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The management and staff of HC North York are awesome. Special mention goes to Chris and Moe.This ship is ably ran. They go out of their way to help in anway they can. Customer svc is so excellent. 

One of the hairstylist that really amazes me is SADYO. Though i had just two sessions with her, the service were superb. She is so skillfull in her work and professional in her dealings with me. The last session was an eyeopener. She painstakingly did her work to make me look good. It was so fulfilling that not only was i very satisfied but so happy.

- Willie

I am the parent of Lily, who is a child cancer survivor. She has been cancer free for over 5 years, but she has some lasting effects from her treatments. After her chemotherapy and radiation, her hair started to grow back but not all over her head, and it was very thin. 

For a few years, it didn’t bother her. But, as she is now 11, she began complaining about her hair and as parents, we became concerned about peers at school and how she would be treated. 

We reached out to the Hair Club to se did they could help us. The team in Tampa has been exceptional. They have always put her needs first, and have gone out of their way to make her feel comfortable and confident. We are so thrilled with the results, and appreciate the gift that this hair system has meant for our family. 

We started out with Jane as our hairstylist, and we felt completely at home and at ease. She taught me how to care for the hair and how to maintain it at home. Today, Jane went out of her way to help us with our hair as we had some questions about it. We really appreciate everyone going out of their way for us. Thank you for making our Lily feel confident as she’s growing into a young girl.

- Lily R.

I would rate the staff in Woburn and in particular my stylist Dee five stars out of five. I have been a client for over 30 years and have not regretted it one day.
If you are thinking about it don't hesitate. you will feel much better about yourself and be very glad you did.

- Stephen S.

I've been a Toronto hair club member for several years now, I'm very satisfied with all of the staff. They are always very welcoming and friendly. Never had any issues with appointments or stylists. Colleen always goes out of her way to make me happy. I'm very pleased with her exceptional service. I recommend Toronto Hair Club to anyone looking for a positive change

- Paulo C.

I've been coming to Hair Club since the middle 1980's. The service is consistently excellent. My hairdresser Angela always makes certain the system is properly fitted and cut and I love the fact that if there is any issue I can come by for a quick fix. Very satisfied with Hair Club and how I look and feel!

- Jordan R.

I’ve been a Hair Club client for almost three years now. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. All of the stylists and staff are very friendly and accommodating. I recommend Hair Club of BR to anyone struggling with hair loss. It will
Change your life!

- Mike B.

Excellent experience. Very professional and caring for their patients

- Campo

I’ve been going to Hair Club for over a year and have always been satisfied. Recently, I had a situation where the lace somehow became dislodged from my head shortly after an appointment. I called on the Saturday before Christmas in a bit of a panic, and the Vaughan staff made sure I was fit in, in between other appointments on what must have been an incredibly busy day. I’m very thankful for their support and help. Thank you!

- Sean

o glad that I finally decided to come into the club and have an analysis done, I was more than pleased with the professional solution that was suggested for my concerns and very excited with the final results. The management and staff at the Bedford facility are awesome, I would highly recommend you stopping into see them .

- Chris

My happiness and full plenitude! The Hair Club gave me a new life, self confidence, love for myself, and a whole new family. I am so plenty and living a full life, I became a proud “Brand Ambassador” of The Hair Club not ashamed of myself as I used to be. I have cried enough, sufferd enough... but now, thanks to HC.... we have laughed, shared, cried.... The Hair Club became my family and I so much love in gratitude 🙏 everyone from my amazing stylist “Nayeli” to everyone in the staff and TV production team. I ❤️ The Club!

- Sandra P.