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I have been a client for 5 years and have always been impressed with the professionalism and personal attention I receive. They are discreet and very skilled with all they have done for me. It has been a fantastic experience.

- Lee

That my girl Megan is the bomb! Amanda the manager is always willing to work with me and different times and Megan has taken me even just showing up at the office with no calls for an emergency visit.

- Dennis D.

Carmen is the best stylist ever! Always gives me the perfect cut, always make the experience a pleasant one. Suzette was also very friendly during the intake process.

- Shelia

I've been with Woburn Hair Club for just about 9 months now and always thought about doing looking into getting help with my hair loss roughly 5yrs ago but, never was serious or followed up on it - just thought it Then I finally decided to make the call and visit the center for my hair loss assessment where I decided to go for it. I was absolutely frightened and even almost backed out. I worried about what co-workers, family and friends would say about me and how everything would look once it was done. On June 29, 2018, I had my hair solution in place and I was amazed. I absolutely loved how I looked, couldn't believe how incredibly natural it looked and thought that no one I didn't know could tell what I had done it looked so great! However, I was still petrified to see those that I knew as my hair was pretty significant on the top of my head. As I got to seeing more and more of the people I know at work and home life no one said anything to point things out or question it directly; most never mentioned it. I'm in my late 40s and it hit me that these people weren't to embarrass or make fun of me as these are people who know, like and love me. In fact, I even got some compliments like "I like your new hair cut" or something like "something looks different about you" and would reply with "it's my beard" ( as I never wore one), or I would say "I've got a good tan going from all the days at the beach" and I happen to have had lost a significant amount of weight and would say "it's all the weight I lost" (over 70lbs) regardless though I'd go home and look in the mirror and thought I looked great, that I looked younger and that I couldn't tell that I had anything done so no one else who didn't know me would either! My original solution a first few visits were with Julie however, I've almost exclusively seen Tayajana (had one visit w/Jenna and two w/Ashley). Every single one of these ladies are true professionals, they know what they're doing and they all do it very well. They've all help me in various areas related to my journey like when I asked them "What do I say when someone asks me about my hair?" or honestly when I asked them "does my hair style look good?". I offered help with styling, products and usage, maintenance, tips & tricks and even when I wanted less gray the next solution was adjusted as I wanted. I feel so confident and love my look now as my now full head of hair provided that last big missing change in my transformation. I've lost 129lbs (I weighed 311 in August 2017), have a new stylish wardrobe, had a great tan over the Summer and grew in very short haired beard and have develop nice upper body muscles since I started weight training 4 months ago however, my hair solution was the crown piece that completed me. Every month I can't wait to go in and see Tayajana about my as she is very attentive to me, cares about and addresses and questions, concerns, needs and desires I have and I never leave the office disappointed or unsatisfied. She truly takes pride in not only how you look but, how you feel about the way you look. Tayajana is fabulous! I would recommend her to anyone as she easily gets a 5-star rating from me.

- Al P.


- Jim R.

Jackie is very professional and does excellent work every time. She is one of the best stylist I had the pleasure to use in my lifetime.

- Leonard R.

Hair Club is a blessing to me my stylist is Carmen I love her she cuts my hair great the manager is amazing Suzette and the receptionist Amber

- Peggy C.

I have been with Colleen for many years. I am very pleased with her work. She does an excellent job and I am completely satisfied. She is very professional, friendly and very efficient. After the hair work, I leave completely happy and I feel good. She is an asset to the company.

- Teresita G.

You guys are great! Kevin and his team are very talented and always make me look and feel good about myself every time I leave. Hope is so helpful with all my other needs as well. This team knows how to take care of their clients!

- Al W.

I continue to be impressed by the professionals at Hair Club.

- Timothy