Hair Club Toronto has been servicing its clients for since 1994 and is located in the Morrison Hershfield building on Yorkland Boulevard in North York, ON.  Employees at this center were the recipient of the “President’s Champion” Award during 2010 and awarded “Employee of the Year” during 2011 for their excellence in customer service and client satisfaction. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products. Spanish speaking consultant available at this location. Translation Available: Spanish, Persian/Farsi, Urdu/Hindi.

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  1. I have been going to hair club now for 8 months and I have never felt better. I wish I would have started sooner. Delia is amazing, she understands my concerns, she is an amazingly skilled stylist. My hair has never looked thicker. I am way more confident. I feel like Delia has changed my life. I would recommend her a million times over. Literally, my experience with HC has been life changing. Thank you Delia and HC!!

  2. I find all the staff ( from the reception to the management),friendly,courtious and professional.Mila does a great job and the time flies by on my visits.

  3. I’ve been going to Hair Club, on king Street west, for over 3 years and I love it! My hair it’s nothing like it was when I started, it’s healthier, thicker and stronger than it was for sure. My hair treatment is done by Mila. She is amazing, she clearly knows what she is doing; besides she is super sweet.

  4. Receptionist Zara has always done her best to accommodate any
    Changes or info I need regarding my appointments.
    Very professional and understanding employee!

  5. The management of the Toronto hair club centre are magnificent. They are professional, helpful and always ready to accommodate the needs and challenges of the client. I am very impressed by the kindness of Moe Mozafary, Chris Terkalas and Zahra at reception. My stylist Angelica is brilliant.

  6. My stylist, Sarah, has always been friendly, professional, and helpful. There are 2 other centers that are closer to where I live, but I travel quite a distance to see her. She consistently does an amazing job! Thank you Sarah 🙂

  7. During my membership with HC for 2 years, all I have seen, every time, polite, friendly, ready to help team of professionals. I am very satisfied with the staff as well as management. They are like a big family, always smiling and ready to help. I respect each and every one of them for their dedication for excellent service.

  8. Sharon Roberto has been my hair stylist for about 6 years. She is very professional, patient, caring and
    she always make sure that I am satisfied with her services. I am very lucky to have her as my stylist.

    I always look forward for my hair appointments. Many thanks to you Sharon.

    I also would like to thank the staff at the front desk. They are all very welcoming.

  9. I have been a Hair Club Toronto member for many years. I have always received outstanding care and service from the whole staff. They have been accommodating and very personable. The first time I came to Hair Club Heather was there to greet me. She put me right at ease and I can honestly say that she changed my life. I have been fortunate to have Sarah as my stylist. She is an excellent stylist and always anticipates my needs without having to tell her. I not only consider these two women professionals but dear friends. Every time I leave Hair Club it’s with a new found confidence that I look good and feel great. Thanks everyone!!!!!!

  10. I have been going to Sharon Roberto for over seven years and I find her to be very supportive and considerate for all my hair needs. She is truly a sculpturess in every sense of the word and when our session is finished I feel ten years younger & totally rejuvinated. Sharon is the consumate professional who is meticulous & always paying attention to the smallest details. Her graciousness & caring are very much appreciated. Thank you.
    P.S. I would also like to thank the staff @ the front desk for their professionalism and patience in assuring my needs are met.

  11. Shannon is the best stylist . She is very professional,caring,competent,hard working , experienced.
    She exactly know what I need and serve accordingly
    She does the best cut and style for me always.
    She is an asset for the club.
    I wish to have her my stylist for ever

  12. Its si good to have Colleen Drew back!!!! Thanks HCM

  13. I have always been treated with a level care and respect by (what I feel are) some of the best stylists in the company. As a team, these stylists have always been hard working, committed to excellence and have given me a sense of comfort when needed. This none more evident than my ‘regular’ stylist Shannon. She embodies all the qualities of what I understand Hair Club to be about…

    Customer Service/Relationship Management

    Shannon’s technical work is solid, her work rate is high and she is a model of efficiency. As either of the 2 wonderful women at the front desk can attest to, it is sometimes a challenge for me to get to my appointments on time. Not once have I ever been made to feel bad or ‘punished’ by anyone at HC or Shannon rather… with her same bright and pleasant demeanour and great sense of humour she goes to work efficiently to ensure MY DAY isn’t thrown off.

    She understands relationships, how to put people at ease and make them feel special; her professional approach as a stylist and communication are what I believe what allow her to excel. As I have a very hectic schedule, coming to see Shannon has become more like a treat than a chore!

    HC has done a good job in making my experience both positive and worthwhile… Shannon continues to make it great! THANK YOU and keep up the amazing work!

    An adoring fan 😉

  14. Mila is the best. Always doing what it takes to make her clients happy and assured. Having taken care of my hair needs for over a decade, she is always professional, attentive, and friendly. Thanks for the many great years Mila. Looking forward to many more.

  15. Mila is the best. Always doing what it takes to make her clients happy and assured. Having taken care of my hair needs for over a decade, she is always professional, attentive, and friendly. Thanks for the many great years Mila. Looking forward to many more.

  16. Mila is a tremendous ambassador for your organization. I have been with Mila for more than a decade – I trust her completely. The HCM staff at the front desk are always polite, friendly and responsive. These are the people that make the difference. Your products are ok, your prices a bit high, but the people I mentioned are first class.

  17. Chris and his staff are first class people, but I must admit that the main reason I have been a long time client is because of my incredible stylist Mila. One of the luckiest days of my life was when I was assigned to her. Mila is unbelievably talented, and an amazing woman with a heart of gold. She has done wonders for me over the years and I’ll never truly be able to thank her for that. I fear that one day when she decides to sail off into retirement, I’ll have to learn how to embrace my bald head 🙂 Hairclub Toronto, you have yourself a winner – treat her well!

  18. I’ve been coming here for years and Mila has done a great job each and every time.

  19. Have been a member since two years . Coleen my hair stylist is so passionate about her work and concerned about every lil issue I have had truly has amazed me . Simon is an exceptional manager . He has been always available for every thing . Takes care of every issue personally . Keep up the good work .

  20. I’ve been with hairclub for many years. The staff are very friendly and helpful. All the stylists are great but I usually request Sarah as my stylist, she’s amazing and provides an excellent service.

  21. Mila is an exceptional hair stylist and a wonderful person too. I’ve been a long time client and the service is awesome. Thank you hair club!

  22. I have been a member of HC for over 20 years, all the stylists are good but Debbie is my favourite. She truly goes out of her way to ensure a great session. Simon and his staff
    are very professional and helpful. Any issues are always dealt with quickly to ensure a positive experience.
    Thank you HC.

  23. I have been a member for 4 years and I find the staff helpful and accomodating. My stylist is Sharon who does a great job for me and is very accomodating. Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

  24. Sharon Roberto is the perfect example of a hair stylist. She makes sure I feel comfortable at all my visits and is always making recommendations based on my individual needs.

  25. The staff a Hair Club Toronto are golden. From the receptionist to the management to the stylists. They are a caring, skilled and knowledgeable team. The client definitely comes first and my stylist, Gail Rampersad is the best there is.

  26. I’ve been seeing Sharon Roberti monthly for many years now. She’s kind, caring, and meticulous. I hope to continue with Sharon for many more years to come.

  27. Proud member of HC (Yorkland location)

    I m Jackie. Been with HC for about a year and a half.

    Had consultation with Heather. Wonderful lady. She is Genuine, experienced and takes her time to answer your questios and makes sure you feel comfortable and she will find the best hair solution for you.

    My stylist is Nadera. Been with her since the beginning. She is skilled and work wonders with my hair. We talk and laugh each time i go in for my appointments. Excellent service!

    I am one satisfied proud member!

    And last but not the least of course i gotta Thank Chris and the staff up in the front desk for their excellent service and help.


  28. Facilities are good and easy to access. The staff is friendly and most of my personal issues have been resolved in a timely fashion.
    Sarah,my stylist is the best, she knows what I want and need and I always get it.
    Been going to this facility for many years and will continue as long as the service is top notch!

  29. My stylist for the most part has been Sharon Roberto. She has done an excellent job and always looks out for my needs.

  30. I have been a client of Hair Club for over 5 years now. The staff at the North York, Toronto location are awesome. Very accommodating and friendly. My stylist Zorhra is very professional and always greets me with a smile. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to the different systems, styling products and answering general questions. Great Job!! I was self conscious of my hair loss and always wore a baseball cap. No longer do I have to hide my hair loss and it has given me my confidence back I had lost and thankful for that. I recommend anyone thinking of hair replacement to give Hair Club a try. It may do for you what it has done for me….Doug O.

  31. Mila is an excellent stylist and takes great care to ensure that her clients receive the highest level of service and attention. She makes the experience personal, yet always professional. Mila is an asset to the company.

    Susanne at the front desk is also an asset and contributes very positively to the overall experience. She treat clients with respect and discretion and always works to ensure the highest quality of service.

  32. I Have been a member for ten plus years and can tell you that this office is well staffed, pleasant and very accommodating to deal with. Sharon Roberto is an excellent stylist and I have always appreciated her professionalism and very real personality. I love my hair and really like the people that make this happen. Thank you, Hair Club.

  33. excellent centre with great staff. Sharon is the best, I always leave feeling great about my hair. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

  34. I have been member since 2003. All the time I have been treated very well and professionally. I would like to thank the service always amazing is Sarah!

  35. My stylist is Sharon Roberto. Sharon is very personable and thoughtful. It is always a pleasure to see her.
    Many thanks to the staff at the front desk as well as all who
    work behind the scene. Very professional and pleasant.
    Keep up the good work. A satisfied client.

  36. I have been a client for almost one year, my technicians are very pleasant and always answering my questions and explaining the process as I go along, it was the best decision I ever made, hair is everything and very important especially for a female,i have to give credit to Melissa dimartino, she is a very patience and polite individual, I would recommend hair club to friends and family

  37. I have been at HC for over 20 years. Sharon has always been outstanding and goes out of her way to provide an enjoyable visit. It is very comfortable and Sharon knows exactly what I want , making it very easy for me. Thanks HC

  38. I have been gping tp see Sara (Zoureh) my stylist for several years. She is the best stylist I’ve ever had! She has become like family to me. I always feel comforrtable with her. I know she really cares about me as I fo for her. Thank you Sara for making the stressful ecperience of hairloss much less stressful. Zara anf Suzanne at reception are also terrific! Make sure ypi never lose Sara..I would heartbroken. She is a true professional as well as a very caring person…a very rare combination to find.

  39. After 8 years with hair club I have experienced many stylists and various products. Sharon Roberto is the best I have worked with. She has made my hairstyle contemporary, chic and the fact it’s not my own hair is invisible to everyone. Her technique, experience and passion shows in the art she creates each time she styles my hair. Beyond that she is personable and professional. She makes my visits a pleasure.

  40. I’ve been the client of North York branch for almost 15 years.
    For years,my stylist is Sarah
    She has been succeeded to integrate proffesinalism with excellent manner and client centered attitude.
    I feel quite privileged to have her in this regard.
    I also have to gratitude ladies in front desk specially Susan and Zara for their welcoming smiles and great client services.

  41. I would like to comment on the dedication and care Mila has given me over the years. Her amazing talent as a stylist along with her effervescent personality has made every visit ( and there have been many) enjoyable. Also the professional team of this location is outstanding.
    Thanks again Mila for all your hard work and I look forward to many more years with you.

    Chris H

  42. Staff in Toronto club are great, fast, and helpful with tricky schedule appointment. Shannon P. is especially a great stylist for styling a new dew and making the whole visits much more enjoyable.

  43. Samanta has been my Hair Club stylist for my last two appointments and she has been amazing. She was caring, attentive, professional, personable and meticulous for the entire length of my 2-hour session. Every strand is done with precision and care and for being so new on the job she has tremulous skills. Clearly she has a great future ahead of her and I would recommend her to anyone!

  44. I have been a client at Hair Club Toronto for 18 years. The service and care given to me has been outstanding. And for about the last 15 years I have been fortunate to have the same stylist, Sharon Roberto. During the long time we have spent together, Sharon knows exactly what I am looking to achieve, and the best approach for me and the style I like.Kudos also to managers Moe and Chris, and the great staff at the front desk.

  45. I have been a member for many years now and the staff is top notch. They are very helpful working around my schedule. I am lucky to have Lika as my stylist. Thank you HCM.

  46. I’m very impressed by the professionalism and skill Nadera provides as a stylist , I believe I’m very fortunate to have her maintaining my hair . So far this decision to attend the HAIRCLUB has been a positive one and yes I’m very happy with my look.

  47. I came here for a consultation 2 years ago and met with Heather. That appointment changed my life. Because of everyone at this centre, especially Nadera, my confidence level went through the roof. It’s amazing how much hair can control your life. Because of Hair Club, and the wonderful, caring people who work there, I feel fantastic! Thank you for all you do!

  48. Sharon is an excellent stylist, taking care to make sure you walk out without any worries. She always greets you with a friendly smile and keeps you abreast of upcoming events and products. Thank you for everything.

  49. Sarah is an amazing stylist! She does very good work. She is very professional. I would like to thank her for all she has done for me. Hairclub is an outstanding company! Rob

  50. Its been 15 years since I first joined HCM and was lucky enough to have met Mila right from the beginning. She is an artist! Mila’s attention to detail, skills second to none, and her caring warm personality have made me so happy I made the choice to change my life forever. Thank-you Mila.

  51. I would like to thank all the staff at Hair Club for all their assistance over the years. In particular I want to Thank Mila my hairstylist. She is an excellent stylist. She always welcomes me with open arms and does an excellent job styling my hair. She is very personable and always has a great attitude. You can see she really enjoys her job making people like myself feel better and look better. I would also like to commend all the other stylist over the years. They have all been great. More importantly they have all been wonderful to meet. Thank you to the receptionists Suzanne and Zara for all their assistance in setting my appointments. I know it can be very difficult at times dealing with so many clients. They do an excellent job and have always assisted me if I had a problem with scheduling or with any other issue.
    I look forward to staying a member for many more years.

    Thanks Again

    Walter G.

  52. member since 2009…. never been happier with myself
    and confidence. last 3 years finally found my safe to keep
    stylist. Lika has treated me with nothing but respect
    and loyalty. I would not change hair club for any
    other hair restoration centre…. always on point

  53. I have been a client with HCM for more than 25 years. Sarah has been my technician , consultant and friend for the last 6 years. She is the best, very friendly, accommodating but yet very professional. A real asset to the club. Also I wish to give high to praises to the front desk, ie Suzanne, a real professional, your firm has done well in its appointment of personnel in this position.

  54. I have been a long time member and have had great service overall. The team is friendly and helpful. Sharon is very polite and pleasant. She is always very accommodating for appointment times and rescheduling, and it is always greatly appreciated.

  55. I have been a HCM client for over 20 years. The Toronto center has a very friendly and professional staff. Sharon Roberto is my primary stylist and has offered exceptional service and attention to detail over the years. I would highly recommend this center and Sharon for hair replacement needs and service.

  56. Been with hair club for many years and have been happy with the service. Suzzane/Zara are amazing. Always ready with a smile to make you feel at ease and so are the stylists especially Sharon, Shannon and Mila – VM

  57. This centre stylists are great. Sharon Roberto in particular is an great hairstylist and provides the best customer service possible in my opinion.

  58. Happy, happy client! All the staff are professional, friendly and helpful, especially Zohreh, Suzanne, Zara, Gail and the rest of the management team led by Simon. Keep up the good work!

  59. I’ve been going to Hair Club for over 20 years, and one of the best stylists I’ve had to date happens to be my current stylist, Shannon. I’ve always been particular about my cut-ins, but Shannon has demonstrated an excellent touch with the shears, cutting the hair in a way that looks most natural, complete with just the right amount of baby hairs. On top of that, she’s a pleasant and cheerful conversationalist.

    A special call-out to Angelica, who also does excellent work, but who now works with mostly new clients on their cut-ins.

  60. Excellent service great staff Coleen is the best

  61. I have come to think of the HairClub people as a kind of second family: I have always felt welcomed and no one there, from the women at the front desk, to the stylists, to the managers, have ever been anything less than friendly and accommodating. Admittedly, from time to time there have been scheduling screw-ups–people are only human, after all–but, on the flip side of that, when I have had to reschedule due to sickness, Suzy and Zara have always been good at getting me another appointment. As for the stylists, they are very good and I feel comfortable working with all of them. My own stylist, Shannon, is superb and very anxious to make things right for me as a client. I’ve been impressed not only with her skills as a stylist but also with her intelligence: I feel that her versatility can be better employed than it is now and I hope as the months move forward that she’ll be given greater opportunities to exercise her potential as a very valuable member of the HairClub family.

  62. I have nothing but great things to say about Sharon Roberto,she is very pleasant,professional,and really knows her stuff. I always walk out extremely satisfied due to her eye for detail. I have had many stylists but Sharon tops the list. 🙂

  63. Being as this is a personal situation; the fact that I feel very comfortable each and every visit speaks volumes of the people at this HCM. And they are Moe, Chris, Heather, Suzy, Zara, and stylist supreme Nadera!

  64. A very sincere thank you to all the staff at Hair Club Toronto. From Suzy and Zara, Nadera, Gail, Melissa to Chris and Moe…I couldn’t have asked for more friendly, personalized and professional care. You have all made a huge difference in my life giving much needed confidence and encouragement. May you all have long continued success…you all deserve it!

  65. Sharon at the North Toronto location is a real pro. Great results. Thanks

  66. I have been going to HCM for many years and very happy with the wonderful service and smiles.
    Sharon Roberto, who does my hair has been fantastic and knows all aspects of what I require to feel wonderful & confident.
    The ladies at the front desk are always very good to me and very helpful in explaining the products and accommodating my needs:) Thank you Jan F.

  67. Satisfied with service by Sharon

    • I’m very much satisfied with the overall service,people are helpful and approachable..Sarah my hairdresser is the best,knows her job really well…

  68. Melissa (stylist) and Heather (consult) are fabulous. Girls at the front always try to accommodate. My hair feels fantastic and have had regrowth. Extremely friendly and helpful environment.

  69. I am always treated with warmth and respect and there has never been any high-pressure sales tactics of any kind. The team at this location is very professional, yet friendly. I am totally satisfied with the results we have achieved together and highly recommend this location and The Hair Club in general.

  70. Over 20 years of service,but superb service over the past five years.Hair Club Toronto has become more professional,more flexible in appointment scheduling .Of course technology has made amazing steps forward!Definitely thumbs up

  71. Zoreh (Sarah) is fantastic. I have been her client for several years now and am continually impressed with her professionalism, her obvious skills as a stylist and her positive demeanor. She takes pride in all aspects of her work and continually embodies the best of what HCM represents.

  72. I have been a client since 2007 at this location. My current regular stylist is the best so far. Shannon Philips has an artistic touch to her styling and moreover her client relationship skills are excellent. Every session is excellent. I also find the front desk ladies to be very accommodating and with good customer service skills.

  73. Suzanne and Zahra at the front desk are terrific. Always trying to be accommodating and are very helpful. Sarah is my hair stylist and she is the best. Excellent at styling and cutting your hair and making you look great.

  74. The Hair Club is a very amazing Company in helping people not to loss their hair, and instead grow people’s hair at a certain extent. People working in this Company have an excellent customer service and I can really feel that I am very much welcome to receive my treatment.
    Products are available on the spot, and if it is to be ordered the service is very quick. When I selected Hair Club to do my hair treatment I approached different hair treatment companies and so far Hair Club is the best choice that I made.

  75. re: Yorkland location

    I’m 3 years member and very satisfied with the service and the hair’s look. the only improvement I would like to see is a lower membership fee. I refused a competition’s better offer due my satisfaction with the services at HCM.
    my stylist is Angelika and she does amazing job, always smiling and always in a good mood. she takes her time to make sure the results are perfect. Angelika will do everything she can to accommodate my schedule. I can say for sure that I’m still a member because of her.
    the girls in the front desk are very friendly and always answering the calls on time. special thanks to Zara for understanding my schedule changes when needed.
    another important note, the office is near the highway, easy to access and with plenty of free parking space

  76. I have been going to this branch of HC for over 20 years. There are closer options for me including Mississauga and Burlington now, but I will keep going to Toronto because my stylist, Shannon Phillips does a great job for me. I am always at ease getting a “cut in” with her because her work is excellent every time. Thanks Shannon, your the best!


  78. Sara is excellent! She is a great hairstylist . I’ve been her client for the last few years and everytime I go there she does a wonderful job! The best quality of work. She is very professional and kind. fantastic!!

  79. I’m very happy with Mela as a hairstylist. I would like to see further flexibility in costs/services.

  80. I have been with Hair Club for approx 8 months now and the experience has been “Life changing” I look, feel and act at least 10 years younger and it has enhanced my life in many ways…”why didn’t I do this sooner???”

    The staff is Top Notch, friendly, professional, personable and like….family! It’s great when you love the people you deal with..

    Best Compliments to my stylist Angelika who is the Best..and to Mo, Chris and Heather… whom if I didn’t take the initial meeting would not be looking and feeling this great today.
    Hey….I look a fit 40 again….!!

    Suggest anyone considering should “step up” and find out for themselves..


  81. Sharon Roberto cuts my hair. A+ right across the board….

  82. I have been a member for over 10 years and have been completely satisfied. Most recently my stylist Angelika has provided excellent advice, service, and timely appointments. She has proven to be an excellent liaison to management on those rare occasions where there has been issues and makes my visits most enjoyable and makes my system look amazing.

  83. Everyone at hairclub is friendly and helpful. My hair stylist, Nadera has always done a good job to make me attractive to women. I’ll definitely try to find more asian customers for her.

  84. Mila is fantastic — she does a great style and is really accommodating when it comes to my schedule.

  85. Exceptional service by people who care, the staff is amazing. It’s always a pleasure to come in to see Zara, Suzy and Chris!

  86. I love coming in for my weekly appointment. Great staff and amazing service. Shannon is an amazing stylist.

  87. Excellent service and the employees are spectacular. Gail is the best, she’s caring and always does an amazing job.

  88. Sharon R. always does an excellent job on my hair and exceeds my expectations. Thank you for all the love and care that you provide in every appt.


  90. I have been going to HCM (Yorkland)for about 8 years. Shannon Philips is a great stylist, very friendly and professional. And, she always does a great job in styling my hair.

  91. Mila is professional, very efficient, and ensures each service experience is exactly what I want. I could not ask for more!

  92. Re:Yorkland location

    I cannot say enough about all of the staff there! Starting with Susanne and Zara- they are always flexible, considerate and geniuses at working out my schedule to my satisfaction. My main stylist Gail R. is amazing and is also a great teacher and has the makings of a true leader. She has it all! Management- Chris always makes me feel good and responds quickly to my concerns ( he was wonderful when I first started and helped me to understand the process-he calmed me down and he ALWAYS makes sure that he sees to my wellbeing to this day- a true professional !). Moe also makes sure that my concerns are addressed immediately and is very understanding of how important hair is to a woman. In general, HCW has positively changed my life and my self esteem.

  93. Fantastic job Deb!. Always exceed my expectations

  94. I appreciate the professional atmosphere of Hair Club at this location. Melissa and Moe are good and friendly.

  95. Very satisfied with the service and all the friendly staff.

  96. My review about my stylist. Gail Rampersad
    I’m very impressed with the work she does and I always leave as a very satisfied customer. She amazing people skills as well as hair service skills. She was always very positive and happy person and makes me feel very comfortable and happy and welcomed to come in to the center. I have become dependent on her service and will not go to anybody else for an application besides her. She is a great asset and I hope to continue working with her in the future

  97. All of the staff I’ve had the privilege of meeting have been extremely helpful and skilled.

  98. Management was incredible, they were genuinly friendly. Very understanding. Chris Terkalas is amazing, very compassionate. Because of him I would recommend your service to anyone.

  99. Comment

  100. Starting at the front desk, Zara & Suzy are friendly and helpful. Nadera is a amazing stylist, and management overall concern from Heather, Chris and Moe! All make the very personal experience most enjoyable.

  101. Heather was good. I am on a tight schedule so they expedited everything for me. Little things like giving coffee and lots candies.

  102. I find all the staff at Yorkland to be very helpful & friendly providing a pleasant very personal experience.

  103. Everyone is quite nice everyone is lovely.

  104. Regarding the Toronto Location: My lovely stylist Gail is amazing and when Gail is not available I go to Sarah. I so enjoy their quality of work that they do with my hair. They are the reason I keep coming back, I feel like I have ‘hair’. Simon & Heather always meet you with a smile and if I had a problem I know I could go to them. Both terrific people. The rest of the staff are always friendly and welcoming! Karen

  105. Satisfied with the Quality of Facility . Overall Office Atmosphere and Ambiance

  106. Very satisfactory

  107. Comment

  108. No additional comments right now. I don’t come in often enough to have much to say about them.

  109. I haven’t have my hair done but I have full confidence in the service provided by HCM. I look forward to looking good in front of the mirror.

  110. Vincent ‘s very happy after have a service from member of hair club.Their job for sure very professional .Every member works
    with their responsible, I see they’re always smile to customers.
    Good Luck, I wish that your business always develop.
    Sincerely yours. Vince.

  111. Hi,

    I like the service given by hair club. But compared to United States, in Canada services are expensive.
    How ever I like the service. And my Hair stylist Nadera is awesome at her work.

    Ravi Gaddam

  112. The staff at Hair Club Toronto are extremely friendly and helpful. They explain your hair loss options and let you make the decisions that are right for you. Heather is the friendliest membership consultant that I have ever met and has a great sense of humour as well. Nadera is an awesome hair stylist that always makes her clients look great. I highly recommend visiting HCM if you have hair loss questions or concerns.

  113. I have been with hairclub for many years and this location has given me the best service of any club the staff are amazing and I can say the money I paid was worth the service. Having my hair back has made in my life, better it gave me back the confidence I had once lost and I will always be thankful for that. – Leana A.

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