Hair Club Seattle is located in South center Corporate Square in Tukwila. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions:Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Public transportation is available. Translation Available: Spanish.

10 Reviews

  1. Michelle was a great stylist. I was exceptionally comfortable with her, and that is not always the case when beginning at a new center. I look forward to seeing how she does with the cut-down of my new system next time!

  2. Mara is a very good stylist.

  3. i am very excited to get this under way

  4. My stylist Krista has always been very supportive and has given me excellent care.

  5. The consultant was excellent. I really felt like she was trying to work with me and find the best option for my situation, and I felt like we did that. I actually got the idea from a friend who went to Bosley and loved it, and I am really glad to hear that you guys partner with them. I can’t afford the surgery right now, but I know that my treatment will eventually lead to that.

  6. The staff is friendly and helpful. They always help you with your problem and takes you on right path. -LARDEN

  7. Best option available. I have been a member here for over 4 years. While not perfect, there is no better option that I know of if you do not want to be seen bald. Positives: Once you have your “system” (matched for color and texture of your own hair) applied, it is basically undetectable.

    I have not had any problems with getting appointments.


    The cost may surprise some people. Think good car payment plus products. There is no viable one time payment option. Basically, you are placed into a tiered plan of your choice and you will be going to the salon at least monthly for upkeep.

  8. We loved the girls. Sarah and Tarah Marie were so great. – Tom W.

  9. My confidence has really grown since I’ve gotten my hair back. I’ve found it has helped me become more successful and assertive at work.-Diego L.

  10. By far the best option. I have been going to HC(hair club) for over 7 years. I looked into many options but finally settled on Hair Club. Sure, I had apprehensions but I liked the fact that this procedure was completely reversible with no lasting effects. Since going to HC I realized how much having hair impacted my confidence. I have many close friends who have no idea that I use HC. The staff and stylists are excellent. I have been to other HC centers in other cities and they’re always considerate and very professional. Although I gotta give it up to the crew in Seattle. I love them! They go above and beyond in helping me with my rather limited schedule. I know I’m a pain but they always make me feel like it’s no big deal. They almost make me happy that I’m losing my hair. Okay, that last sentence was a huge stretch but they really are great and make me happy that I found this alternative for hair replacement.

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