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I am a client for 30 years. Hair club is a wonderful Company. Miriam is an excellent stylist and always makes me feel great. The staff is amazing! I love coming here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

- Gerard

My name is Ms.Howard and I have been a hair club client for years. I love hair club. Every one here is so nice and a joy to see every time I come. They work with my schedule and get me in when I need to get in.

- Ms. Howard

Hair Club of North Dallas made me look and feel 20 years younger. Of course, most of us are a bit apprehensive about how this will look and the potential for hair shock! The Dallas Team led by Denise, Kevin, Sherry, Meghan, and Chantee provided and continue to provide fantastic styling services to me!

The key to overall success in the Hair Club System is for the customer to literally take ownership and control of their new hair system. Following staff instructions, asking questions, and using the Hair Club styling products have helped me look my best ever!

I believe in the Hair Club customer service and their products. The Dallas, TX Hair Club management requested me to become a VIP for their firm. When I speak about my Hair Club system to friends, they cannot believe how great this looks on me! My old hair stylist, who tried so hard to cover my baldness, could not believe my new hair and natural look. She told me, “It’s a miracle!”

I continue to say to anyone who is considering the Hair Club hair systems and products, Believing is Seeing!

- Mark K.

I been a hair club client for 38 yrs in NY. This is the 1st time that I had a new system put on in West Palm beach.Faye was my Stylist,she did amazing job on my hair.Shwa was very professional and caring.She gave me one of my best haircuts ever. Maria at the front desk was great,very professional.No waiting time. Thanks again Faye for making my day.

- Barry

A little over a month ago, I was asked to participate as a HC client to model for extensions’ training being provided by visiting stylists. I agreed. The HC extensions were a perfect match in hair color and a very nice quality of hair. I thought the extensions were fun, since I have very thin hair, and cannot grow it long. However, they did not exactly suit me. They were heavy and I felt my thin hair on top was not blending well. A month later my regular stylist, Tawanna, who gives me XTrands hair replacement service, took out the original extensions so they could be cleaned and she replaced them with a second set of identical extensions. She placed and cut them, still leaving them long as the previous extensions, but wow, what a difference a talented, personal stylist makes ???? !! The extensions look so natural, and blend in beautifully with my natural hair. You would never know it is not my own hair. I don’t have to worry about the tabs showing at all. I don’t know what she did differently, but it was superior to the training. Tawanna is also my XTrands stylist. I like when she gives me a few highlights for variation. For the first time in many decades I am enjoying my hair. Thank you HC for Tawanna.

- Renee

Staff is very helpful, Mureen is an excellent stylist and very friendly.

- Johnny hairclub

 have been a client for 18 years. My introduction was in East Brunswick, New Jersey in 2000. Moved to Florida in 2000 and started a new life with new hair. Upon my return to the northeast, friends and family thought I looked fantastic and could not figure out what it was. Was it the tan? Did I loose weight? No one guessed. In West Palm Beach, my stylist is Beth. Ms Beth is like my shrink. She knows what I like and she goes for it. I have had Johnny, Robin, Rachel and Claudia along with Faye… I also have been to the Savannah, Georgia Center and in summers I go back to East Brunswick. If you are thinking about taking the step, do it! Your life will change for the better. Learn to trust your stylist. They know what is best. As you age, you want your hair to do the same. Age appropriate is very important if you don’t want anyone ever starring at you. I give West Palm Beach, Savannah and East Brunswick all a “10”…. Been to the Staten Island and Manhattan Centers too.

- Anthony M

The Indianapolis Hair Club is wonderful. I have been a member for well over 20 years, and have always found the staff there friendly, courteous, and professional.

- Don Dice

I've been with hair club for over a year and I'm pleased to say that my bald spots have filled in! I found out I had alopecia at age 21 and treating it early has definitely paid off! The staff there are so nice, and my stylist Lara is great!

- Dee

Best service - best stylists. Fantastic staff and service.

- Rob