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Hair Club Tyson’s Corner has been servicing clients since December 2007 and is one of three centers located throughout the state of Virginia.. A employee from this center was the recipient of the 2010 Employee of the Year Award. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.  Translation Available: Spanish.

“We take pride in our diversity and friendly environment.”
- Managing Director Tysons Corner

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  1. I have been a client for some years now and have seen many technicians and by far Maggie at Tyson’s is number one. First of all she is extremely knowledgeable about the correct procedures to do everything, she doesn’t take shortcuts like I have seen in the past. Second, she really does care about you as a person, always trying to find out if there is anything you want her to try to improve on since your last visit with her. She is a wonderful person and amazing technician at this center.

  2. I really find the hair club very professional, specially Sasha Tea Hickmerson, she did her best to make my hair healthy, soft, and looks amazing. She is so patient and honest in advising me with the best for my hair. She uses the best product to help my hair growing and keep the healthy looking, thank you dear Sasha for your great work and i will continue with you to make my hair the way it should be, keep on the good work Sasha

  3. I’ve been a Hairclub member for 14 years, and it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Hairclub makes an amazing product, and all the stylists at the Tyson’s center are true artists, especially Vania & Cori, who are my main stylists. They jump through hoops on a daily basis to make sure your hair is cut and ordered properly. Jessie, the customer service representative, is also amazing. I’m so grateful to everyone at this Center. At times, visiting them is the best part of my day! I highly encourage anyone who’s considering Hairclub to schedule a consultation.

  4. Ii would like to acknowledge the great job Donna and Maggie did today. Donna was able to schedule me in a short notice and Maggie able to accommodate me on her busy schedule and as always she did a wonderful job with my new hair. I feel great.
    Thank you,


  5. Absolutely fantastic :) first time user and I already feel like a new me. The staff really makes the difference, especially at this location. They are truly one of the biggest reasons I chose to come to Hair Club. Each and every time I come they address all of my concerns and needs and I’ve never felt judged. One of the best decisions I’ve made and I finally have my life back.

  6. The hair stylist Alexandra is very caring and attentive,i’ve never had a stylist to use a razor to cut my hair before. but she knows what shes doing my hair looks great keep up the good work

  7. Maggie has been very helpful and made me look more confident. Sometimes when I got some problems with my hair and felt a little unhappy, she solved those with care and patience. So, if I could choose, I would be staying with her down the road. In general, this club has been nice part of my life since 10 months ago. Thanks!!

  8. I cannot say enough good things about the Tyson’s Hair Club. The front desk with David, Cindy and Luis is terrific. Always smiling and helpful. Jessie is also wonderful and smiling. I like all the stylists, in particular, Alexandra (Alex), Kalena, and Sasha. The entire Tyson’s Hair Club feels like family. And my hair looks great. I don’t feel so ill at ease like I did before I received my new hair. I look forward to my future visits. Kudos to Tyson’s Hair Club! Just wish Hair Club would open up at Front Royal or Woodstock, too, as I might be moving out that way. Will still make the trips to Tyson’s until they open at Front Royal, Woodstock, or Strasburg!

  9. I have been a member for over 9 years. My stylist Cori has become a very special part of my life. I can’t imagine not having her in my life. Caring and attentive are just a few words I could use to discribe her. She makes what could be awkward an awesome experience. ;)

  10. Hair Club in Tyson Corner has been a new experience for me. All of the hair stylist are very friendly, loving and caring. The front desk greeters are extremely nice and friendly. So, what I love most about the Hair Club in Tyson Corner is that they make you feel like family. They don’t over book nor have you sitting for hours waiting for your appointment. Sometimes they are even there to greet you at door as you come in for your appointment. So far, I have had an awesome experience and I am always getting so many compliments about my hair. My most favorite hair stylist is Kalina and Corey, which is another plus, they allow you to pick the hair stylist that makes you feel the most comfortable. There waiting area is awesome, they even provide complimentary lite snacks, coffee, tea, water, sodas, chips, cookies etc…

    Overall, everyone is just adorable, as well as, professional…

  11. I have procrastinated “letting you know” about Maggie Bringham. I have done so because if I write about Maggie’s attributes as a hair care technician and an exceptional human being it would take too long – going on and on!!

    Every appointment with Maggie has been an absolute pleasure. She takes my physical disabilities into consideration and provides for my comfort and safety always. I am very satisfied with her ability to manage my problem hair and I’m impressed with her ability to manage me! She has been able to deliver the utmost professional service while conveying genuine concern, compassion, and understanding. In all the months Maggie has had me for a client she has never come close to irritating me in any way – this is rare. To the contrary I enjoy my appointment time with Maggie and I look forward to seeing her beautiful sweet smile and laughing with her about things we have in common.

    I hope you realize what a gem you have with Maggie. She has very strong ethical and moral values. Employees who possesses such high standards will certainly be honest and hard working fellows that Hair Club can be very proud of.

    Thank you for Maggie Bringham at Tysons Corner, Virginia.

  12. My experience has been mixed. Some good appointments and some not so good. I want to thank Donna L. for all of her help. She tries to be very accommodating and wants you to leave the salon with a good taste in your mouth. She has been given a very difficult position and I know how it feels when you are constantly faced with problems and issues you have to resolve. But you know what? This kind lady does it with a smile time and time again. She is in the right position. Keep her there and clients don’t forget to say thank you to her when she pulls off a miracle for you!

  13. Cindy at front desk is awesome. She’s so helpful and kind. Aimes to please the customer
    It’s a pleasure seeing her at each visit.

  14. Cindy at front desk is awesome. She’s so helpful and kind. Aimes to please the customer
    It’s a pleasure seeing her at each visit.

  15. I really would like to commend Cindy at the front desk. She has gone above and beyond to help me with any problems I have encountered and she makes me feel like my concerns matter. Without her, I probably would have left by now. But she makes me feel that one day, I will be able to get the correct hair and the right stylist who can really relate to my needs.

  16. citysearch

    Staff very friendly; my main professional Laili very good! Also good experience with Lianne; front desk extremely helpful.

  17. citysearch

    Hair Club is unique in that you have multiple stylists but all have their own hair styling “gifts.” The downside for me is the distance as I must take the train, cab and a bus for service. I also have to schedule vacation time off to keep appointments that are not convenient for my work schedule. Yes, I would recommend and allow the potential client an opportunity to receive orientation as I did. What would be the difference in service for me? I would have to say the service from one time to the next. In a regular beauty shop, the stylist knows or remembers what you require for service. The experience is unique and I am a satisfied customer.

  18. citysearch

    They are very good. Never had any problems with them.

  19. citysearch


  20. From Insider Pages

    I felt exited because I think this is a good start for me not to loose any more hair, and I will do everything to look beautiful again.. Thank you.

  21. From Insider Pages

    David is always pleasant when I call in and very helpful. Mija is very nice and very professional and gets me looking my best. I think that the touch up for the tape in front replacement and trim should be included in the price of the service. I am a satisfied customer.

  22. citysearch

    There is not doubt that I now feel confident and very happy with my hair. I don’t have to think about it or worry when people look at me. The products are great and I use them exclusively on my hair. If anyone wanted to overcome the embarrassment and daily hassles of baldness and receding hairlines, Hair Club gives you the best solutions without surgery. Their hair is natural, feels real and good to the touch, is not fragile. Most of all, it allows me to do everything I used to do: sports, sauna, swimming, wearing a hat or helmet, without worrying about it at all. It just looks and acts like my real hair.

  23. citysearch

    Elmira, at the Tysons Corner VA shop,has my usual hair stylist for the past 6 years – and she always gives me excellent service!

  24. citysearch

    Everything is perfect! Great product, great results, great quality.

  25. have been a “Club” member since 2002. The staff at the Hair Club is terrific. David, Louis, Cindy, et al, at the front do a great job. They are always upbeat, and very helpful. The technicians, whether my regular (Elmira) or (in the rare instance when she may be unavailable) the other technicians have always done a superb job. One of my more satisfying examples is when I run into a person I have not seen for several decades, and that person invariably comments on how wonderful it is that I still have such a full head of hair. I always smile.

  26. David on the front desk is great! He is always upbeat and helpful. I love the two stylists I use….Nina and most recently Maggie. They are both wonderful and do an excellent job. I enjoy my visits with them.

  27. The staff is great, they are all courteous and friendly

  28. Corey and Vania are excellant

  29. stylis and front office staff are very helpful

  30. Mija is my usual stylist – excellent service, friendly.

  31. My daughter is client at the Tysons salon. We had almost given up hope of finding help for her Trich and then we stumbled on Hair Club for Kids. She is thrilled to have hair that she can be proud of and is on the mend. Laily was her initial consultant and she immediately put my daughter at ease. The staff is very nonjudgemental and everyone has bent over backwards to help us. They definitely go above and beyond to make you feel special. Sasha is wonderful and does an amazing job, and Cori the supervisor is awesome as well. we are very please with the service we have received here.

  32. Laily is the best stylist. She is always friendly and trusted stylist. She carefully completes her job, knows her clients very well. I like the hair products of Hair Club also.

  33. The stylists are fantastic. The product is likewise top of the line. Can be difficult to reach during rush hours. I wish they would let clients schedule appointments online. Highly recommend.

  34. The customer service staff is excellent, they will bend over backwards to assist you.

    • My experience at hair club started out terrible in the beginning do to a rude customer service agent named David and a terrible stylist name Maggie. Once I found two outstanding customer service agents in Luis Z. and Cindy Y. my experience has been wonderful. They are very pleasant, highly professional and they truly listen and care about their customer’s needs. They are very accommodating and truly caters to the customers schedule and appointments. Their have been times when I needed to adjust my appointments and they have stood and deliver. In my opinion they deserve a raise for their diligence, unwaivering support and commitment to the customer. Stylists such as Ross and Rhondette T. are in a league of their own. I am extremely happy to have them as my stylist. They are the ultimate professionals and their outstanding work and reputation speaks volume of the pride and accountability they put into their customers. Ross and Rhondette deserve a raise also. I hope that hair club continue to higher individuals of the ultimate caliber and professionalism.


  35. My wife is a brand new client and I have attended her consultation, initial application and follow-up appointments at the Tysons Corner office. I am very happy with the option you provided to restore her confidence and it’s wonderful to see her full smile again. Thank-you.

    The sales, management and office staff have been excellent. There is so much joy in this office – from the staff (Jenni Martinez, Jennifer Clemons and many others) and the clients. It’s very impressive.

    I am especially thankful for the dedicated hair care professional that provides support and service for new business clients – Laily Ehson. She is very friendly, extremely knowledgable, and a very patient teacher. She carefully took care of us and slowly showed us everything we needed to know. We can’t wait to see her again.

    P.S. We currently travel from southern Maryland to Tysons Corner, VA. (a 45 mile trip). I wish we had a facility closer to our home.

  36. Nina is simply the best. She is friendly, a complete pro at her job, and always knows her clients well. I look forward to seeing her each month; she is both a friend and a trusted stylist. – D.S.

  37. I have enjoyed my service that I have experienced at this company. The staff in the Richmond location has treated me well since I have been going there. I would reccomend this hair salon to anyone!! Sincerely A Proud Customer: – Maxine J.

  38. citysearch

    Hair Club Tysons Corner. I am a client at Hair Club for Men and Women for the past 5 years. The customer service is outstanding and their staff are professionals. The customer service manager Rachel takes time to listen to your personal needs. They assign you to a stylist that they feel will is the best fit. I was assigned to Ross and he takes the time to listen to your concerns and understands the clients need. He is an outstanding stylist and I alway walk out feeling great and that I received personal service. I highly recommend Hair Club.
    -JOE P.

  39. i visit many centers traveling for my job, and the staff here has always treated me well

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