outgoing and makes you feel like part of the family. Although it has been a major impact to our monthly budget, the cost of feeling good about yourself is something that you cannot afford to do.

    You and your team bring skill, you bring will, but most important you bring heart. You have made a difference in so many lives. You made a difference in mine. Thank you very much!!

  18. I have been a member for many years great service great people I am very happy.

  19. The staff is friendly and professional

  20. Great service and staff.

  21. Niki and Joe
    I love you guys!! I have been a client for over 15 years and I cannot say how much I appreciate everyone there and the quality of the service I get everytime I walk through the door. I am always greeted by first name from the staff everytime and Joe always takes the time to play with my children when I am stuck bringing them to my appointments. I cannot forget to mention the quality of the hair systems, as well as, Chris the one that puts up with how picky I can be about how my hair looks and the quality of the service she provides for me evertime I am there. Thanks Chris and thank you HCM for making my day to day life a bit more comfortable.

  22. Niki,
    I just wanted to send you an email to compliment you & your staff. I have been a client for over 20 years (about 15 years in Oakbrook) and have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. Everyone at the Oakbrook facility, from the front desk to the stylists and management have always provided complete satisfaction. On the rare occasion when a problem arises with my system, you and Joe have personally made sure the problem was resolved. Thanks for for the many years of great service!!

  23. I had to take a few minutes out of the day to let you know how outstanding your team is at the Oak Brook HCM. There are so many people to mention.

    Chris M. She is just so wonderful that words can’t do her justice. She is just a genius with the razor and scissors. He attention to detail is second to none, but her personalality really makes her a star. She is always there to help out when I am in a jam a d need to get in. I could do on and on …which I can do, but she is incredible and keeps her room spotless. I know I did not do her justice, but please note she is what superior service is all about.

    Bethany. She is so friendly and warm. She makes you feel as you are walking into a home rather that a place of business. She is one of a kind and deserves recognition. She is also one who will always go the extra mile.

    Brenda is another incredible emplyee. She is fantastic and works magic in whatever she does. Another incredible person and a true GEM.

    Joe is great, he truly cares about all the people who are clients there.

    Nikki…then there is you. You are the glue that hold everything togther. I want to make sure it is stated, you are an exceptional captain on a well maintained ship. You are just one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

    Lastly, the whole staff is just great…Tina, Cat, Barbara, Denise, and just everyone.

    Thanks for everything you do

  24. I want to thank you, Brenda and the whole staff for always making my visit enjoyable, and comfortable. You and the staff are always professional, and always attend to my desired needs.Thank you so much…Rich

  25. Everyone at the center is friendly and I always feel welcomed.
    Having worn a hair piece for over 40 years, I have found the Hair Club products to be the most natural looking and easy to care for. My only complaint would be the lack of consistantcy with the new units when they come in. Hair color and hair density seem to be a cronic problem. Thank to the staff at the center we are able to overcome these issues and I leave a happy camper.

  26. Great staff! I would reccomend to anyone!

  27. What an amazing experience Hair Club.
    The best of the best.
    In the past ten years of my membership I have referred many of my friends. They are all very happy with the products and services just as I am.
    Chris is my regular stylist, she is always happy, always willing to accomodate and on time.
    Thank you

  28. Joe and Niki run a smooth operation in the Oakbrook center. The girls at the front desk are always happy and the the stylist won’t let you walk out unless your hair looks amazing.
    Thank you Hair Club and Oakbrook. John

  29. Oustanding customer service. Friendly, make everyone feel welcome.

  30. Comment
    I am excited about my results and would recommend this to anyone that is insecure about losing hair.

  31. Oakbrook is a customer service oriented center. Thank you for all the years of service and friendship.


  32. I am client in Oakbrook, I am very pleased with your product and services.

  33. I’ve been a client for 3 years and I am so very happy. Scott has been a huge support since day one. Rosanne is a lot of fun. I feel comfortable and happy when I am there. My hair looks great and I feel great. Thank you to the entire staff.

  34. Hi Niki:

    As always, great to see you and all your colleagues yesterday. Now that I am retired, one tends to think about the past more. Having said that, I want you to know how enjoyable all my appointments have been with HCM. After being a client for 20 years, yes 20, I can honestly say I really look forward to my visits. You have built up a great staff that is fun, courteous, well trained, and always on time. When I leave I feel really good and some would say I look pretty good with hair. I am one of the ones who would say that. Thank you and your staff for taking good care of me all these years. All the best to you in the upcoming year.

    A Happy Client

    John L.

  35. “Over the years, the staff at HCM Oakbrook have become like family to me. Everyone from the General Manager to the Sales Consultant, my stylist and the girls at reception are the most professional and sincere that I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with. Based on my experience, I would have to give the entire staff at HCM Oakbrook an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!”

  36. Traveling in Illinois the Oakbrook center was able to take care of my appointment, great staff very friendly and costumer service oriented. Thank you Jim

  37. Happy with the service. Very friendly and professional.

  38. I have been a customer of the Oak Brook Hair Club for nearly a decade. I have always been treated with professional respect when at your salon. Not only are the team members friendly and kind, but they are also professionally skilled in their craft. Your club is ways clean and inviting….the seasonal decorations are noticed and appreciated!

    My main points of interface are Joe, Liz and Roseann, but throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to visit almost everyone….why so many? Because my schedule is sometimes NUTS, yet the great customer service “kicks in,” and I am worked into someone’s available time.

    One other component of the Oak Brook club that is important to me is the stability of the staff. I LOVE knowing that “my” hair professionals will be there for me month-after-month…this MATTERS! Joe, Liz, Roseann and Mel have become trusted friends and I enjoy the added bonus of their talents. They help me look and feel better about myself; and for this there are not adequate words to express my appreciation to this Oak Brook team.

    I feel fortunate to have this luxury and more fortunate to go to this hair club. “Thanks” for all you each do in making life happier, and more beautiful, for so many!
    -Anita A.

  39. Going to Hair Club is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Never been happier than the way I look and feel now.

  40. i travel a majority of the time for work so i get a chance to visit their many centers. the stylists were more than accommodating and give terrific service.

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