Hair Club Winnipeg is one of the newest centers, opening in July 2012 as part of a Canadian expansion and is located in the heart of downtown, accessible via sky-walks. This location provides consultations on the following Hair Club hair loss solutions: Non-Surgical Hair ReplacementHair Transplants and Hair Loss Therapy Programs that include FDA-approved and FDA-cleared products.

“Come in and meet our staff who are warm, friendly and knowledgeable as well as experienced in being able to find the right solution for you while they treat you to the ultimate upscale center experience that is only offered at Hair Club.”
– Managing Director of Winnipeg

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  1. Tarah from Winnipeg she’s given Me the absolute greatest customer service. I feel great with my hair. Thank you haircut

  2. I am a charter member. The results of the treatments are excellent. I have always been treated very professionally with the utmost concern for a successful result. The stylist is well trained and the receptionist is always courteous and accommodating. I have always done what I have been advised to do right from the very first appointment and the lost has been found on the crown of my head. I would recommend your treatments and your staff to anyone in a heartbeat.



  3. The girls are friendly and professional but still can crack a joke with you. They are accomodating when you need to switch an appointment around, and in case of emergencies they can always fit you in. It is the great customer service that I appreciate the most.

  4. Jenna has been very caring and helpful. She has made me feel very important

  5. very friendly, and caring, made me feel at ease.

  6. Everything was so at ease and I was made to feel good. Was a little nervous at first but made to feel very comfortable. Everyone is so nice and polite. Feel good about my decision.

  7. I’ve been a member in Winnipeg for over a year and a half
    Initially I was skeptical, as I’m sure most people are.
    Sandra, the director, worked through this with me and ensured all my concerns and frustrations were dealt with until I was completely satisfied with my decision
    The customer service is off the charts to the extent that when I encountered a problem Tina, the stylist came in on a Sunday in 30 below weather to fix a “malfunction”
    I am now a huge advocate to the point where I will show potential clients my new look and explain to them that it will give you a confidence in yourself that you have not felt since before you found your first bald spot
    The technology has come so far that it is undetectable and the process is completely painless
    I could not be happier

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