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Hair Club San Antonio has been servicing clients for over 15 years and is located on Northeast Loop 410. This center provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions:  Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Both free parking and public transportation are available. Spanish speaking consultant available at this location.

106 Reviews

  1. Chris H. and the team at San Antonio are the best. I couldn’t be happier with my hair or the entire experience. Ms. H. is a top notch stylist, extremely dedicated,and professional. Every visit is a 5 Stars experience from beginning to end.

  2. My stylist, Stephanie, is a star! She is very professional and the utmost people person. Rather than sending her clients out the door as if they just paid for a wash, conditioner and a wig, she takes time to style their hair so they can walk out feeling like a million bucks. She is the reason I have remained a client. She is FANTASTIC!

  3. What an awesome experience! I was very apprehensive at first,but Verenia put all my concerns to rest with her professionism. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 10 years earlier.I also have the greatest stylist,named Miranda. I am BLESSED beyond measure!!!

  4. I am so glad I came in to get my hair with this company! I came in years ago but wasn’t ready. Then I came in to see Verenia & team and I couldn’t be happier! I got Xtrands+/Non-surgical. If you want to look and feel better/younger…go see Verenia! I’ve already sent two friends. Don’t wait! Excellent service & staff. Thanks!

  5. Dear Verania,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for such a warming and comforting meeting. It was beyond my expectations.

    I really felt I found the optimal solution for my daily struggles. I appreciate the time you spent discussing details and options according to my specific circumstances. That made the experience more personal.

    Now, I am looking forward to start a new chapter in my recovery and feel normal AGAIN.


    A hopeful client

  6. Verenia,My experience so far every time has been 10/10 perfect no complains… I wish u were there 5 years ago when I first came there but anyways everything is excellent and I’m enjoying my hair every second of my life…thank you for everything..

  7. Verenia is the best consultant. I’m very satisfied with the products, experience; credentials. I highly recommend anyone with hair loss to go see her. Thank you.

  8. I love my stylist Cain and am glad I chose Hair Club to get my hair back. I look and feel much younger. Great job S.A!

  9. I don’t know why I didn’t visit Hair Club and Ms.Ohanian sooner. I was very stressed about my recent hair loss and my husband insisted I go get help. I will be starting back at work soon and didn’t want my bald spots to be noticeable.
    After visiting Hair Club, I felt so relieved to know I can do something about my hair loss. Verenia was my consultant and was very good at what she does. She explained everything that was happening in an easy to understand way. The entire group in San Antonio is warm and welcoming. I feel very good about the products and I am happy to say I am getting my hair back!Go see them to get help with your hair loss too. You won’t be sorry. Thank you San Antonio group….

  10. Michelle is the Her warm personality and professionalism is above and beyond all expectations. I am always impressed with her work.

  11. Learned so much in my consultation with Ms.Ohanian. I am doing the EXT treatments and so far I can tell my hair is getting in better shape! It’s looking and feeling better with my laser helmet and treatments. So glad I came to Hair Club. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Professional, affordable and discreet. Go see Verenia Ohanian!

  12. The stylists and staff at Hair Club San Antonio are the best – caring, professional, and customer-focused. I would recommend them to all who are considering giving them a try.

  13. I’ve been going to HCM for over 3 years now and wish I would have done
    it sooner. I was hesitating in the beginning after going for my
    initial consultation but after I spoke with Verenia, she made me feel
    at ease and so comfortable. It took me while to finally give in but
    I’m so glad I finally did it. Verenia’s persistence and determination
    paid off, and I finally proceeded with the next step. Verenia’s way of
    making her clients feel comfortable speaks high volumes. She should
    be a trainer at all the centers of how it should be done. She is a
    natural in her field and it definitely shows!!!!
    In the beginning it was a little challenging for me and not always
    perfect. I do have to say when it was not perfect, Lindsey and her
    team fixed it to make sure I was a happy customer. There is never a
    perfect scenario, it’s all about recognizing the challenges and doing
    your part to make it right for the client.
    After being bounced back from different stylist I finally found my
    Michelle. Michelle Kelly is a true asset to the company. First of
    all, her bubbly personality and I hit it off from the start. She
    truly knows how to make one feel so comfortable while sitting in her
    chair not to mention the many laughs we share to this day. I feel
    like I’m at home when I’m with Michelle. No matter how stressful my
    day has been , I feel like the weight is lifted off of me, after my
    visit with Michelle. Michelle knowledge of the systems and the
    products make her more the incredible person she already is. She has
    longevity with the company and should be recognized for her
    accomplishments! I would also like to say that Miranda, Alison,
    Chris, & Victor are also awesome too. Also Lauren and Liz at the
    front are always nice and willing to make sure you are comfortable
    when you come to visit!!!
    Lindsey you should be proud of the team you have. Keep up the great
    work you do to make sure the center is properly staff and
    knowledgeable for their clients. I will always recommend Hair Club.
    See you soon.

  14. I’ve been going to HCM for over 3 years now and wish I would have done
    it sooner. I was hesitating in the beginning after going for my
    initial consultation but after I spoke with Verenia, she made me feel
    at ease and so comfortable. It took me while to finally give in but
    I’m so glad I finally did it. Verenia’s persistence and determination
    paid off, and I finally proceeded with the next step. Verenia’s way of
    making her clients feel comfortable speaks high volumes. She should
    be a trainer at all the centers of how it should be done. She is a
    natural in her field and it definitely shows!!!!

    In the beginning it was a little challenging for me and not always
    perfect. I do have to say when it was not perfect, Lindsey and her
    team fixed it to make sure I was a happy customer. There is never a
    perfect scenario, it’s all about recognizing the challenges and doing
    your part to make it right for the client.

    After being bounced back from different stylist I finally found my
    Michelle. Michelle Kelly is a true asset to the company. First of
    all, her bubbly personality and I hit it off from the start. She
    truly knows how to make one feel so comfortable while sitting in her
    chair not to mention the many laughs we share to this day. I feel
    like I’m at home when I’m with Michelle. No matter how stressful my
    day has been , I feel like the weight is lifted off of me, after my
    visit with Michelle. Michelle knowledge of the systems and the
    products make her more the incredible person she already is. She has
    longevity with the company and should be recognized for her
    accomplishments! I would also like to say that Miranda, Alison,
    Chris, & Victor are also awesome too. Also Lauren and Liz at the
    front are always nice and willing to make sure you are comfortable
    when you come to visit!!!

    Lindsey you should be proud of the team you have. Keep up the great
    work you do to make sure the center is properly staff and
    knowledgeable for their clients. I will always recommend Hair Club.

    See you soon.

  15. From first welcoming to my caring consultant, I am so glad I chose Hair Club to help me with my thinning hair. Now I can feel beautiful again, without using hair pieces or topical powder. I recommend everyone to come in if they aren’t happy with their hair. It’s nice to know there’s a place like this in San Antonio. Thank you Verenia and the entire team!

  16. I’ve been going to the HCM for over 3 years now and from my first encounter with the Managing Director, Lindsey Nieves, to everyone I have encountered, I have been provided the best customer service ever. I would like to thank Lindsey and her team for always working around my schedule to make sure I’m seen and happy. Verenia is one of the best determined consultants I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting at HCM San Antonio and getting to know. She makes you feel comfortable and helps you decide what is best for you. The girls at the front Lauren and Liz are always pleasant and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure you are happy as well with smiles on their face. If there has ever been an issue or concern with my hair system or appointment, they make sure its addressed and taken care of to your complete satisfaction. I have been bounced around from stylist to stylist but the last 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of having Michele Kelley as my stylist and I can’t say enough about her. Her personality, knowledge of the hair systems and products set her apart from any other stylist I have seen. She really knows how to make you feel great and regain your confidence to make you feel better about yourself and your self-esteem. Michele is a true asset to the company and a perfect example of the shining star she truly is. Thank you for all you do to make us feel better about ourselves!!! I would also like to give a shout out to Alison, Chris, & Victor who are awesome stylists as well!! See you guys soon!
    Much LOVE and RESPECT for what you do!!!
    George Michael C.

  17. Decided it was time to stop looking my age and got surgical hair transplants with Hair Club. Verenia made the experience easy, comfortable and helped me with financing. She had plenty of references to share along with photos that helped. It was nice to know so many have been happy with Dr. Feldman as well. Best birthday present I could’ve given myself. Go see them. You’ll be glad you did. I already look and feel better.

  18. Michele is AWESOME! Fun person who does an outstanding job.

  19. I have been a client of Hair Club for approximately 2 1/2 years and Michele has been my hair stylist from the beginning. Michele has always acted professionally and is a great conversationalist. She has impressed me with her knowledge about hair products and I look forward to her tips on what products to use. I enjoy talking with her and always feel very comfortable with her. Michele is an asset to Hair Club. I am very glad I became a client of Hair Club because I have seen an improvement with my hair.

  20. My consultant, Verenia, was wonderful in every way! She was knowledgeable, professional, made me feel calm and special. I am moving forward with the non-surgical hair solution. I like that they have a guarantee of satisfaction. I am very ready to see results! I feel like I’ve tried everything and am ready for something to work. Thank you!

  21. I’ve been using topic powder to cover up my bald spots for a couple of years now. I got tired of all the time it took to get ready each day and to try and avoid embarrassing moments. I am so glad I went to Hair Club. The staff is so nice and Verenia really put me at ease with her caring nature. I should have came in a long time ago! I have my hair back and I feel younger, prettier and everyone compliments me now. 🙂

  22. I am very happy I chose to go in to Hair Club. I met with Verenia who is so nice, helpful and follows through with all my questions. I did surgery to get hair and I am so happy. The process was easier than I thought and the financing offered helps me to pay for it with no problems. Great experience. I am happy.

  23. My experience, I can tell you that it has been one of the best. It started with Verenia with a great consultation and providing me with my needs. It started off slow for me due to some personal issues, but I must say all have hung in there with me. Now to Michele! Let me say just say this….she is awesome!!! She could be a spokeswoman for the company because she is always actively engaged. We are always laughing, talking, and joking during our sessions and it’s great to engage with someone like that. I was worried in the beginning that I wouldn’t be able to find someone with my personality because I love to talk with others. Well she quickly ended those worries. Overall, if there could be 10 stars then this entire staff deserves it! Thank you all!

  24. I can’t begin to tell you the confidence level I have now because of my hair. What’s funny is when I had hair loss and wore a hat all the time, I knew what was going on underneath so my confidence level was affected. Now, watch out! I don’t hold back. : ) I’ve been wanting to go to Hair Club for such a long time and I am so glad I did. Go see the San Antonio team and Verenia. They are sweethearts.

  25. Very pleased with the scar less F.U.E method I just had done with Dr. Feldman. Verenia explained all the details thoroughly and she along with the Bosley team made it easy for me to decide on doing surgical hair transplants with them. I was back to work right away and no one knew I had it done. I am telling all my friends!

  26. Thank you so much all of you. I am just freaking out with how I look so much like myself again. I haven’t seen myself with curly hair for the last 4 years. I never thought this would be possible. Thank you for all of your help.

  27. After going through chemo twice, I was so tired of having to wear uncomfortable and hot wigs. A friend of mine suggested Hair Club. I am so glad I went in to see this professional team. Ms. Verenia, my consultant, was so kind, sincere and explained to me my solution. It was Xtrands plus or non-surgical. After my thorough consultation, I felt very excited to have the freedom and confidence of having my own hair again. I love my new hair. Everyone thinks my hair just grew back thicker…they have no idea where I went or what I did. I am thankful to have Hair Club’s help. Miranda is a wonderful hair stylist too. Go in and see the group in San Antonio, if you need hair too. You will love it.

  28. Should’ve come in years ago! Met with Verenia who is warm and wonderful. I purchased the non-surgical solution with their laser therapy. It was a very thorough and educational consultation. I’m happy to have my hair back and it feels great to know I can do something to keep it too. I recommend Hair Club to anyone who wants their hair back. It was a private atmosphere and everyone was very nice.

  29. The team at San Antonio is the best. I couldn’t be happier with my hair or the entire experience. They made me feel very comfortable. 5 stars!

  30. I’m so glad I made the decision to get hair with Hair Club/Bosley; I did surgical hair transplants. Verenia Ohanian was so professional, informative, and not pushy at all. She made me feel so comfortable, all questions were answered, and I knew exactly what to expect.
    The Houston team affiliated with S.A Hair Club was amazing!
    Let’s start with Dr. Feldman, Daniela, Blanca, Saul, Ruby, & Jennifer; they each made me feel so comfortable, catered to, and attentive throughout the entire procedure. I was shocked at how the team each followed up checking on me, even on the drive home! So caring!
    I’m loving how my hair looks already & will be sending many referrals! Thank you everyone!

  31. After going through a horrible year of losing my hair, I am glad I chose to go to Hair Club in S.A. Verenia was so nice and made me feel hopeful again. Now that I have my hair (Xtrands plus) I feel so beautiful. I recommend any woman losing their hair to go see Verenia, Miranda and team. They make you feel very comfortable and they love what they do and it shows.

  32. I did the FUE (scar less) hair transplants. Verenia Ohanian was very knowledgeable and not pushy. She explained each detail regarding what to expect with the upcoming procedure. She made me feel very comfortable and even helped me to get two years interest free financing.
    Once I went to Houston to do the actual procedure, their staff was amazing! Daniela, Blanca, Saul, Rubi, Jennifer and Dr. Feldman were all so welcoming, kind and made my experience wonderful! The entire staff was attentive to my needs, throughout entire procedure. Even after, driving home, I received phone calls to check on me from Blanca, Jennifer, Daniela, and Dr. Feldman! The entire experience was much better than I thought. Now I have my hair back and I will be sending many referrals your way. I am very happy. Thank you Hair Club/Bosley!

  33. Much more comfortable of a consultation than I thought. Very thorough and informative regarding all I wanted to know about hair transplants. I’m definitely going with Hair Club. Verenia is a delight.

  34. Verenia, thank you for listening to me and changing my life. My new confidence has made me so happy. Everywhere I go friends and family compliment my hair and cannot tell the difference. Everyone in your staff has been outstanding and true professionals. I recommend your product to every one. I have started a new relationship and could not be any happier. He loves my new hair.

    Thank you all,

  35. I do love my hair and I know everybody else does too. It really has changed everything. I feel pretty.

  36. By far the best decision I’ve made for myself. I love my hair now and feel more beautiful than ever. Thank you Hair Club-Ms. Verenia,Ms. Miranda and all…

    I should have done this years ago.

    I look and feel pretty in time for Christmas get togethers.

  37. My solution is the Xtrands plus/non-surgical. I was scared/nervous/excited…every emotion. Once I saw and felt my hair being full and back, I am forever thankful I made my decision to go forward. Do this for yourself to see for yourself. Verenia and team are amazing. Thank you Hair Club San Antonio.

  38. The entire team was very welcoming and helped put me at ease, despite my fear of going in and learning what my solution was, if any. Verenia was very helpful and her follow up made me feel like I’d known her for years. Thanks Hair Club!

  39. Just want you to know Verenia and Cain did a great job. I am currently wearing a wig and All the wig people I know said you can’t do much to them to make them look natural . And they are Hair dressers . That’s why I came to Hair Club. I am tired of wearing wigs. I am doing the non-surgical so we will see the difference. Everything was great. I wished Austin location would have been like this. I wouldn’t even go back to Austin and that’s where I live. You are a delight . All the people there are very nice . Up beat and service oriented. That’s the way I run my business . I have never been able to come my hair straight back maybe I’ll finally be able to do that. Again much thanks .

  40. I initially went by the San Antonio office to see how the set up, and options were. My intentions were just to make it an observation or educational experience. After consultanting with one of their experts, Verenia Ohanian, I was convinced to go the non-surgical route, and that I could always change my mind and go the surgical route. And that those monies would be applied to the more expensive route. Because of her expertise of knowledge of the options, I went ahead and left a check, and made an appointment for the near future. Because of my heavy work schedule, months passed, but there was always contact with myself and Miss Ohanian. She was very professional in the manner of communication. (not too many phone calls, but enough to keep me abreast of everything). Well, when I finally decided to head back to San Antonio, and met with her again, through her salesmanship, knowledge and experience, she convinced me to go the surgical route. And I am glad that she did!
    In sum, I was very impressed with the entire organization! But most of all, this young lady really helped me with my decision! Her knowledge of the whole pros and cons was amazing! For me it took months to finally make a decision of which route to take… but it was worth it. Thank You, Romeo C.

  41. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am sure glad I went in. I thought it was too late for me and Verenia helped me get my hair back. I did not know there were better products for me for my hair either. Go see Hair Club in San Antonio and have them help you too.

  42. I’ve been a client for 26 years and I couldn’t be happier. I work in the oil field business and they are accommodating to my schedule. Everyone thinks I’ve never had hair loss. Hair Club is great! I love Pam; she’s the best hair stylist. Go see them.

  43. Very happy with my results from hair transplantation surgery. Was easier than I thought! Hair Club/Bosley offers F.U.E and F.U.T. I chose the F.U.T because their scar is so small it didn’t bother me. F.U.E is scar less. Verenia was great at explaining everything and Dr. Feldman was a good Doctor. I definitely recommend getting your hair back here.

  44. My life was being controlled by my hair; will it be too sunny and burn my head? If I have to wear a hat, I will have to keep it on all day. Will it be raining or windy or do I feel like sweating…if so, my thin, fine hair will be stick straight. I had to wash/fix my hair everyday before I would go out of my house and then sometimes have to do it again for plans in the evening.

    I was losing so much hair. I went to the doctor and dermatologist and they both recommended Hair Club.

    From my first phone call to my initial meeting, I have felt very comfortable; I was never pressured and their services are truly professional and performed by a great staff.

    Now, I don’t mind a rainy day or the frizzing that can bring! I have gained confidence and enjoy the many compliments that have come because of my new look.

  45. Go see them y’all. I chose Hair Club because I wanted to get my thick hair back…the same as when I was a child. Hair Club made it happen! I no longer have to wear my hair short to make it look thick. Their team is so nice and helpful too. I am a very happy client.

  46. The staff in San Antonio is AMAZING!!! They have far exceeded any expectation I had before and after having my procedure. A huge shout out to Verenia and Michelle as both have been instrumental in ensuring I have been taken care of, as well as making sure I have an exceptional experience with each visit. I’m excited to see my hair grow back and appreciate the reminders and emphasis of me protecting my investment!!!

  47. I want to share what a delight it was to go through what would seem so personal and embarrassing that was instead professional yet emotionally involved. I felt very comfortable once I went to hair club in S.A. I wasn’t planning on doing anything at the time of meeting as cost concerns guarded me. I was very happy with my consultation and Verenia has a way of really making a person feel comfortable and secure. She was not pushy, she was interested in my wants and needs, and I felt that she is very honest. The hair club is not a thrifty way to go, but it works. It is an investment on yourself, for yourself. I was convinced without a doubt that hair transplants were the thing for me, and I am very excited to see my “after photos” I am not sure if I would have been sold on it had Verenia had not been my consultant. The environment was professional and the reviews were great. Thank you for training your staff to be so delightful, kind, considerate and helpful. If I owned a business that used personnel for public relations, I would try and buy her from you. She is that good and management needs to hear the good things sometimes. Thank you for everything.

  48. When I decided to see what Hair Club is all about, I was a little worried about what it might be like. So often, you get high pressure sales people that only have an interest in selling you something; they don’t really care about you as a person – or really even care about what you came there for. They just want to make money.

    I had my husband go wtih me to the Hair Club in San Antonio and that’s where I met Verenia Ohanian. She was a total delight. We spent time talking about the Hair Club program and products; but we also just spent a lot of wonderful time just talking together as people. She showed me she was there for me, not just for the money.

    I’ve had four treatments now and I really think I’m beginning to see some results. I am hopeful. My monthly treatment visits have been pleasant. I’ve had a chance to see Verenia, and keep in touch with her as well. Michele and Allie are knowledgable, great with my hair and are very nice people. I have learned a lot of information about hair loss and why their products are working. Thank you, Hair Club, for being there.

    Mrs. Hernandez

  49. Staff is professional and so caring! I finally have a solution that worked and my hair is back! I now wear a big smile with my new hair. I love my new hair. Thank you San Antonio!

  50. You have a very professional team here. Each goes out of their way to help the customers in all the ways they can. I’ve been a client for many years now. Congratulations for having such a holistic approach to the scenarios of hair loss which afflict a large population of both men and women. Thank you.

  51. I was very skeptical & wanted to be discreet about getting my hair back. I just lost lots of weight and wanted to feel and look younger in every way. This was my birthday gift to myself. I did the non surgical. I look years younger and no one (even my wife) knew why! Very happy customer. Go see Ms. V in San Antonio. I should have done this a long time ago.

  52. The Hair Club of San Antonio is an amazing facility. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff. Each time I have walked through their doors feeling uncertain or anxious, I have walked out feeling BEAUTIFUL and loved— Genuinely loved by people that I hardly know but feel as if I have known for years. Each cosmetologist has their own private suite for your comfort. Any time I have had a question or concern they have thoroughly responded in a timely manner and sometimes before business hours… But I did’t tell you that (; In fact, THC could quite possibly be the epitome of, “Southern Hospitality” in a professional environment… Is there such a thing? I genuinely feel like 90% of their focus and goal is on my/our comfort and understanding. (Which I feel is not easy to find these days.) I highly recommend a consultation to any of those suffering a hair loss disease or disorder.

    Verenia- I owe you endless amounts of wine haha (: You will always be a huge part of my future success and I am SO grateful that God crossed our paths. You helped in giving me a significant gift this year. I owe my confidence to you.
    Lindsey- Your kindness and willingness to make this entire experience for me as easy and functional as possible has been significant. I cannot thank you enough. As a manager, you set the bar HIGH. Thank you for being an amazing example.
    Vihaney- You are magic and I loved our instant connection. Thank you for always making me feel beautiful MOST IMPORTANTLY walls down in my own skin. You are close to my heart.
    Sabrina & Front Desk- Best candy, snacks and coffee ever. Thank you for always being so good to me and my little guy!

  53. WOW!

    What can I say about HC from San Antonio?
    I found the environment private and professional.

    Yes, the commercials are a bit intimidating but the San Antonio HC Staff was unbelievably friendly and awesome.

    Note: To know some of us are truly terrified to start.

    There patience and professionalism was my ‘Back Bone’ to take the first step into HC.

    Really kind people run this “Classy Show” and it all starts with the unbelievable V.O. kind spirit.


  54. I want to drop HC San Antonio a message! As soon an as I walk in Lauren greets me with a smile, always willing to help get me any thing I need. Everyone else in the Club is always smiling and very helpful!! Verenia is a great asset for HC SA, I knew from the moment I saw her, and the way she interacted with everyone, that they would feel very comfortable speaking with her. Everyone in the office is dressed to impress. Pam my stylist for years does an excellent job for me! Everyone there does an excellent Job! I always feel so at home from the moment I walk in, I don’t ever want to leave! They all have become my family!! I appreciate all that they do!!
    Thank you, Ken Fox

  55. There are many things that we can list in our lives that can be considered life changing. Weight loss, a new job, a birth of a child, etc…

    A few months ago, at Hair Club for Men and Women,Verenia and team changed my life and got added to that list. They worked with me and helped to transform me back into the person I thought I lost for good.

    My fears were numerous, after many years of angst about my hair or lack of it. Since I was about 13 years of age, I began thinning and finally after struggling with treatments, shots, sprays, perms, weaves, I finally took the plunge and made the call to Hair Club. I had watched their infomercial for many years. And late one night I decided to finally do something about it. I am sure it is devastating for a man to see his hair thinning and balding, but I don’t know if you can understand the incredible and overwhelming despair a woman goes through when this occurs. You no longer feel feminine and a part of who you are slowly dies as you see yourself retreat from life and all the enjoyment it offers.
    My consultant, Verenia, was the first angel I encountered at Hair Club. She saw the fear and despair in my face and calmed me as she took me through the process. She was terrific giving me encouragment and genuinely assured me it would be an easy process and one that I would be more than pleased with the results. Then I met Vi who was my hair stylist. She was informative and reassuring during the whole process.She is very skilled at her craft and made me look so beautiful.

    Anyone who goes to San Antonio, is truly lucky to have such a gifted and talented team who are like angels. I can’t say enough to praise them enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  56. I am so pleased with my hair.Some people said it makes me look twenty years younger.A few people didn’t even recognize me.I have been cashing my sister’s checks at the bank for almost three years and I had to show them an ID because they didn’t know who I was!Thank you Hair Club in San Antonio. I appreciate you taking very good care of me. Verenia was so nice and easy to talk to.Go see her.

  57. I’ve been thinking about getting my hair back for awhile now. Finally made the call and met up with Verenia who educated me on what my options are. She made me feel very comfortable & at ease with my solution. Men or women who want to keep their hair or get it back, go see these people! Don’t give up. I got my hair back. I look and feel better than ever. Thanks to Hair Club!

  58. My Image Consultant is Ms. Verenia
    She is so awesome!!
    She is very professional and knowledgeable about hair:)
    Thank You for your all your help!

  59. I should’ve come a long time ago. My experience has been comfortable, informative and I’m already seeing results. I am doing Hair Club’s EXT program with their laser helmet, to thicken my hair and stop my hair loss. The staff at San Antonio is friendly and they make you feel at ease from the beginning welcome, to the educational consultation with Verenia, to Sebrina’s check in and Michele’s constant care. I didn’t think this would work but I see and feel it has. I am very pleased with my results. Thank you Hair Club.

  60. I have been a member at HC for over 10 years and I want to say that this center is awesome. They are caring, incredibly talented, friendly and total professionals. From Lindsay and Sabrina running the office, to Liz and Lauren at the front desk, to my two favorites stylists Chris and Vihaney they make me look good and feel good about myself.
    Keep it up ladies, you’re doing everything right..!!!

  61. I was in my late 30’s and living in denial. I knew I had a young face, and my head of hair was mostly full, but I had that annoying “space” at the top of my crown area. Not really one to have mirrors on my ceiling, my problem wasn’t necessarily apparant to me on a daily basis. Sure, an occasional female friend might joke about using my ‘space’ to check her lipstick., but those jokes rolled off my head, no pun intended. Then, one day, like a nuclear bomb, it hit me- I viewed what I now refer to as “THE PHOTO”. Simply put, ‘the photo’ was overhead shot of me sitting on the couch. Denial, suddenly, was no longer an option.
    So I came to Hair Club and was taken care of right away. I was immediatly impressed by their consultant, Verenia Ohanian, who explained all my options, not the least of which was the simple fact I no longer had to walk around with a thirty year old face and a forty old head. I signed up right away.
    A year later, I can honestly say I have not regretted it for a single second. I have received professional, top notch service on a regular basis.
    I am now proud to walk around with a thirty year old face and a TWENTY year old head! And denial-still off the table!
    Thank you Hair Club!

  62. Excellent product and service. Staff are passionate about their work. They strive to make people look and feel great!

  63. My experience with San Antonio Hair Club has been excellent! They have all the best products and the staff is professional and friendly. Once you become a member of Hair Club, you become part of the family here. You lose nothing by coming in, except more hair!

  64. Dear San Antonio Hair Club,
    I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much my self-esteem has increased since becoming a member of Hair Club. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but for me, every day was a “bad hair day” until I made the decision to do something about it.
    I had seen the infomercials on T.V and of course, was skeptical. Once I came in to meet with Verenia and the rest of the staff, I immediately felt at ease and was ready to sign on with no hesitation. In fact, I wished I could have had my hair that very day! It felt like torture to wait to see myself with a full head of hair again.
    I no longer have those bad hair days. Now, I can even wear a hat only when I want to without the dreaded “hat hair”. Where once I was constantly concerned about my appearance due to my lack of hair, I can now get ready for work in the morning and forget about my hair for the rest of the day-it no longer plays such a critical part in my disposition for the day. Anyone who has not experienced hair loss, especially other females, cannot fully understand the deep-down insecurities felt by a woman when she loses her hair. Hair Club has certainly helped me in this regard.
    By the way, if it were not for the true caring exhibited by Verenia and Sabrina of your facility toward their clients, my appointments wouldn’t be as positive as they are- i actually look forward to my visits! Thank you!
    Sincerely, T from San Antonio

  65. Since becoming a member of Hair Club seven years ago, I have received many compliments from my clients as well as new customers. My confidence in my apppearance has also increased my business substantially and I look much younger. I recently turned 65 and many people guess my age to be in my 50’s. I am so grateful and proud to be a member of Hair Club. The cost of my investment has been relatively small compared to the return of the benefits I have enjoyed. The team at San Antonio is professional and kind. They will help you too. Go see them! They help men, women and kids!

  66. Dear San Antonio’s Hair Club,
    As a female Hair Club client of five years, I am completely satisfied and amazed by the quality of products and services provided by my center. I find the staff to be very professional and upbeat. I look forward to each visit and love my hair! Thank you.

  67. What a joy hair club has been to me! For once in my life, I have hair that I can acutally control and style. And that’s really saying something for a 58 year old man. I had noticed my hair thinning, particularly in the temples and along the front; the color of my natural hair has always been a bit strange looking. Well, you all at Hair Club solved all those problems. I now feel much more confident, and I do believe I have Hair Club in San Antonio to thank. From Liz and Lauren at the front, to Verenia the consultant and all the talented sylists….thank you Hair Club for making life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

    Russell G.

  68. Wow! After 6 years of being a client of Hair Club, I have said and still do to this day that getting my hair back was one of the greatest things I’ve done just for me. In fact, it had a positive effect on a lot of people from my wife, kids, friends and even my customers. I own an in-home Appliance Service Company, where I do all the service in approximately 25-35 homes per week. I have never felt uncomfortable about my hair. Matter of fact, a lot of men and even women say how lucky I am to still have my hair and that I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be loosing my hair or to be bald. My hair looks so great and natural that I don’t mind telling them I was bald and that I went to Hair Club when I turned 40. I only wish I would have gone sooner.

    People are amazed that I scuba dive and water ski with confidence, and that my hair is going to look great dry or wet. I look so much younger and different. Even my own mother and sister did not recognize me! I actually visited my sister in San Antonio, Texas, where she owns a barbershop and is a professional barber. When I arrived at her babershop, I acted like a customer. As I sat in her barber chair, she said my hair already looks great. I said just touch up the neckline. Not until I called her by her first name and middle name did she realize it was me. Boy did she scream in shock and amazement. She knew about Hair Club, but now she got to inspect the results up-close and personal. There are so many great stories and positive things that have happend to me since I got my hair back.

    To sum it all up, Hair Club San Antonio, not only knows what they are doing, but they have top notch professional consultants, stylists and managers who treat you like a friend. They really care about you. They make you feel comfortable. As I tell all my friends and customers, “What are YOU waiting for??? Life is too short to not have your hair and feel young and confident again.”
    Sincerely, Michael Moore

  69. The best part about being with Hair Club is that I am no longer self-conscious about people staring at my bald spot. Until I got my wedding photos back, I didn’t realize what everyone was staring at. My ego took a big hit. Also, I was teased about losing my hair while I was still in my 20’s. So I have been dealing with my hair for a long time and now it’s a thing of the past. My hair looks great, and I have that inner confidence back that I had lost. Set up a meeting with Hair Club right away; don’t waste time like I did. Thank you. Gene

  70. Hair Club San Antonio needs to know that one of their employees, Verenia Ohanian, is a very valuable asset to their company. I’m a retired realtor and I know a great deal about sales. Also, before real estate I was in management. You have a very valuable employee in Verenia. I was not going to join your Hair Club but Verenia kept calling. She was warm,friendly, and professional. She never made me feel pressured and answered all of my questions. She did such a good job at making me feel safe and comfortable that I finally came in for a second consultation and I signed up. Also, the day I came in to have my first application, she was so encouraging. Verenia was so right. I am so happy with my new hair and the service I am receiving from Hair Club in San Antonio. Thank you!

  71. Very comfortable experience from start to finish. I am very happy to have my full head of hair back and none of the ladies I work with even knew what I did! I just got compliments at how pretty my hair is! I’m glad I finally did something about my thinning hair. I feel younger and I sure am happier. Hair Club San Antonio has a great staff who is very helpful and so nice.

  72. As a mother, there’s nothing worse than seeing one of your children suffer. That’s why what you have given my daughter is so wonderful! The “system” you created for Liz is like turning back time to the day when my daughter had a full head of thick curls! What a help this is for making her feel better and giving her revewed energy to cope with her challenges. From my first phone call, Lauren was kind, supportive, informative and friendly. Verenia, the consultant at San Antonio’s location, showed the same spirit and was very empathetic. Vihaney, our stylist did a perfect job matching color and curl. Liz is thrilled with her new haircut! All of you are great and are something very special!
    Thank you!

  73. I wish I knew about Hair Club years ago! I’ve worn powder/hairspray & mouses to conceal my bald spot for over 20 years! It took me nearly an hour to get ready each day, just because of my hair; it was an event! I play on a basketball team, as a point guard, three times a week. Blotting the drips of my sweat was cumbersome. I constantly had to make an effort to not let the colored sweat drip on my face. Dark towel in hand every moment I could get! Finally, I was tired of my hair and image ruling my life. My wife kept saying just to shave my hair off! I wanted my hair so I came into Hair Club San Antonio. Verenia was my consultant & she made me feel very comfortable. I knew I was in the right place. The staff was so nice & my stylist Miranda did a great job. I am so happy I don’t have to worry about sweating the powders off, I can swim now , shower & LIVE! I also couldn’t believe no one could tell anything was different, except I looked better. If you want your hair back, you can too.

  74. best part is the warm and friendly staff…they always make me feel welcome and comfortable…every visit is always a pleasure…I always leave with stellar looking hair

  75. Losing my hair as a woman is one of the most devastating things that I have experienced. I have been a member of HCM for 12 years. From the moment I entered their office, I felt I was in the hands of people that actually cared and understood what I was going through.
    I have had many stylists over the years, one of my main “pretty makers” has been Tiffanie. I looked forward to my weekly/biweekly visits, it was more than making me look and feel beautiful, it was a therapy session. This was a person who knew my biggest flaw, one of the only persons to see me at my most vulnerable.
    All the stylists are great, I just explain the style I want and they are happy to make it happen.
    I have not had a “new member consult” in 12 years, but Verenia, the current liaison, is great. Even though, I do not have any official business with her, she has become a big part of my visits. Mainly it is a friendly hug and a smile or taking the time to chat about our lives. I can never leave without my Verenia hugs.
    From the moment you walk in to the greetings of Lauren and Liz, to your stylist visit, you walk out feeling welcomed and more beautiful than you could ever imagine.
    I highly recommend HCM to any woman going through hair loss or just wanting a consult to help prevent further loss. Don’t hesitate. Make an appointment today.


  76. Hair Club in San Antonio has a good operation. From my first consultation with Verenia, to the service from the entire staff. Michele is an excellent hair stylist and I am proud to have her do my hair. She knows her job and she does it well. I used to wear uncomfortable wigs and now I don’t have to. I love my hair and get lots of compliments.

  77. I like the way my hair looks and I get a lot of compliments. The products are all good quality and they’ve helped out my hair condition a lot. Michele is a great sylist and everyone is really nice. I was very excited that I could afford the payments with the payment plan I got. I’ve been wanting my hair back for a while and now I am happy.

  78. I love my hair! I feel fabulous and like a whole new person. I was so nervous to try something new with my hair. I hated using messy powders to cover my thinning areas and it was getting harder and harder to hide it from my husband. ha ha
    San Antonio Hair Club staff, from Liz at front, to Verenia treating me so nice and was so genuine to me during my consultation, and to Vi and Pam my sylists…everyone is so great and they make me feel comfortable. I know we will all be great friends for a long time to come.

  79. I have been a HCM member for 15 years. I was in my late twenties when I noticed and decided to do something about my receding hair line. I was a little hesitant and nervous at first. I was concerned how I might look, if other people would notice or say something about new my hair. The manager Denise and stylist Chris made me feel comfortable with the procedure. My new look really gave me more confidence and a better outlook on life. The San Antonio staff and stylists were also very accommodating to my busy work schedule. They made an extra effort to make sure that I could schedule my hair appointments at the San Antonio location and assisted in scheduling appointments at other locations while I was traveling. I would highly recommend HCM and the San Antonio location to anyone that is thinking about taking that next step about hair loss restoration.

  80. Many years ago, I saw a lady one day and liked her hair and asked her where she went to get her hair done. She told me Hair Club in San Antonio. I went and have been coming here now over 20 years! The staff is very accommodating and I love my stylist Michele, who always takes the time to make my hair look nice. I think she needs a raise! 🙂 Now I get compliments with my hair. I feel very comfortable here overall & the entire staff is very nice at San Antonio. If you ladies are a wig wearer, you want to get in here to have hair that’s yours. You’ll be glad you did!

  81. This has been one of the best things I have done for myself. The staff at the San Antonio HC are awesome! Vehaney, Lindsey and Verenia are great. I have more confidence and feel beautiful again. I must say I was scared because I received a short notice deployment and just start the Hair club program in Jan 2015. I was notified Mid June to leave mid July. These ladies put all my fears to rest and are doing everything from training to providing needed product for the duration of my deployment. I encourage everyone to take before and after photo just for you to see the difference in your appearance. I promise you will never want to go back to the previous you. For years I wasted money on wigs, weave and topical hair products to cover up my hair loss. I can say a wigs, weave or extension cannot stand up to the program I choose. It’s natural looking, does not itch and light weight compared to wigs and weaves. Well worth every penny!

  82. During my 10 years as a client of HCFM, I experienced many learning curves with several stylists getting familiar with servicing women with different hair types. I am so happy that I stayed with Hair Club because I feel I am blessed to be a client at the “BEST CENTER” in the world. I am extremely proud of the staff at my center. They are a group of people who always desire to give you the best service possible.The leadership at my center is “hands on” and always following up on your development and any changes that need to be tweeked. Because of the outstanding service, I remain a client. I appreciate the dedication of the staff at my center.

  83. My experience with Hair Club has been great! Since becoming a member, I have felt so much more confidence in my self-image. I have received many compliments. The staff always makes me feel great. Thanks for such a postive experience!

    Faith C.

  84. I am a new client of one year. Hair Club San Antonio has changed my life for the best. They’re the answer I was looking for. I did this for myself and I feel confident. I love my stylist Tiff! The team here is so kind and helpful. Anyone that wants a change for the better and wants to live life, do something for yourself. I did! You only live once so be happy! Thank you Hair Club for giving me back my life! Now I can look back at the world with confidence.

  85. It was Awesome, Verenia is super caring ,
    She explained how they work , I felt super comfortable
    Talking to her about my hair loss problem,
    I felt that they care and that we are not just one more
    Customer,I’m looking forward
    To go back for my new me

  86. I had considered going to the Hair Club four years ago and never acted on going for a visit. Four years later my hair loss was really showing and I knew I had to do something about it. As I was earning my Master’s degree, I realized that I am not getting any younger and needed all the help I could get to better my odds for my image and future professional goals.

    I wish when I took my trip down to the Republic of Panama that I would have had my hair already, but my hair wouldn’t be full, until after I returned from my vacation in March. I was really excited about transforming myself to increase my confidence and project a younger, stronger image. While in Panama I had some dental work done and it looked great; now the next phase was to have the Hair Club help me with my hair.

    My Mother did not even recognize me at first and my doctor was surprised at how a vacation, dental work and adding hair changed the way I looked. My doctor even said I looked up to 20 years younger. My high school friends didn’t even recognize me when I walked by and when they saw me smile and they knew it was Anthony.

    I did all this for myself for self improvement and for future employment ventures. You have to do it for the right reasons; you have to do it for yourself. When I dress up in a business suit and go to restaurants now, the waitresses even serve me faster than before. People are responding to me more favorably, in general. All this that I have done and with the help of the Hair Club has given me extra confidence and belief in myself.even more.

    Anthony Joseph H.

  87. Our experience was first class all the way ! From the initial consultation with Verenia in San Antonio to the end of the actual procedure in Houston. Upon arrival in San Antonio we were greeted with refreshments and kindness. Verenia took the time needed to explain all the procedures and set up all arrangements for our visit to Houston. We were made aware of the special accommodations at the Double tree and were provided a suite at a reduced rate. The hospitality and kindness of all Hairclub, Bosley Staff Is to be highly commended. Every concern was addressed in a pleasant thorough way. They even catered to me the wife while my husband was having his procedure. We would refer our friends over and over to this very real solution to early hair loss. Its only been one week and we are already seeing new hair growth !!! The Doctor was Kerry Feldman and must say I have NEVER seen better stitches. We love the Hair Club!

    Roy and Peggy Watts

  88. The entire staff showed sincerity.

  89. I liked the way she approached things. she’s a good… she was not pushy. a good saleslady

  90. It was ok. She explained everything and I understood.

  91. I am totally amazed that although I have been a Hair Club member over 5 years that this is the very first time that I have received any customer satisfaction query.

  92. Im satisfies to this point I am looking forward to it.

  93. Comment

    • Was most impressed with the low key approach, putting fully at ease. And answered all questions fully. Totally satisfied.

  94. It was good and very helpful.

  95. It was very pleasant, uneasy in the beginning but everything was explained perfectly, the atmosphere was very comfortable, I was very at ease and satisfied.

  96. I am a retired man who just wanted to look better and been wanting to have a full head of hair for over ten years. I finally made an appointment to see Hair Club and got my full head of hair. I feel better, younger and happier. Should have done this many years ago! Great staff. Nice location. Felt taken care of. You won’t be sorry.

  97. Needed to fix my hair. I tried Rogaine but it sucked. I met with Verenia at San Antonio who set me up with the doctor to do transplants. Took one day and now I have my full head of hair. These guys know what they are doing.

  98. I’m from Saudi Arabia and came to this location because my military friends told me they were the best. I had hair transplants and am very happy. I am getting married soon so this is great to have my full hair before then. You will be very taken care of.

  99. Hair Club for Men and Women in San Antonio is the BEST. Lindsey is a great manager who sincerely cares for the way the location is run and V the consultant is genuine and thorough in her presentation and explanation of the solutions. I just started to lose my hair and I needed to find out why and stop it immediately. They were able to help me with the best solution. It was decently priced and they offered me a comfortable payment plan. I was very nervous to go at first but after visiting, I am so glad I did. My hair is getting thicker and prettier and my co-workers are even noticiing!

    It’s in the Jefferson bank building & parking is free and easy to find.

    If you are losing your hair or even if it’s thinning, you need to go see them! They will help you!

  100. I never thought I’d lose my hair but when it did, I had to do something about it. I made my appointment with San Antonio’s Hair Club for Men and I am so glad. I got an educated consultation with V and decided surgery was the way to go. They 100% guarantee all their services. I love my new full head of hair and am very satisfied. Dr. Feldman did a great job! Looks like I never needed surgery. 🙂

  101. I have been a member of HCM for 15 years and have yet to have a bad experience. The staff is the best, especially my stylist, Chris. This team is great. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is experiencing hair loss. They know their stuff.

  102. I love the stylist in San Antonio. I had previously went to HCM in Austin. San Antonio provides much better service than the Austin facility. The front desk staff are upbeat and professional. The day-before confirmation phone calls are greatly appreciated.

  103. Hairclub for Men & Women here in San Antonio has a comforting & welcoming staff. The location is discreet so that makes it nice for privacy. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with all proven solutions for hair growth & restoration. The consultations are free & informative. Once ready to move forward, 0% financing options are available if needed. Everyone should feel “whole” and their most attractive, by having all their hair back. This is the place that makes it happen!


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