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Hair Club San Diego has been servicing clients for over 20 years, located just north of downtown. The center is one of ten throughout the state of California. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Spanish speaking consultant available at this location.

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  1. I love the Hair Club and the staff as well. Kim has been my stylist for 5 maybe 6 years now and I adore her. She makes me feel and look like a queen when I leave the salon. When I first came to the Hair Club my confidence was very low and wore wigs all the time and anyone that wears a wig already knows that they are not you, you are stuck with their style not yours. Hair Club makes me look the way I want to look. Thanks Kim and all the staff that help make my life a little bit easier. If you are losing your hair as I was, try Hair Club.

  2. Erin is excellent and she has been cutting my hair for many years. The hair is always amazingly natural.

  3. My stylist Kim is fantastic, I love her and she does a great job on my hair. I was there on Tuesday and she was pleasant as always. She is fast & efficient. I know when I leave her I feel good about my self and my looks, there is nothing like walking out of a place looking like a million dollars. Ladies if your hair is thining, invest in yourself it is well worth it, you won’t be sorry, that’s a promise. Thanks Kim.

  4. Stylist, Erin, the best. Will have you ( the male) looking like a GQ stand in. This lady’s performance continues to have the quality of a true professional with her skills as a stylist.

    She has been a regular at this location for period and she will never disappoint the client with enhancing his/her appearance. Five Stars.

    Charles S.

  5. A few words about the manager at this location. Professionalism at it’s best. This lady has the leadership skills and the capability to make those skills effective with the operation of this location. I do hope that Corporate takes notice of her talents to further the needs and expectations of the client and for Hair Club.

    Charles S.

  6. On Friday I got a new hair style which included new hair, this type of hair is a permed hair. I love it, not only did Karla do a fantastic job but she also shared with me how to take care of this new type of hair. I am so appreciative of you Karla and Hair Club, thank you so much for making me look like a queen each and every time I come in for a new makeover.

    • I got a new make over and I look great. It was time for a new look, the curls were long and wavey, the color was different but I really liked it. The mix of color was great, Kim, my stylist did a great job in sytling the new look. I love my stylist and as a matter of fact, all the staff at Hair Club are great. The front desk is also great, they always greet you with a smile and with professionalism. Hair Club you rock and you always make me feel like a queen when I leave your office. See you soon..

  7. Snookie you’re the greatest, I wanted to try a new look and thanks to the staff at Hair Club we came up with a permed curly look, my new hair was fabulous. I love it, thanks Hair Club. If there are women out there with thinning hair please give Hair Club a try, you won’t regret it, that’s a guarantee.

  8. The staff are GREAT, the office the same, no complaints.

  9. Today was my first visit after i recently became a member to prevent losing my hair and ‘ Geneva ‘ was my stylist and she did a great job. My overall first experience was great. Thank you Hair Club and Geneva 🙂

  10. I have found all staff through the yrs to be very friendly & helpful, especially style tech Kim.

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  12. I had my hair done at Hair club and when I left there my self esteem was up, my confidence was up and I felt great. This last time I had a new color it was cut exactly as I wanted and I was walking on air when I left there. My hair stylist is Kim and she is fantastic, I just love her. Once again HC you made me proud to be a member. Oh, yes all the staff members are great and I like how they treat you with so much respect. See you guys next time.

  13. Kim has provided outstanding service and support. I appreciate her creativity and attention to detail. She’s a fabulous stylist.

  14. Stylist Kim, Karla along with Stacy are fantastic!! When I leave the Hair Club my confidence & self esteem is up by 100%. I get compliments from not only family but friends as well. I feel great, I no longer have to worry about wigs that don’t fit my head but I can walk with my head up I wear a big smile now. Thanks Karla for today and if you are having problems with thinning hair, please try the Hair Club you won’t regret it, that is a guarantee.

  15. Stylist Kim and Carla are great! I took a few tries but the hair is now beautiful. They are great stylists and cutters. Very friendly and helpful. The front desk is great as well. Andre and Susanah are both a delight and very friendly. I would recommend this center.

  16. I just want to say that I am very happy with the service I receive from Kim. She is very consistent and very good at what she does. My impression is that she really cares about what she does and I appreciate that. I totally trust her. My dealings with HCFM have been very satisfactory. Andre is very good with the appointments and with adjusting them when needed.

  17. Been a member at HC SD for about 6 months. Really friendly staff with excellent service. Leeanne does a nice job. The center is really well managed and they fix what is not quite right till it is perfect.

  18. Cris have been my stylist for many years. As a survivor of hair loss and several botched hair transplant surgeries, I can tell you that without my new hair, my life would entirely different. I am a perfectionist. If anyone could tell that this wasn’t my hair I wouldn’t be with Hair Club. Cris applies the hair system so well that even my wife doesn’t know…

  19. Sukie rocks! I look ten years younger and feel great about my choice.

  20. I started with hair replacement back in 1989 with a small company in New York. After 10 years of hassles and people staring at my hairline instead of my eyes, I went au natural. In 2008, my wife informed me that she thought I looked better with hair and asked if I would consider going back. I told her I would only if I was convinced that there was a way to look natural without constantly worrying about it. I went to Hair Club for a consultation and was impressed with the new replacement systems, the technology, and the natural look. I signed up and have never looked back. If you go, you need to request Kim. She is the most talented stylist and never screws up a new application. As the only person that ever sees me without my hair, I feel a special bond with her and enoy chatting with her at my appointments. I highly recommend both Hair Club and Kim.

  21. Hi everyone,

    I just got done with my hair transplant surgery and let me say I’m impressed. I’m on day 7 after the surgery and I really don’t feel any pain post surgery at all. During the surgery, it’s not really anything to feel frightened or panicky about, just relax and it will go smoothly. I had my surgery in Orange County and let me say the staff was awesome and very polite. They are very professional and the whole time i was there it was a few hours, but the time went by so fast. The office that I always went to pre-surgery is in San Diego and Ariel and his staff will take care of you. Don’t worry, they are very professional. I really enjoyed my time with Hair Club.

    In my line of work, I need to have my hair so I can be presentable and have a youthful look to myself. When you work in an office setting in human resources, people look at you more, especially since you don’t really wear hats in those type of jobs. When I got my hairline restored, it gave me a big boast of confidence. I’m about to hit my 30’s but i look like im back in high school again. Anyone wanting to restore a youthful look or appearance to themselves, Hair Club can definitely help.


  22. I have visited numerous Hair Club locations, West/East coast. This location has my Five star rating.
    When you enter the location, you will be greeted by Andres Sanchez, the gate keeper. Andres is bilingual. Lean and trim, working on six pack abs. Fashionable. And, a top of the line customer service rep.
    He will ensure all your questions are answered and future visits are designed to meet your schedule if you become a member.
    The Stylist:
    My preference, Ms. Erin Foxy Ford. The best. This lady has the ability and the capability to turn you into a GQ stand in.
    Let her know what your intentions are for the style you have in mind and she will make it happen.
    And if she submits recommendations for a better you with styling preferences, those submissions should be given some thoughts.
    In Summation; BOO-YAH

  23. Been a member for a bunch of years now. Kim K is a superstar there. If you are thinking about going there, DO IT. You won’t regret it.

  24. Hair loss for women is a very difficult thing and I didn’t know where to go. So I set up an appointment with Hair Club and I’m glad I did. I’ve been a member now for over 10 years and it has changed my life. All the stylists are wonderful and I feel so beautiful every time I leave the center. The front desk staff is so accomodating and they make me feel at home everytime I come in. The new manager Ar has really turned the place around and the customer service has improved quite a bit. Also the staff seems to enjoy their job more and the teamwork is great! Keep up the great work Hair Club, I can’t imagine my life without you guys!

  25. After 10 years of being a Hair Club member I can say that the San Diego salon is second to none.

    Each time I visit the club I feel much better about myself, not only because of hair system but because Kim is so professional. During each visit, Kim makes me feel that 100% of her time is devoted to making me feel good about myself and I even leave feeling younger. How much better can it get than feeling younger!

    I can honestly say that I look forward to my visits.

  26. My I enjoy the results i have got club. The service is very professional and look forward to my appointments every week. Leeanne is very good at what she does and i developed a trust in her that is she taking care of my hair and makes look feel confident know it was done right. Thank you bryan davila

  27. Leann has been providing me great service with a friendly smile. She does an excellent job as a hair specialist here at hair club. I highly recommend her and all the other members of the staff. I have had any issues quickly resolved and all appointments have been called as scheduled. I have been coming here over two years now and am very satisfied.

  28. The center is absolutely professional. The treatment that clients receive is first class. The attention to det
    ail and the quality of service received by the stylists is exactly what you would expect from an experienced and caring provider. Suki, the stylist supervisor and new member stylist is extremely focused that the clients expectations are met and fulfilled.
    If your looking to change you life style, be more confident and show your real you, give yourself a chance and visit the San Diego office. You will be surprised all the good things this decision can bring into your life. I know, I made the same decision 12 years ago!

  29. WELL THEY ARE THE BEST!!! I was hesitant as I am older but wanted the hair back that I lost during a long and bad marriage.
    They worked with me on financing, gave great communications qand support. I did research on them and they have some of the BEST specialist MDs in the USA including the #1 HTP Dr in USA. I won’t lie as there was some pain and it is a long procedure. But well worth it. Best part has been the aftercare and the treatments by a great person named Kristina. The specialist Darcy has been outstanding and comforting and never gave me bad information. She told me the truth and NOT just data to make a sale. Dr. S was outstanding as was his staff. The hardest pasrt was waiting for the hair to grow as I am a very impatient person.
    These people make me feel like a friend and not a customer and are honest. kind and caring. if you have any doubts about the procedure talk and believe Darcy and you will not be wrong. This HTP surgery looks perfect and it changed my life.

  30. I got a new look. I am happy with my new look and I get compliments all the time.

  31. Fantastic place. The Hair Club is a customer friendly salon, the difference is, here, you are in the privacy of your own room only your hair dresser knows what’s underneath that wig. You are treated with respect as well as royalty. I love it here, I always feel welcome. I love my hair dressers. If you are a female & are losing you hair and must were a wig all the time this is the place to be. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror on a daily basis but now I love me. I look like a queen and I get compliments all the time. Go there you won’t be sorry. -REBIA

  32. I believe that anyone with any type of hair loss or hair problems are doing themselves a tremendous disservice not to at least check out the options that Hair Club has to offer.

  33. Lana is great – she has been cutting my hair for more than 5 years! Hair Club’s prices are great and the staff is very friendly.

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