Hair Club Vancouver is located across the street from Metrotown mall.  An employee from this location was the recipient of the 2011 Employee of the Year Award for excellence in customer service. This location provides consultations on all Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.

“Vancouver Hair Club is lucky to have one of the best Image consultants in the company, an employee of the year winner and the number one stylist on the West coast. Together they help form a bond between our great company and those unfortunate enough to have hair loss. Hair Club Vancouver is committed to ridding the world of baldness one head at a time.”
– Managing Director of Vancouver

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  1. I went to an appointment a few days ago coming 4hrs away and had it that same day. The service was great, a big shout out to Lana who made my day with what she did with my hair. I walked out happy what she did.

  2. I have been a Hair Club client at the Burnaby, BC center for over a year, and I am highly satisfied with the service and products that have been offered there. All of the staff are very friendly and approachable, and have always been informative of the products and services offered by Hair Club. Lana has been my stylist for over a year now, and she is EXCELLENT. Her experience and creativity shows in her work, and always make me look forward to my next visit. She is very knowledgeable about options for styling and maintaining hair replacement systems. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
    Thank you Hair Club for providing me with such a good stylist, and all the good products that help my hair to look its best!

  3. I am a client for Hair Club for Men and I just want to express my deepest gratitude for the services and courtesy rendered to me on numerous occasions prior to me becoming a life-long client with the company. From the warm welcome greeting upon initially entering the office, to the introduction of each integral member of the team, I became more and more impressed with HCFM as a company and as a whole as I was treated with respect and genuine courtesy. Furthermore, it is only fair for me to mention that absolutely there is a sense of team building professionalism and unity at HCFM above and beyond other companies I have visited in the past.
    In particular however, I would like to highlight and personally acknowledge Judy Joyce who demonstrated solid integrity, genuine compassion, and drive. I was taken quite aback from her as her upbeat spirit and charisma was infectious for I became more and more hopeful and optimistic about my ‘situation’ as she outlined and detailed all potential options for my thinning hair. And when I expressed somewhat apprehension and confusion as to what option would best be suitable for me, not once did I feel pressured to sign up for a program (even though it was very evident and frankly apparent that she was quite knowledgeable and competent of the products and the respectively spoken of company she proudly stood behind).
    Unfortunately, due to personal issues along a time span of 2 years, I was unable to commit immediately to a product and visited Judy numerous times. And upon each visit Judy rendered the same courtesy, kindness, patience, and compassion towards me. And again, never once did I feel pressured. Judy’s considerate and thoughtful demeanour allowed me to feel comfortable asking her the same questions over and over, which in return reassured me that HCFM was the right choice for me.
    I truly believe that it is not a company that dictates success for itself, but the people with authentic character and true intentions for their fellow customers that drives the true success upon success with longevity of such a highly reputable company. Judy is not only an asset to HCFM, but from what I see, is a solid leader with deep integrity and whom surely others could learn and greatly prosper from.

  4. Just wanted to say that all the staff has been so great – especially Sameer!! He is very knowledgeable and has taken the time to answer all my questions with the utmost professionalism and an endless amount of patience. He has helped make this experience a great one. Thank you Sameer and the Hair Club!!!

  5. Professional staff that always know how to put confidence in your step.

  6. I’ve been a Hairclub member for 6 months now and the whole staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you Hairclub!

  7. Thank you hair club for changing my life. I feel young again and I love my hair cut.

  8. I wanted to leave a note to say how fantastic a job Ashley does for HC.I have been a client for almost 3 yrs now and say how pleased Iam with the work she does.I enjoy having her as my stylist and she listens to what you say and makes sure she remembers what you want the next time.Ashley you are a huge assest to company and look forward to many more years to come.

  9. I am willing to give it a try.

  10. The staff is okay.

  11. Ashley is awesome she knows her stuff very well and does a fantastic job ( Burnaby BC Store)

  12. I am very happy with the results of my service. The office location is perfect for me, the staff provides outstanding service and I love the freedom with my hair. It gave me everything I was looking for – ability to continue my active life, ability to change the style to suit my desires and it looks great. Thank you

  13. The staff here is both professional and friendly towards all the clients. I enjoy coming to the center and being able to socialize with everyone and look great at the same time.

  14. Excellent Service, Great Staff! Always leave looking good & with a smile on my face!

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